Midwest Fit Club in Naperville Features Personal Trainer Shane Herman

Medium shane herman of midwest fit club

Naperville’s Midwest Fit Club, offering clients a wealth of knowledge and experience, would like to introduce Shane Herman, one of its owners and personal trainers. Recently turned 25 years old, Shane Herman’s background and history inspired the innovations he has introduced to Midwest Fit Club.

“Shane is a unique person and has an extremely high level of energy. He is passionate about the health and wellness of himself and others, cares about their well being and loves to help them reach and exceed their fitness goals,” Steve Arch of Midwest Fit Club said.

As a child, Herman had been enthusiastically involved with sports and activities, as he still is today. His interests include a wide variety of activities, such as yoga, weight training, Pilates, football and theater. His passion for fitness led him to open his own personal training business, Complete Conditioning, in 2007. Operating under Complete Conditioning, Shane worked at five gyms and had one corporate wellness account.

Herman lives in Naperville, and he and his partner, Steve Arch, chose south Naperville for their new place of business because of the growth potential in Naperville and nearby Plainfield.

With his extensive background in fitness and health, Herman implemented innovations at the club to make it the ultimate workout destination in Naperville. Midwest Fit Club is the brainchild of Herman’s former businesses and experience. He and Arch wanted to create a gym that focused on getting people as healthy and as fit as possible.

For more information about Midwest Fit Club, call 630-922-1000 or visit www.midwestfitclub.com. Midwest Fit Club is located at 5019 Ace Lane in Naperville.

About Midwest Fit Club

Midwest Fit Club is a company that was created to provide a great workout experience to the surrounding local communities. The goal of the fitness club’s sole location is to bring innovations into the club and make it the ultimate workout destination in Naperville. Midwest Fit Club offers a set of personal trainers, along with a cordial front-desk staff, to take care of all of a member’s needs.