The education continues after school at Team Tooke's MMA Facility

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Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts is starting a new after school program for kids at their martial arts facility. This offers children the opportunity to utilize their after school time by engaging in fun activities while also learning martial arts and life skills.

Team Tooke will transport the children from their local elementary schools to the facility, leaving parents free for a longer period of time. The program will be held every Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. The first thing children will do upon arriving at the facility is to do their homework. Following that, they will learn martial arts and engage in fun and challenging activities, all the while gaining self-defense tactics and self-confidence.

Eleven-year-old Autumn S, a student at Team Tooke, says, "When I first started Jiu Jitsu, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. After a few classes I saw how fun it was and got to meet new kids my age. Jiu Jitsu is great for anybody who is looking to get in a sport. I like Jiu Jitsu because everybody helps everybody. I am where I am today because of two awesome teachers: Mr. Travis and Mr. Jeremy. I'm also where I am today because I am committed to this sport, but really my teachers, friends and my mom were a great help. Jiu Jitsu can help build up our self-esteem by knowing we can stand up to a bully if ever needed. It keeps you out of trouble and it gives you a chance to go to different places to compete and you get to meet people from everywhere."

For more information, please call 281-955-7300 or visit them on the web at Team Tooke is located at 18730 Highway 249 in Houston.

About Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts

Team Tooke MMA teaches people how to defend themselves utilizing the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system. In this system, the fundamentals of Judo, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are taught so anyone is prepared for the standing aspect of grappling. The classes also focus a great deal on fitness and conditioning to help whip those bodies into the best shape they have ever been in. The classes also focus on character development and teach the importance of respect, discipline, focus, teamwork, dedication and perseverance.

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