Bedding manufacturer president gets Bedford home

Medium 9c6382158e7cbee8b7737638f30cd3d8 Theodore W. Marschke bought a home at 15 Mustato Road in Bedford from Michael Zreik for $250,000 on Oct. 13.

The house was built in Bedford Northeast neighborhood.

Mr. Marschke has been the president of Charles H. Beckley, a manufacturer of custom bedding.

Zreik is the owner, finance executive and sales executive of M Z Movers Inc., a provider of services that assist in the day-to-day activities of a designer-client project.

According to, there have been 131 home sales in Bedford during the past 12 months, with a median sales price of $655,000.

Address: 15 Mustato Road
Buyer(s): Theodore W Marschke
Seller(s): Michael Zreik
Sale date: Oct. 13, 2010