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Founded in 2006, BlockShopper is a local news and market data service for current and aspiring homeowners, home buyers and home sellers.

In short, we're one part community newspaper, one part ultimate hyper-local real estate research and advertising tool.

Our original news and data make us different. So does our independence. BlockShopper is owned and run by experienced reporters and media executives.

For us, this is a journalistic exercise; we aspire to be part of the "next generation" of local media companies, taking local news gathering to an entirely new level.


BlockShopper's audience includes active homebuyers, passive homebuyers and real estate enthusiasts. Currently operating in 15 markets across the United States, this audience is rapidly growing. Due to the vast amount of continuously-updated data and news stories, the majority of our traffic is organic, with 80-85% of visitors directed to BlockShopper through search engines.

Advertising Opportunities

Finally, there's a cost-effective option for local Internet advertising. Big budgets not required. With our hyper-targeted ad campaigns, pay only to reach buyers and sellers in the communities you serve, not ones you don't.


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Real Estate Agents

Look into “claiming your listing”. We place your leaderboard and medium rectangle ads. We’ll run these ads on all property addresses that you choose. See a full example here. Starting at $5/month/property, but further pricing questions should be directed to If ad creatives are needed, further costs will incur.

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