Dentist sells in Williamsburg-North Side/South Side

Medium 636e73a349d1e9275e0baac883d4b0e3 Steven and Nancy Syrop sold a condo at 60 Broadway in Williamsburg-North Side/South Side to Joshua Webman for $635,000 on July 1.

The Syrops paid $460,000 for Unit #4R in March 2005.

The Gretsch Building was built in 1916 in the Williamsburg-North Side/South Side neighborhood and houses 130 units.

Dr. Syrop serves as a dentist, the section chief of TMD at New York Presbyterian University and a professor at the Columbia Dental School. He previously was a director of the Oral Facial Pain Program. He also teaches at Weill Medical College and New York University Dental School.

He attended Brooklyn College and Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. He completed his M.S. at the University of Hawaii.

Mrs. Syrop has worked as an independent education management professional.

She attended Woodward University and Syracuse University and received her M.A. from New York University.

Webman has served as a senior art director at Berlin Cameron/United.

He attended the University of Colorado and Miami Ad School.

There were 47 condo sales in Williamsburg-North Side/South Side with a median sales price of $540,000.