Recent Dubuque home sales, November 17-23, 2019

The following residential sales were reported for the week of November 17-23, 2019. The median sale price was $131,750.

1519 Lincoln Ave.
Buyer: Robin L Ney
Seller: Paula E. Johnson and Mark D. Bowers

1832 Churchill Drive
Buyer: Kelly A. Longhenry
Seller: Vicki Smothers (trustee), Timothy Smothers (trustee), Kathi Domeyer (trustee), Marlene Smothers (trust) and Marlene Smothers Family Trust

1208 Cortez Drive
Buyer: Deven M Kunde
Seller: Mandy Jo Jeffrey D. and Mandy J. Rosemeyer Jeffrey D.

2017 Clarke Drive
Buyer: Michelle P Manemann
Seller: Catherine M. Koerperich Roldan, Catherine Marie Koerperich and Marlon Vincent McNatt

1604 Garfield Ave.
Buyer: Joseph J. and Stacie A. Hoffman
Seller: Joseph M. and Cindy L. Meyer

2265 Woodworth St.
Buyer: Alex D. Reiter
Seller: Janeane J Lee

2756 Broadway St.
Buyer: Mark J. Flotow
Seller: Marilyn Ploessl (trustee), Erwin G. Turner (trust) and Erwin G. Turner (revocable living trust)

855 Cleveland Ave.
Buyer: Derek G. and Rebecca N. Rosenstiel
Seller: David M. and Katrina M. Ernst

530 Glen Oak St.
Buyer: Andrew and Lynn Lassen
Seller: Dralle Investments LLC

530 Glen Oak St.
Buyer: Callie Ann Mescher
Seller: Andrew K. and Lynn J. Lassen

995 Locust St.
Buyer: Jeffrey J. and Vicki M. Doyle
Seller: Dupaco Community Credit Union

530 Sapphire Circle
Buyer: Brice M Siebe
Seller: Terry J. and Amy D. Neill

1335 Ohagen St.
Buyer: Brandon S. and Andrea and Andrea Paola Kacere
Seller: Rebecca L. Turner and Gary L Valentine

2301 Queen St.
Buyer: Lucas A. and Jennifer A. and Douglas A. Sedlacek
Seller: Richard J. and Nancy M. Hess

2980 White St.
Buyer: Stw LLC
Seller: Kenneth Majerus (trustee), Betty J. Garvey (trust) and Betty J. Garvey (revocable living trust)

2710 Central Ave.
Buyer: Walter Drew and Terra M. Cook
Seller: Shirley A. Jones and Terra M. Cook (attorney-in-fact)

2108 Bald Eagle Court
Buyer: Jacob M. and Laura L. Menke
Seller: Sara L. Junk

2455 Spires Court
Buyer: Austin L. and Megan C. Kline
Seller: Bernie J. Saks (trustee) and Bernie J. Saks (trust)

1502 Manson Road
Buyer: Shane A. and Tarri S. Schoenberger
Seller: Douglas L. Williams

2760 Andrew Court
Buyer: Nicholas and Samantha Johnson
Seller: Joshua R. Lynch

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