St. Clair median home prices rose by 37.4% in January 2021

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The median sale price of a home sold in January 2021 in St. Clair rose by $34,463 while total sales increased by 300%, according to

In January 2021, there were eight homes sold, with a median sale price of $126,500 - a 37.4% increase over the $92,038 median sale price for the same period of the previous year. There were two homes sold in St. Clair in January 2020.

The median sales tax in St. Clair for the most recent year with available data, 2018, was $1,464, approximately 1.2% of the median home sale price for January 2021.

The following table compares St. Clair to other Butler County cities with similar median sale prices in January 2021:

CityJan. 2021 Home SalesJan. 2020 Home Sales% change (Total Home Sales)Jan. 2021 Median Sales PriceJan. 2020 Median Sales Price% change (Median Sales Price)
St. Clair82300%$126,500$92,037.5037.4%
New Miami61500%$102,000$25,500300%
Lemon Township4333.3%$47,500$66,200-28.2%

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