Home sales in Hollywood, September 1-7, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of September 1-7, 2019. The median sale price was $300,000.

1730 Washington St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Daniel I. Nova
Seller: Sundust Realty LLC

1123 Polk St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Maikel Wong and Travis D Napoleon Spencer
Seller: Jeffrey Poree

2510 Dewey St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Roberto and Destiny Sanabria
Seller: Carol and Mark Fitzgerald

3231 N. 73rd Terrace
Hollywood West
Buyer: Bradley B Davis
Seller: Berdina D Davis

5710 Simms St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Sagy Shalom and Shelly Herzano
Seller: Denise Punyon

5601 Hope St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Gedalya Blatter
Seller: Hue Lam

5706 Jefferson St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Leonel I Jimenez and Erika Ramos
Seller: Guillermo Fernandez and Ledia Urbano

1317 S. 22nd Court
Hollywood East
Buyer: Diosis Josw Martinez Guzman, Marta Sanchez and Yuleidy Geraldine Castillo Osuna
Seller: Southeast Real Estate Investments LLC

2301 N. 37th Ave.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Miriam Levy
Seller: Walter M. Zamalloa

1600 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East
Buyer: Solomon Meltser
Seller: Richard I. and Ruby Kushner

3423 Arthur St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Raul Duconger
Seller: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association

901 St. Andrews Road
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Mindy Schlosberg and Joan Bakst (revocable trust)
Seller: Irwin J. and Sharon M. Curtis

3800 N Hills Drive
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Jonathan C. and Yael Klodin Redlich
Seller: Mary E. Drake and Veronica I Mangan

210 N. 31st Court
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Armando Martes and Katiria Salva
Seller: Renaede Wendy Kays

7508 N.W. 14th St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Bobbette C Tanase
Seller: Derrick and Janet O.'Bremski Dade

630 S Park Road
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Oleksandra Filippova
Seller: Tanya Mahaphon

5500 Madison St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Bufi & Sale LLC
Seller: Michael Rajtar

1521 N. 23rd Ave.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Wilford and Bernadine Zephyr
Seller: Haddad Homes Inc.

6611 Allen St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Juan Carlos and Patricia Urbina
Seller: Nicholas D. and Patricia M. Katz

918 S. 29th Ave.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Leon Pierre
Seller: Ambir and Daniel Marulanda

6570 Johnson St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Hernan Feria Labady
Seller: Marilyn Sanchez

1149 Washington St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Slaven Slugic
Seller: Avy Y. and Sandra D. Encaoua

3341 Liberty St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Emmanuel Fajardo and Scott A. Ryan
Seller: Peter and Susan Balog

2464 Funston St.
Buyer: Krystal Delilah Diaz and Abdier R Santiago
Seller: Tibor and Sandra Sternberg

1318 S. 22nd Ave.
Hollywood East
Buyer: US Housing Equity Fund LLC
Seller: Tgcb Holdings LLC

7780 Atlanta St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Dagumi International Corp.
Seller: Atlantic Florida USA Inc.

4001 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East
Buyer: Pavisa LLC
Seller: MacTimber Inc.

1008 N. 18th Court
Hollywood East
Buyer: Balbina Arriagada and Maritza P Figueroa
Seller: Zbt LLC

1636 Jackson St.
Hollywood East
Buyer: Teresa Faxas and Juan Sebastian Faxas Jr (living trust)
Seller: William and Mary Elizabeth Wichlei

3242 Buchanan St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Jonathan R. W. Hayes and Valeriya Sidorevskaya
Seller: John J. Shaughnessy & Jenilee A. Shaughnessy Family Trust

3800 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood East
Buyer: Marco M Delerme
Seller: Eduardo Romero and Clara L. Reynaldo-Castillero

6549 Fillmore St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Esha Properties Inc.
Seller: Stl Herrera Silva Marketing Group LLC

3130 Pierce St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Jorge Alba
Seller: Joshua Philip and Patricia Gurin Fritzler

3240 Laurel Oaks Lane
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Annette Mountain
Seller: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association

1747 Funston St.
Buyer: Acs 1747 LLC
Seller: Funston Heights LLC

3111 N. 66th Ave.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Noelia Denisse Revelo
Seller: Raul Ramirez and Daniela Carolina Lovera

2810 N. 46th Ave.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Christine Sullivan
Seller: Rebecca L. and Steven A. Rochlin and Rebecca L. Small

1726 Thomas St.
Buyer: Kcr LLC
Seller: Marc and Esther Cote

6891 Raleigh St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Paula Larrotta and Stanley Flores
Seller: Sway 2014-1 Borrower LLC

96 Juniper Road
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Oren Hilel
Seller: Jeffrey V. and Meredith Weinstein and Meredith Sweig

6310 Harding St.
Hollywood West
Buyer: Victor M Nieves and Diana J Dworzan Hodges
Seller: Lorne W. and Gretchen A. Fordham

5636 Farragut St.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Leyda Del Carmen Carrillo Ayala and Fernando Rodrigo Varas
Seller: RN Investment Group LLC

5112 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood Central
Buyer: Silvia Revolledo
Seller: Jacques Stauder

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