Tamarac home sales, September 1-7, 2019

There were 29 reported residential sales in Tamarac for the week of September 1-7, 2019. The median sale price was $168,300.

6171 N.W. 55th Lane
Tamarac East
Buyer: Hillary Newell
Seller: Armando and Kristina Diaz

7812 Dixie Beach Circle
Tamarac West
Buyer: Christopher Cohen
Seller: Samuel Ramos Jr.

9575 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West
Buyer: Lucila and William Perez
Seller: Shirley Shavitz

7514 Black Olive Ave.
Tamarac West
Buyer: Gordon R. and Shayhan A. Weir
Seller: Steve and Melissa Dumont

6106 N.W. 73rd Terrace
Tamarac Central
Buyer: Luis I Zubiria
Seller: Eugenio and Milagros C. Valdes

7260 Woodmont Ave.
Tamarac West
Buyer: Dejian Investments LLC
Seller: Wells Fargo Bank

10721 N.W. 71st Court
Tamarac West
Buyer: Debra A. and Peter A. Gooden
Seller: Helene Ashley

9400 Lime Bay Blvd.
Tamarac West
Buyer: Kraig Kowalski
Seller: Michael and Rosemarie Cieslar

5717 N.W. 48th Ave.
Tamarac East
Buyer: Kevin Kellenberg McBean and Athena Danielle Narain
Seller: Joseph R. and Ivette Rivas

4700 N.W. 47th Terrace
Tamarac East
Buyer: Mario L Orta and Zonia M Sanchez
Seller: Donald J. and Carol A. Birmingham

6150 N.W. 62nd St.
Tamarac East
Buyer: Zulay Montesino
Seller: Viewmond LLC

5500 N.W. 61st Place
Tamarac East
Buyer: Aldene A. Williams
Seller: Jephtah and Tetla Mendez Campbell

8838 W. McNab Road
Tamarac West
Buyer: Vashtina A. Crawford
Seller: Mike Mehan

6085 N. Sabal Palm Blvd.
Tamarac East
Buyer: Bertram Asley Stone
Seller: Melissa Schecter and Nancy Wiener

5812 N.W. 70th Ave.
Tamarac Central
Buyer: Agueda Heredia Valverde
Seller: Mario F Leone and Marlou Leone (trust)

4616 N.W. 44th St.
Tamarac East
Buyer: Southtrust Financial LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Tiffany, Reginald, Percess and Frank Thompson

5901 N.W. 61st Ave.
Tamarac East
Buyer: Raul and Luz Marina Penaloza
Seller: Louis Veronneau

7750 W. McNab Road
Tamarac West
Buyer: Alfredo Paz LLC
Seller: Ilija Miksa

9537 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West
Buyer: Lilleth Angella and Jerrol Reid
Seller: Eleanor Berman (trust) and Albert Berman

8450 Lagos Del. Campo Blvd.
Tamarac West
Buyer: Jose F. Velez and Heidy L Ospina
Seller: Robin L Strobel

4401 N.W. 48th Ave.
Tamarac East
Buyer: Joseph Greoski
Seller: Jorge and Beatriz S. Castro Gomez

9081 Lime Bay Blvd.
Tamarac West
Buyer: Presner Fleurantin and Sainte H Georges
Seller: Patricia L Jacks

7801 Colony Circle
Tamarac West
Buyer: Pais Tree LLC
Seller: Alfredo Mendoza

7775 Yardley Drive
Tamarac West
Buyer: Pertti and Nereida Ovaska
Seller: Johanna Wilson (life estate) and L. & J. Wilson (living trust)

7751 Southampton Terrace
Tamarac West
Buyer: John and Donna Amrhein
Seller: Frederick Witlen & Sheri Witlen (revocable trust)

8604 N.W. 57th Place
Tamarac West
Buyer: Alexander A. Patterson and Shirley A. Cardoza-Patterson
Seller: Lancelot Claudette and Perry Edwards Claudette and Hortense Henton

4404 Woodland Circle
Tamarac East
Buyer: Madri Dieuseul
Seller: Cortney Popowitz

7980 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West
Buyer: Mjr Solutions Group Inc.
Seller: Tony Agulansky

7570 N.W. 79th Ave.
Tamarac West
Buyer: Angel L. and Nerisleyda Lopez
Seller: Calli Sol and Alexa Lerner Sol

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