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Latin American history professor pays $1.33M in Queens

Eric Zolov, Paul Gordon and Terri Gordon bought a four-bedroom, 3.5-bath home at 71-31 Harrow St. in Queens from Brian Jones and Laura Anthony Jones for $1.33 million on June 5.
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Bank executive sells Jackson Heights 3BD townhome

Roger Teurfs sold a three-bedroom, one-bath townhome at 89-08 31st Ave. in Queens to Eduardo Menezes and Micheli R. Menezes for $401,000 on June 20.
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Radiologist sells Ridgewood 5BD

Dr. Jakob Diel and Elisabeth Diel sold a five-bedroom, two-bath home at 61-58 Gates Ave. in Queens to Edwin Silva Moya and Sultana Kacic for $547,500 on June 11.
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Mass media company executive settles in BayTerrace condo

Veronica Bomi Shim bought a condo at 209-90 23rd Ave. in Queens from Craig S. Panzera for $343,000 on June 8.
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Family physician sells home in Queens for $1.18M

Eduard Rabinovich and Dr. Faye Rabinovich sold a home at 154-18 154th Place in Queens to Sang Hoon Kim for $1.18 million on June 11.
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Communications director buys 3BD in Bayside for $1.65M

Melissa Frischling bought a three-bedroom, two-bath home at 215-25 26th Ave. in Bayside from Kevin O'Sullivan and Eileen O'Sullivan for $1.65 million on May 24.
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Realty co. owners spend $3.7M in Whitestone

Bill Kartsonis and Athanasia Kartsonis bought a four-bedroom, 5.1-bath home at 5 Point Crescent in Queens from George Sakellaridis and Annamaria Oppedisano for $3.7 million on June 1.
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Former account exec sells 3BD in Queens

Lillian Roth and Barry Chaikin sold a three-bedroom, 1.5-bath home at 144-36 68th Road in Queens to Solomon Kurz for $675,000 on April 20.
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Outpatient treatment facility CEO sells 3BD in Queens

Ava Faustin sold a three-bedroom, two-bath home at 188-04 Williamson Ave. in Queens to Ludner Etienne and Lourdy Estinfort for $335,000 on May 10.
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IT services firm partner sells Queens condo

Dino Moshova sold a two-bedroom, four-bath condo at 1-68 Beach 101st St. in Queens to Benjamin Dono and Gerald Mccormack for $476,580 on May 15.
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Fine arts teacher takes $1.39M home in Queens

Michelle Zelkowitz bought a house at 146-37 23rd Ave. in Queens from Woodhaven Holdings LLC for $1.39 million on June 12.
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Chief technology officer buys in Queens

James Karimi bought a three-bedroom, one-bath home at 138-18 64th Ave. in Queens from Hon Meng Chong and Yeung Sau Kong for $435,000 on May 9.
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Internist buys Jamaica Estates/Holliswood 4BR home

Dr. Inamulhaque M. Saboor bought a four-bedroom, one-bath home at 86-05 Santiago St. in Queens from Mary Russo, Daniel Russo, Felix Russo, Vincent Russo and Henry Russo for $525,000 on May 14.
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Nurse sells 4BD in Queens

Oscar A. Azmitia and Vivian E. Azmitia sold a four-bedroom, 2.5-bath home at 1840 Decatur St. in Queens to Carmen Roman for $500,000 on May 15.
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Morgan Stanley manager markets Queens 3BD

Meewha Temurtas and David J. Kim sold a three-bedroom, 2.5-bath home at 100-09 67th Drive in Queens to Wei Pan and Wei Huang for $720,000 on May 17.
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Human resource director sells home in Queens

Basmati R. Somwaru and Lionel Somwaru sold their house at 90-29 209th St. in Queens to Elizabeth E. Pollard and Steven A. Gibson for $370,000 on May 17.
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Watch distributor exec sells home in Queens

Akiva Weinhouse, Rivka Fixler, and Rebecca Weinhouse sold a house at 328 Meehan Ave. in Queens from Rebecca Schechter for $875,000 on May 7.
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Information technology pro grabs Flushing condo

Wenbin Lin and Junjia Lin bought a 1,048-square-foot condo at 41-07 Bowne St. in Queens from Pei Jen Hu for $418,800 on April 16.
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School co-founder buys home in Queens

Shenia Allen bought a 1,848-square-foot home at 112-25 Francis Lewis Blvd. in Queens from Hill NY Corp. for $439,000 on May 21.
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Senior designer scores Queens 5BD

Kara Van Woerden and Casey Loose bought a five-bedroom, three-bath home at 58-11 69th Ave. in Queens from Phil Sgroi, Maria Bruno, Andrew Sgroi, Angela Bivona, Anthony Sgroi, Giacomo Sgroi and Rosaria Sgroi for $570,000 in May 10.