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Q: What should homebuyers keep in mind when walking through a home?

A: Purchasing a home can be your most important lifetime investment. Together with over 40 years of experience in the residential real estate industry, my partner, Sherry Delany, and I rely on several basics to help our clients make the right decision.

First, think carefully about how the space will be used in your present lifestyle and then project into the future. Note the natural light; which rooms face north, south, east and west.

How is the kitchen designed? Is the sink near the prep area? Is there space for serving and just hanging out with family and friends?

Is the landscaping attractive and will it be suitable for pets? Is there a play area for kids?

How much maintenance is required? Is there enough garage and parking space for your needs?

Rely on your experts. What appears to be a crack in the foundation may be normal settling. Leave that assessment to your professionals.

Most importantly, work with an agent you can trust to help you find the house that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

— Karen Coxe, New England Land Realty, 203-661-6004

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