Home sales in Miramar, September 29-October 5, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of September 29-October 5, 2019. The median sale price was $330,000.

3199 Foxcroft Road
Miramar East
Buyer: Imperio Investment Group Corp.
Seller: Green Dreams Property Management LLC

10018 S.W. 23rd St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Fritzline Joseph
Seller: Daniel A. and Mayerlyn Echegaray

11440 S.W. 18th Court
Miramar East
Buyer: Lazaros Koutouvalis
Seller: Wsp Property Investment LLC

17463 S.W. 19th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Felix Lorenzo and Fabricia Del Carmen Sencion
Seller: Ramon Alfredo Marquez Jr. and Jacqueline Laura Torres

4622 S.W. 126th Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Steven Horace Cameron and Nneka Aisha Stewart
Seller: Millionaires Group LLC, Thomas Peterman, Socrates Emanuel Morilla, Willine Louis-Morilla and Willine Louis

19319 S.W. 54th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Lazaro and Denise Valderrama
Seller: Daylet M Yanes and Alejandro A. Casuso

18642 S.W. 55th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Johnny Lewis Robertson II
Seller: Alicia C. and Grace S. Fenton

8560 N. Sherman Circle
Miramar East
Buyer: Diego Fravega and Cecilia M Curbelo
Seller: Cynthia Blake Williams

2740 S.W. 126th Way
Miramar Central
Buyer: Isabel Maria Suate Pedroza and Giuseppe Pellegrino
Seller: Xiomara C Pedroza

2440 S.W. 85th Terrace
Miramar East
Buyer: Valmy Saint Louis
Seller: Dwight D. and Anitra D. Lewis

7501 Shalimar St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Jassan Cerutti Borrego and Claudia Cerutti
Seller: Csma Sfr Holdings II-Lse LLC

2619 Alcazar Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Davison Marc Donal and Fritz J. Telfort Marc Donal
Seller: Reinerio Sarmiento and Floridalma Sarmiento

4892 S.W. 159th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Sabrina and Stanley Rosen
Seller: Barbara, Jay J., Stanley David and Sabrina Rosen

9820 Atlantic Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Indira Bedasie
Seller: Realest Group LLC

2316 S.W. 127th Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Tommy A. Bernavil and Amanda Elaine Gibbs
Seller: Justin Viator and Patrycja Prokopowicz

17017 S.W. 53rd Court
Miramar West
Buyer: Romor Group LLC
Seller: Lawrence M. Procaccini and Brenda Gordon

3034 E. Missionwood Circle
Miramar East
Buyer: Perez G Woerdings
Seller: Sheila Ivette Hodgson and David Colin Mundy

6757 Ixora Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Mohamed S Mamood
Seller: Ru Chama and Ceneque Amilcar

2430 Gulfstream Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Joan Fernandez-Cabrera and Yadira Hrenandez Diaz
Seller: Enis D. and Nazira Kadoch Loira

16379 S.W. 48th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Shana Devasia
Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

5127 S.W. 183rd Ave.
Buyer: Charles and Maria Weiss
Seller: Maria and Charles Weiss and Maria Zamudio

2825 S.W. 129th Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Davide Brusciano and Vanessa C Brito
Seller: Leonarda Y Rivas

6221 S.W. 26th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Yvan Rodriguez and Gloria E Castaneda
Seller: Franklin L. Franklyn and Lola Davis Franklyn

9601 Encino St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Jose A. and Joshua Daniel and Mathias Anthony Carreon and Farah F Wahlstrom
Seller: Shawn Schaffman

2677 S.W. 177th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Hector Mauricio Escobar Gallego and Maria Teresa Patino
Seller: Ruth M. Hagee

1710 S.W. 97th Terrace
Buyer: Enb Properties LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Valery Justin

5067 S.W. 137th Terrace
Miramar Central
Buyer: Alexander J. and Christina Rodriguez
Seller: Raja Gidwani and Monall Laxpati J Rodriguez

12960 S.W. 19th Drive
Miramar Central
Buyer: Chito and Sherry M. Colorado
Seller: Barbara M. Spurlock and Barbara Jane McDaniel Spurlock (revocable trust)

15853 S.W. 52nd St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Kingsley Lamour and Misha Michelle Guy Farquharson
Seller: Luis E Negron and Iris Feliciano

2274 S.W. 182nd Way
Miramar West
Buyer: Dario Zevallos
Seller: Anthony and Susannah Jardim and Susannah Lee

4240 S.W. 149th Terrace
Miramar Central
Buyer: Allende Hernandez and Risset Silvera
Seller: Ramona Barnes and Ramona Rowe

14581 S.W. 37th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Arman J. and Suzanna B. Aru
Seller: Bobby D. and Joann Johnson

3680 S.W. 166th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Hector Mario Hernandez Acosta and Zulman Guzman Amezquita
Seller: Gilberto Leal and Leidicy Moreira Mattos

3260 S.W. 189th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Kimberley Barbara Gifts and Neil Lloyd Hunter
Seller: Patricia Ann Marie Alexander

7501 Fairway Blvd.
Miramar East
Buyer: Lemontree Capital LLC
Seller: William F. and Peggy A. Lipscomb

4602 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West
Buyer: Asher and Grace A. Cooper
Seller: Luciano V. and Helen Bello

3210 S.W. 66th Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Ricardeau Joseph and Erika Bourciquot
Seller: Tommy Lee Stryder

12461 S.W. 42nd St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Jean E. Jacques and Nickolyn Coleel Crosby Ellison
Seller: Lebrun Properties LLC and Leburn Properties LLC

2331 S.W. 135th Ave.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Lashaan Simons
Seller: Pedro and Lidia Flores

13213 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Celiane Bornelus
Seller: May Investment Holdings Inc.

6312 S.W. 23rd St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Verdi Investments Group Corp.
Seller: Pat Kopec

6857 S.W. 39th Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Wen Zhang
Seller: Ahmad El-Samad and Nawal Elkhiraoui

1843 S.W. 90th St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Florida Foreclosure Management LLC
Seller: Bank of America

2420 Nassau Drive
Miramar East
Buyer: Lemontree Capital LLC
Seller: Lawrence Leroy and Janet R. L. Dewey

1710 S.W. 114th Terrace
Miramar East
Buyer: Pedro Lopez and Martha Lucia Soler Parra
Seller: Alberto Linares

12602 S.W. 54th St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Dung Nguyen
Seller: John Paul and Melissa Huff

8740 S.W. 21st St.
Miramar East
Buyer: Abul Kohn
Seller: Keith A. and Michelle M. Levy

2444 S.W. 103rd Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Thi Thu Ha Tran and Van Tan Tran
Seller: Shannon Pierre

7618 Alhambra Blvd.
Miramar East
Buyer: Yolanda L Garcia and Jay Severy
Seller: Lpm Investments LLC

12871 S.W. 53rd St.
Miramar Central
Buyer: Fabio D Pena and Vanessa A. Naranjo
Seller: Carlos A. and Ana Maria Ismodes

1900 S.W. 98th Ave.
Miramar East
Buyer: Kevin Mendoza
Seller: Michael and Lois Quartararo and Lois Hill

15061 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar Central
Buyer: Felix Eugenio and Silvia Najar
Seller: Mario and Ivonne Leon

4618 S.W. 183rd Ave.
Buyer: Salman Hussain
Seller: Kaiisha McGee-Perry

17969 S.W. 54th St.
Miramar West
Buyer: Neil and Nathalia Sabare
Seller: Marcel M. and Axelle Flemming and Melissa J Yee Loy

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