North Liberty home sales, June 14-20, 2020

The following residential sales were reported for the week of June 14-20, 2020. The median sale price was $194,000.

600 Hemingway Drive
Buyer: Lewis L. and Renatta I. Stevens
Seller: Joseph N. and Stacey J. Strief

900 Rachael St.
Buyer: Carson C Gibson
Seller: Andrew T. and Sarah Anne Hancock

20 David Lee Court
Buyer: Paige Elizabeth Townley
Seller: Brian J. and Marjorie A. Loes

130 Shannon Drive
Buyer: Malcolm D Haub
Seller: Michael S. Mallory P. and Amy L. Barney Mallory P.

1886 Goose Lake Circle
Buyer: Jonathan Richard Day
Seller: Holly H Riss

2357 Mehaffey Bridge Road N.E.
Buyer: Jesse T. and Ashley Evans
Seller: Karen M Gaule

780 Hodge St.
Buyer: Brandi M. and Troy T. Estill
Seller: Roger H. and Kathryn J. Dykstra

615 Pebble Court
Buyer: Eric M. and Jessica L. Beck
Seller: Nathan J. and Amy A. Nolte

95 Watercress Road
Buyer: Ethan Wykert
Seller: Brett A. Pierce

620 Hodge St.
Buyer: Phillip M. Kilcrease
Seller: Kelly A. and Bradley Wolfe and Kelly A. Schroeder

820 Club House Road
Buyer: Thomas A. Woodruff
Seller: Cecil Thayne Lowman and Mary J. Hodges

470 Carlyle Drive
Buyer: Kurt A. and Jolene J. Furr
Seller: Melina R Harbour

143 War Admiral Lane
Buyer: Hailey Holland
Seller: Jamie R. and Darrell E. Rice and Jamie R Thein

205 W. Penn St.
Buyer: Ljp Management
Seller: Daniel L. and Krista M. Crawford

1535 Poplar Lane
Buyer: Thomas Tesar Jr. and Jessica S. Tesar
Seller: Vincent and Vince O. and Tara J. Ellison

40 Pinehurst Court
Buyer: Page K. and Courtney L. Rutherford
Seller: Daniel Frederick, Daniel F., Shelley Kaye and Shelley K. Skemp

722 Hodge St.
Buyer: Samuel Orvis
Seller: Lynn M Odegard and Lynn Marian and Brett Leroy Nickerson

835 Blue Sky Drive
Buyer: Investments (and others)
Seller: Darrin J. and Amy J. Ganske

1777 Jonathan St.
Buyer: Rachel A. and Andre C. Dawson
Seller: Lewis L. and Renatta I. Stevens

408 Sugar Creek Lane
Buyer: Adam Owens
Seller: Amy Elizabeth Goddard

580 Augusta Circle
Buyer: Kolton T Haight and Savannah M. Guyer
Seller: Andrew Joel Roberts

295 Whitman Ave.
Buyer: Zachary and Joanna Kyte
Seller: Katelynn and Andrew Oberbroeckling

100 Cherry Court
Buyer: Rory J. Lisa Rundell and Palmer Love Lisa Rundell
Seller: Bobbi Jane Ernst

515 Augusta Circle
Buyer: Steven A. Zahrobsky
Seller: Kirk and Kerry Harder

645 Hodge St.
Buyer: Brent D Vobr
Seller: Luke A. Wood

60 Hackberry St.
Buyer: Danielle E Strong
Seller: Kathryn E. Vanroekel

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