Texas Tech Install Morso 3142 in Sustainable Cabin

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The College of Architecture at Texas Tech University hammered home the importance of sustainable design and construction through a green research project that taught architect students how to use sustainable technology. The project involves the construction of a prefabricated, self-sustaining cabin, complete with a Morso 3142 cast-iron stove.

Texas Tech’s sustainable cabin is approximate 400 square feet and it is very well insulated. It is loosely based on a design by David Henry Thoreau, who used second-hand building materials and components. The cabin is now in Crowell, Texas, a small town 155 miles east of Lubbock.

Associate Professor, Urs Peter Flueckiger specifically asked for Morso to participate in this experiential learning opportunity because he has personally experienced Morso’s energy-efficient performance. Professor Flueckiger uses an elegant and warming Morso 8140 stove to keep his family comfortable at home.

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