Evanston area camera rentals available at Daufenbach Camera - Craig L.

My company has used Daufenbach Camera for a number of our spots. From shooting product inserts to national commercials to web spots and we've been extremely happy. They been really incredible in terms of being supportive and flexible. Anything can happen in production and they are more than willing to work with us even sending camera accessories out to the shoot if need be. They have our backs and look out for us.

What I like most about Daufenbach Camera is that they are progressive thinkers and constantly upgrading their equipment. They always have the latest equipment and the most up-to-date software. They a great vendor and very creative. I can describe what we are looking for in a shoot and Lawrence will make suggestions on what the best equipment is for us to use. They are a very trustful partner and we count on them.

- Craig L.