Comprehensive Dental Services Offered by Arlington Heights Dental Care Group

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Appell Dental Group uses a comprehensive team approach to dentistry offering the highest quality of care for all disciplines to their patients. The combined knowledge and experience of Dr. Lester Appell, Dr. Joel Appell, Dr. Stuart Appell, and Dr. Aaron Appell benefit their patients in all areas of dental services. Dr. Lester Appell of Appell Dental Group recently took the time to answer questions about the comprehensive, high quality services available at Appell Dental Group.

Question: Dr. Lester Appell, you and your brothers provide a comprehensive approach to dentistry as you each have your own academic interests enabling Appell Dental Group to provide patients of all ages services for all disciplines. Could you elaborate on this a little further?
Answer: We are all general dentists, but each of us has a special interest with extensive additional training within each of our interests. This is advantageous for our patients in that they don’t need to go to other dental offices for any of their treatments.

Question: What types of services do you yourself provide?
Answer: In addition to the general dentistry that we all provide at Appell Dental Group, I also have additional training in periodontal procedures, implants and other types of oral surgeries.

Question: Your brothers, Dr. Joel and Dr. Stuart, also provide general dentistry services as well as their own areas of interest?
Answer: Yes, and both of my brothers have had additional training in root canal work. Dr. Joel actually taught in the Dept. of Endodontics for ten years. Dr. Stuart does all our work with dentures. All of us are additionally trained in cosmetic dentistry.

Question: Can patients receive all types of dental services at Appell Dental Group in addition to general dental work?
Answer: We make use of each of our interests here at Appell Dental Group which enables us to offer all disciplines in the office and we are all qualified to do work in our own areas of interest. Patients don’t need to go elsewhere for implant dentistry, root canals, cosmetic dentistry or dentistry for children to name a few.

Question: Your nephew, Dr. Aaron, has also recently joined the practice. What skills does he bring to Appell Dental Group?
Answer: Dr. Aaron is a recent graduate and he brings the latest knowledge and enthusiasm to our clinic. He is also bilingual and very helpful with our Spanish-speaking patients. We are also very proud that Dr. Aaron has become very active in our local community.

Question: I read that Appell Dental Group is able to provide services to the deaf community. Is that correct?
Answer: I have been working with the deaf community for over 25 years now. I am fluent in sign language and we have many deaf patients we are able to help without the need of an interpreter. I was an Assistant Professor at Loyola University teaching and lecturing in their program teaching students how to work with handicapped patients. We all have had teaching credentials during our careers.

Question: Do you all continue to learn and take classes to keep up on the latest dental procedures and treatments?
Answer: We are always taking continuing education classes through private groups and through the American Dental Association. We constantly go to lectures and meetings all over the country to keep our services updated.

About Appell Dental Group

Appell Dental Group is the dental offices of Dr. Stuart Appell, Dr. Lester Appell and Dr. Joel Appell, three brothers continuing in the family tradition started by their father. Through a comprehensive approach to dentistry, the entire team is dedicated to making the dental health of their patients their top priority. They welcome patients of all ages, and provide a personalized, gentle care dental experience to their patients. To continue providing the highest quality care to their patients, Dr. Stuart, Dr. Lester, and Dr. Joel attend dental lectures, meetings, and conventions to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment available to provide state-of-the-art dental care.

Appell Dental Group is located at 4230 N. Arlington Heights Rd. in Arlington Heights.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 847-255-2121 or go online at