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Photography book editor nets $1.14M condo in Park Slope

Reuel Golden and Emma Golden bought a three-bedroom, two-bath condo at 377 First St. in Park Slope from Erin K. Segilia for $1.14 million on June 6.
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Investment fund co-founder nets $5.2M in Park Slope

Craig Nerenberg and Phoebe Taubman bought a seven-bedroom, 4.5-bath home at 19 Montgomery Place in Park Slope from Nicholas Lembo and Marla Lembo for $5.2 million on June 5.
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Eye doctor spends $1.7M in Brighton Beach

Dr. Stanley Bykov bought a 2,200-square-foot home at 268 W. End Ave. in Brighton Beach from Mark Orbach and Helen Orbach for $1.7 million on May 31.
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Events venue owner sells Madison 6BD for $1.38M

Gedalya Jacobovits and Madeline Lieber Jacobovits sold a six-bedroom, six-bath home at 1588 E. 27th St. in Madison to Peter E. Bentley and Janice H. Bentley for $1.38 million on June 5.
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Hairdresser sells home in Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street

Zak Mascolo sold a 3,648-square-foot home at 415 Hoyt St. in Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street to Nicola P. Glass for $2.2 million on May 31.
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Entertainment lawyer nets $1.9M Park Slope 3BD

Keith Fleer and Jillian Fleer bought a three-bedroom, 1.5-bath home at 408 10th St. in Park Slope from Frank Prindle, Graciela L. Prindle and Jessica L. Prindle for $1.9 million on June 1.
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Artist sells Brighton Beach condo for $1.63M

Nikole Naloychenko and Gregory Naloychenko sold a three-bedroom, three-bath condo at 45 Oceana Drive E. in Brighton Beach to Lazar Feygin for $1.63 million on April 23.
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New York City Transit exec deals Flatbush home for $1.1M

Michael P. Chubak and Susan Chubak sold a 2,485-square-foot home at 12 Waldorf Court in Flatbush to Eric Goldberg and Sherry Goldberg for $1.1 million on June 4.
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Bank exec spends $1.76M on Brooklyn Heights condo

Susan Skerritt and Brian O'Keefe bought a condo at 10 Montague Terrace in Brooklyn Heights from Maxine Schaffer and Sharon E. Fay for $1.76 million on June 5.
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Chief music strategist takes $1.2M condo in Dumbo

David Leinheardt bought a condo at 96 Main St. in Dumbo from Kelly A. Fagan and Chad M. Sipkin for $1.24 million on May 2.
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Architect fetches $1.3M in North Side/South Side

Colin Cathcart sold a three-bedroom, seven-bath home at 338 Metropolitan Ave. in North Side/South Side to Serena Jean Southam for $1.3 million on June 5.
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Law student acquires Fort Greene 5BD for $1.38M

Peter Barker-Huelster and Allison Freedman Weisberg bought a five-bedroom, three-bath townhome at 242 Cumberland St. in Fort Greene from David Munoz and Brenna Smith for $1.38 million on May 17.
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Litigator buys $1.84M condo in Dumbo

Ana Claudia Roderick and Robert Roderick bought Unit 3J at 96 Main St. in Dumbo from Edward Patrick Costello and Lisa Kamm for $1.84 million on June 8.
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Lawyer, art director sell Dumbo condo for $2.03M

Sebastian Kaufmann and Rike Kaufmann sold a 1,887-square-foot condo at 30 Main St. in Dumbo to Roy Chan for $2.03 million on June 7.
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Jewelry co. owner sells home in Midwood for $2.2M

Albert Sutton and Sallee Bijou sold a house at 1031 E. Eighth St. in Midwood to Ezra Saff and Paula Saff for $2.2 million on May 31.
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Former City Center exec sells in Cobble Hill for $1.3M

Judith E. Daykin sold a townhome at 1 Warren Place in Cobble Hill to 1 Warren Place LLC for $1.3 million.
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Immigration lawyer buys home in Flatbush

Houman Afshar and Lori Kaye Adams bought a house at 711 E. 18th St. in Flatbush from Peter Lee and Helen Lo for $1.2 million on May 3.
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Language teacher sells condo in Dumbo for $2.25M

Tracey Scronic sold a condo at 96 Main St. in Dumbo to James M. Franzen and Harold A. Smith III for $2.25 million on May 15.
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Risk manager buys home in Flatbush for $1.5M

Riccardo Rinaldi bought a house at 636 E. 19th St. in Flatbush from Roger Friedman and Margaret Friedman for $1.5 million on May 30.
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Chief creative officer buys in Clinton Hill for $2.55M

Amir Kassaei and Marion Kassaei bought a townhome at 377 Grand Ave. in Clinton Hill from Patrick Brennan for $2.55 million on May 30.