Recent Margate home sales, November 17-23, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of November 17-23, 2019. The median sale price was $232,500.

7505 N.W. Fifth Place
Margate Central
Buyer: Marc E Simon and Jeanne M Rabinowitz
Seller: Robert J. and Geraldine Pellicoro

7591 N.W. First St.
Margate South
Buyer: Elizabeth Del Carmen Zevallos
Seller: Elaine Caplan

5813 Park Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Juslene Francois
Seller: Lorian Sancha President

6255 Navajo Terrace
Margate North
Buyer: Noris Gabriela Ramirez Campos and Matthew Allen Johnson
Seller: Jennifer Gwyn Klein

7581 N.W. 28th St.
Margate North
Buyer: Wilton and Sydawnie Stevens
Seller: David Bentley

7837 Golf Circle Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Cynthia A. Morris
Seller: Fgc Group Inc.

5580 Lakeside Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Salvatore Pormigiano
Seller: Loren Leone

6795 N.W. 14th Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Edwin Ramos and Felicita Gonzalez
Seller: Charles H. Berman and Frances Arlene Palecek

5812 N.W. 18th Court
Margate Central
Buyer: United Properties of S Florida LLC and 5812 Margate Land Trust
Seller: John and Josephine Maldonado

5252 Jubilee Way
Margate North
Buyer: Cory Chin and Jenniel Johnson
Seller: Philip F. and Yamile Cleter

2156 N.W. 62nd Ave.
Margate North
Buyer: Donald G. and Ramona Schake
Seller: Liliana Tamayo

165 N.W. 78th Ave.
Margate South
Buyer: Zico Point Du Jour and Magdaliencie Philippe
Seller: James A. and Marlene F. Kershner

3114 W. Buena Vista Drive
Margate North
Buyer: Matthew Charles and Victoria Perez Phillips
Seller: Abbey Ledoux

3251 Holiday Springs Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Michael and Nancy Connell
Seller: Clayomie Ferguson

1105 N.W. 80th Terrace
Margate Central
Buyer: Re Property Holdings LLC
Seller: Iris Zenaida Ortega Batista

1105 N.W. 80th Terrace
Margate Central
Buyer: Jfm Farca & Sons LLC
Seller: Re Property Holdings LLC

1901 E River Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Francis Kramarik-Luth
Seller: Carlos A. and Sabrina Chacon Perez

6570 Fern St.
Margate North
Buyer: Pierre M. and Elisabeth Domercant
Seller: Debbie Staples

6054 N.W. 18th St.
Margate Central
Buyer: Phong Q Vu, Tam Thi Minh, D.O. and Mike and Nicole Thuong Hoai Nguyen
Seller: Samuel Batista De Oliveira

7696 N.W. 21st Court
Margate North
Buyer: Duc Tran and Loan Trinh
Seller: Gerald Allen Bodnar

7905 N.W. Fifth Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Iris R Vasquez
Seller: Valerie Anderson and Wayne Hardy

6505 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Roberto and Leila Lozano
Seller: Irma Clavijo and Elio Clavijo Morales

5531 Lakeside Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Gina A. World
Seller: Anna Marie Beni

4926 S. Hemingway Circle
Margate South
Buyer: Angel Antonio Camacho Jr.
Seller: Glenn Gibson

7280 S.W. First St.
Margate South
Buyer: Jose Villatoro and Euvilga Munoz
Seller: William Fam

4963 S.W. Fourth St.
Margate South
Buyer: Ivan Jonathan Ricardo and Michelea Indea Saunders
Seller: Sergio R Paulos Villarreal

6111 N.W. 19th Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Robert Glen Bryant
Seller: Panther Home Solutions LLC

6975 N.W. 29th Court
Margate North
Buyer: Maisa Sarsour and Troy Christopher MacKo
Seller: Richard Allen and Josiane Geyer

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