Agronomist buys Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston condo

Medium 374d19cf7d4ac8460f3451ad4053a926 Craig A. Meisner and Emily L. Meisner bought a condo Unit #6DE at 3850 Hudson Manor Terrace in Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston from Amy E. Taylor and Aaron R. Murray for $310,000 on Aug. 26.

The building was built in 1954 is in the Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston neighborhood. There are 110 units in the six-story building.

Mr. Meisner is an agronomist at CIMMYT, a leading maize and wheat research center in Bangladesh. He has also served as an adjunct professor in soil management at Cornell University.

He earned his B.S. in agronomy at North Carolina State University, his M.S. in agriculture at North Carolina State University and his Ph.D. in agronomy and crop physiology at the University of Georgia.

The condo is in 3850 Hudson Manor Terrace, which includes 110 units on six floors.

According to, there was one condo sale in Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston in 2008, with median sales price of $339,000.