Recent Woodstock home sales, September 29-October 5, 2019

There were 11 reported residential sales in Woodstock for the week of September 29-October 5, 2019. The median sale price was $161,500.

1536 Hickory Road
North Woodstock
Buyer: Kenneth Ghisseli and Lana Ghiselli
Seller: Erika Clarke and Erika Clark (revocable living trust)

2457 Bridgewater Drive
Buyer: Timothy and Mariellen Re
Seller: Julia Kieta and Julia and Zachary Re

1745 Woodside Drive
Buyer: Deborah B Hersh
Seller: Jva MS Cf I LLC

820 Laurel Ave.
South Woodstock
Buyer: Mike Stern and Kayla Ayers
Seller: John F. and Lauren D. Boyle

402 Jefferson St.
South Woodstock
Buyer: Paul D. and Sarah K. Gardner
Seller: Thomas F. and Jane E. Letourneau

511 Leah Lane
North Woodstock
Buyer: Kristine L Wilk
Seller: James J. Wright

813 Gould St.
South Woodstock
Buyer: Richard Dolan
Seller: Larry and Malinda J. Logan and Malinda Dolan

1511 Berltsum Drive
North Woodstock
Buyer: Quinn Murphy and Monet Reed
Seller: Nancy E. Cote and Lawrence G. Cote Jr.

700 Prairie Ridge Drive
South Woodstock
Buyer: Derek J. and Abigail R. Lee
Seller: William J. and Martha Fleck

1092 Castleshire Drive
South Woodstock
Buyer: Christopher J. and Rosanna S. Papreck
Seller: Deborah L Gerding

935 Marvel Ave.
North Woodstock
Buyer: Luis and Veronica Arellano
Seller: Rachel and Ryan Drury

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