Animal House Veterinary Hospital announces New Year's resolution for healthy pets

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Animal House Veterinary Hospital, a new League City animal clinic/hospital offering high quality, compassionate, state-of-the art veterinary medicine, offers suggestions for pets' New Year's resolutions.

"While you're making your resolutions for the New Year, remember to make them for your pets too," Traci Hoekstra, of Animal House Veterinary Hospital said. "We have some suggestions for resolutions that can help your pets be healthier and happier in the New Year."

Make a weight loss resolution for pets. Pet owners should be able to feel a dog or cat's ribs right underneath their skin (but not see them - that's too thin), and they should have a waist. If not, the New Year can be a chance to make a difference in pet's weight and health.

Just like people, pet's teeth should ideally be brushed on a daily basis to keep them clean and free of plaque. If this isn't possible, an achievable goal may be to brush their teeth once a week with pet- friendly toothpaste, but it is imperative that toothpaste designed specifically for pet is used, as human toothpaste can be toxic for our furry companions. The professional at Animal House Veterinary Hospital will show the right toothpaste to use and also show how to brush a pet's teeth.

All dogs and cats need to be on monthly heartworm prevention throughout the year, not just the summer months. Heartworms are a potentially fatal disease in dogs and cats, and can be prevented 99 percent of the time with cheap and easy monthly medication. Get them started now, for both their health and owner's peace of mind.

If a dog or cat is prone to getting ear infections, the winter is a great time to get started cleaning them every week or so. The lower humidity and cooler weather allows the perfect time to beat ear infections. By keeping ears clean when getting into spring and summer, the chances of an infection can decrease later in the year.

"If you want to increase the trust that you and your pet have in each other, and develop a deeper relationship with them this year, try embarking on a training program," Hoekstra said. "Cats can be trained, just like dogs, although, of course, it takes more patience. This year, amaze your friends with all the new tricks your pets will learn."

For more information on these topics, or any pet related matter, give Animal House Veterinary Hospital a call at 281-334-3743, visit the veterinary hospital on the web at or follow them on Facebook. Animal House Veterinary Hospital is located at 2640 E. League City Parkway in League City.

About Animal House Veterinary Hospital

Animal House Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital providing high quality diagnostic, surgical, medical, therapeutic laser, and 24 hour emergency care for pets in League City.

The team at Animal House Veterinary Hospital, led by Dr. Richard E. Hoekstra, D.V.M., places a specific emphasis on client education and personal professional service to each client and patient. Treating medical ailments often begins with treating the owner and their concerns. The doctors and staff spend as much time as necessary taking a thorough history and getting to the root of the problem. This, in conjunction with high quality laboratory and diagnostic tools, provides the best opportunity for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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