Recent Plantation home sales, June 14-20, 2020

The following residential sales were reported for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $328,950.

7561 N.W. 16th St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Claudia Gonzalez
Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana (trust) and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition (trust)

1740 N.W. 81st Way
Plantation Central
Buyer: Maria Alejandra Sanchez Cortes and Jaiberg Herlin Mosquera Pineda
Seller: Shany Grosman

9956 N.W. Sixth Place
Plantation Central
Buyer: Fabiola M Garcia Pineiro
Seller: James A. and Kathleen E. Dills

316 N.W. 45th Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Ivan Arturo Moran and Marco T Santana-Saldanha
Seller: Camelia Holdings LLC

10983 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Robert Guedez and Juan Carlos Guedes Rivas
Seller: John and Dianne Zdanowicz

131 S.W. 63rd Ave.
Plantation East
Buyer: Damian L. and Katreena Niebla
Seller: Derek W. and Jordan N. Wallin

12421 S.W. First St.
Plantation West
Buyer: Cary B. and Shelly Kingsberg
Seller: Elle Furlong and Jason F. Furlong Special Needs (irrevocable trust)

80 Torchwood Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: David Mack and Beth Pamela Fishbein
Seller: Colton S. and Whitney L. Sessa Lehmann

11740 Hermitage Drive
Plantation West
Buyer: Myriam Augustin
Seller: Julian Cecio

1490 N.W. 116th Ave.
Plantation West
Buyer: Mohinder Chhabra
Seller: Dsl Construction & Investments LLC

10112 N.W. 13th Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Hi-Land Properties LLC
Seller: Zaira Morgan

79 N.W. 98th Terrace
Plantation Central
Buyer: Eduardo Jose Gonzalez
Seller: Mary Catherine and Pauline Cecilia and Arthur Kane and Omar Gonzales

10941 Hawks Vista St.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Manuel IV and Pamela Gonzalez
Seller: Bovee & Thill LLC

650 Sweet Bay Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Gregory Emmer and Ilexis Mazer
Seller: Mtglq Investors LP

136 Wimbledon Lake Drive
Plantation Central
Buyer: Jorge and Carolina Bravo
Seller: Oj Home Investments LLC

887 Gardenia Lane
Plantation East
Buyer: Wayne W. and Danyelle J. Weatherford
Seller: Truist Bank

1174 N.W. 108th Terrace
Plantation Central
Buyer: Federico Garcia and Cristy Segura
Seller: John P. and Lauren N. and Donald R. Campbell

7401 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation East
Buyer: Karla Sequera
Seller: Herman Allen

9903 N.W. Sixth Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Karl Christian Gonzalez-Valencia
Seller: Vincent Ellis

910 N.W. 96th Ave.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Robby and Sheshina Rahmings, Robins Evans and Dorothy Gallon
Seller: Silvio A. and Silvana P. Zargon

9180 N.W. 11th Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Roy Grimsland
Seller: Alberto Duncan, Rosa O. Ramirez Rovira and Ryan Rivera

6191 S.W. Third St.
Plantation East
Buyer: Megan Marie Risler and Kristian Grimsland
Seller: Andre and Robin Verwey

1401 S.W. 52nd Way
Plantation East
Buyer: Jeffrey Scott and Carissa Lynn Gervasi Bloom
Seller: Jennifer and Scott Duncan, Lorraine L Turcotte and Charles R. Turcotte Jr.

301 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central
Buyer: Troy T Higgins and Brooke Holley
Seller: Matthew A. and Janet Figueroa

10749 Cleary Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: GEMS2020 LLC
Seller: Horus MC LLC

9849 N.W. Sixth Court
Plantation Central
Buyer: Charles McLendon
Seller: Megan Risler and Kristian Grimsland

9089 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation Central
Buyer: Robert V. and Kathy M. Jacobs
Seller: Randy P. and Tamra S. Alfano

541 Sandlewood Lane
Plantation East
Buyer: Steven Kempner
Seller: Catherine B. Wolfe and Alice D. Honey

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