Dressing difficult windows

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Nothing adds more drama and elegance to a room than the perfect window dressing. It creates a great mix of function and flair, and is an essential piece of home decorating.

But certain types of windows, particularly arched or “eyebrow,” can be both tricky and expensive to dress. Muna Keeney, owner and general manager of The Drapery Company in Lutz, has offered some suggestions.

“There are two types of arched windows, half circle windows that sit atop a rectangle or eyebrows that are extended curved panes with just a slight arch,” Keeney said. “Arched treatments can be a joy or a challenge. We can treat them like any other rectangle window and add drapes to either side, enhancing the arch in the middle. Or we can decorate them and follow along with their shape.”

Arched window coverings can range from simple styles to more extravagant, depending on one’s budget. Hanging curtains on a straight curtain rod is a relatively inexpensive option that would be easily installed. For a more high-end look, an arched cornice creates a very finished look and can be created in a variety of different colors and textures.

“If you have a need for privacy or sun control, then shading the arch is possible,” Keeney said. “Woven wood shades or shutters can be custom made to fit these windows.”

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