Pool Guard Texas Emphasizes Pool Safety

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Fun as spring and summer might be, the warm season also poses a danger when precautionary measures are not taken. In 2012 alone, more than 100 children who 4 years old and under drowned in Texas, the highest incidence in the country for the period. Two-thirds of these deaths happened from May to September. This is why as May approaches, Pool Guard Texas is emphasizing the need to take measures to prevent such tragedies from happening.

"The first step to drowning prevention in a backyard pool is fencing," Rick Leviton of Pool Guard Texas said. "A child can't drown in the pool if they can't access the water."

Pool Guard Texas is a company dedicated to pool safety. Together with the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance, a group aimed at educating families and equipping them with the tools and rules to prevent accidents around the water, the company would like to remind parents, childcare workers and pool owners to follow some simple steps to keep kids safe.

1.     Learn to swim. One needs to be able to swim to be able to help someone in the water.

2.     Designate a watcher. There must be a designated water watcher at all times with the important job of keeping an eye on everything going on in the pool. Adults can take turns doing the watch.

3.     Fence the pool. Enclose the pool with a Pool Guard barrier fence that is at least 48-inches high and includes a self-closing, self-latching gate. 

4.     Keep a phone close at hand while swimming.

5.     Have an easily accessible flotation device during swimming sessions.

6.     Learn CPR. This skill could be the difference between life and death. 

7.     Stay within arm's reach of others swimming. 

Should a child fall into the pool:

1.     Yell for help.

2.     If it's safe, get the child out of the pool and onto the pool deck.

3.     Check for consciousness.

4.     If someone else is present, have them call 911.

5.     Start CPR if necessary.

6.     If alone, start CPR first for one minute, call 911, then continue CPR until help arrives.

"While all of this is unspeakably tragic, drowning is largely preventable," Leviton said. "Please keep your family safe this summer and install a Pool Guard around your pool today."

For more information about Pool Guard Texas or its products, visit www.poolguardtexas.com or call its Houston office at 281-495-8800. 

About Pool Guard Texas

Pool Guard Texas is a family-owned and -operated company and has branch locations in Dallas, Austin and Corpus Christi. Its swimming pool fences and self-locking baby gates are created in the U.S. with the highest quality materials on the market. Pool Guard Texas is dedicated to providing American families with the safest swimming pool fences to prevent tragic accidents from happening.






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