Product engineer, bank V.P. list Lake Forest 3BD

Medium c9f658614eb3cdaaf87f9ee98016cc50 Erich and Courtney Loacker have listed for sale a three-bedroom, 1.5-bath home at 185 Park Ave. in Lake Forest for $485,000.

The 1,276-square-foot house was built in 1951 in Lake Forest East. Linda Rosenberg of Coldwell Banker is the listing agent.

Mr. Loacker is a product engineer supervisor at the Deublin Company, a manufacturer of the mechanical device Rotating Unions.

He previously was a project engineer at MPC Products Corporation, an engineering and manufacturing company that designs and manufactures electromechanical modular devices for aerospace applications.

He received his B.S. in engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1999.

Ms. Loacker is the vice president of Merchant Card Services at Bank of America.

She previously worked for three years at PeopleSoft, an enterprise software company, which engages in the development, manufacture, distribution, servicing and marketing of database, middleware and application software.

She graduated from Marquette University in 2000.

According to, there have been 186 home sales in Lake Forest during the past 12 months, with a median sales price of $799,750.

Address: 185 Park Avenue
Buyer(s): Loacker Erich and Loacker Courtney
Seller(s): Erich Loacker and Courtney Turner
Sale date: Feb. 2, 2006