Margate home sales, December 15-21, 2019

There were 27 reported residential sales in Margate for the week of December 15-21, 2019. The median sale price was $199,000.

5514 Parade Place
Margate North
Buyer: Miguel Roberto Chitty and Gianinna Victoria Badillo Checa
Seller: Holly and Cayla McDonald

6890 Royal Palm Blvd.
Margate Central
Buyer: Cynthia Miccolis
Seller: Patricia Varhola and Patricia Taylor

531 S.W. 62nd Way
Margate South
Buyer: Angel and Haydee Gavidia
Seller: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

3107 Lillian Lane
Margate North
Buyer: Alex Sandro Cardoso and Mallory N. Ramos
Seller: Golden Global Equity LLC

5576 Lakewood Circle
Margate South
Buyer: Bettie and Magalie Fortune
Seller: Jdfl Ventures LLC

6401 Coral Lake Drive
Margate North
Buyer: David Charon and Ralph Pedraja
Seller: Lee Summers

1605 N.W. 80th Ave.
Margate Central
Buyer: Cesar Gonzalez and Wendy Solangel Arvelo Pellicer
Seller: Rodrigo Morales

6501 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Mario Molina
Seller: Bart K Gershenbaum

7805 N.W. Fifth Court
Margate Central
Buyer: Valdemir Ferreira
Seller: Richard Gillis

669 Banks Road
Margate Central
Buyer: Raul Lopez-Ureno and Yanina Lopez
Seller: Melissa Galea

7305 N.W. Fifth Place
Margate Central
Buyer: Tony and Deonarayah and Taramattie Anirudh
Seller: Barry and Kathleen Glickman

6073 N.W. Third St.
Margate South
Buyer: Rafael G. and Denise Kiefer Perez
Seller: Vincetta C. Kiefer (revocable trust)

1005 Country Club Drive
Margate Central
Buyer: Jose Alejandro Santamaria Garcia and Shirley Del Rocio Garcia Rodriguez
Seller: Raymond Ameneiros and Alice Napoli

2911 Crestwood Terrace
Margate North
Buyer: Paul Simmons
Seller: Marie Lucille Charles

6507 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Amiraj LLC
Seller: Nationdom Inc.

3032 Marion Ave.
Margate North
Buyer: Blue Marlin Capital-2100 LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Monika Bak

7942 N.W. First St.
Margate South
Buyer: Luis D. and Liz E. Espinosa
Seller: Realcet LLC

1055 N.W. 73rd Terrace
Margate Central
Buyer: Jean R. and Marie Jules Coriolan
Seller: Peggylee Rubino and Stewart J. Nelson (revocable living trust)

6134 N.W. 20th St.
Margate Central
Buyer: Mary Pood
Seller: Justin Pood

5605 Monte Carlo Place
Margate South
Buyer: Lattee Wright
Seller: Raja Investments Inc.

6727 N Parkway Drive
Margate South
Buyer: Johnny Marin and Dania Martinez
Seller: Dennis and Christine Clark

6627 Winfield Blvd.
Margate North
Buyer: Leslie and Martha Blandon
Seller: Leslie Blandon

5470 Lakewood Circle
Margate South
Buyer: Junia Cayard
Seller: Random Properties Acquisition Corp. III

4940 S.W. 11th Circle
Margate South
Buyer: Zeniah and Annette Wood
Seller: Patricia C Deneui and Paulo C Silva

3460 Pinewalk Drive
Margate North
Buyer: US Housing Equity Fund LLC
Seller: Delvon Inc.

1803 N.W. 78th Ave.
Margate Central
Buyer: Freedom Source LLC and 1803 Nw 78 Ave Street Land Trust
Seller: James V. and Kimberly A. Hodgkins

6640 N.W. 23rd St.
Margate North
Buyer: Wilne Jean and Natacha Jean Baptiste
Seller: Al Tirah LLC

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