January 2021: Home prices in Forest Park fell

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The median sale price of a home sold in January 2021 in Forest Park fell by $2,550 while total sales increased by 5.6%, according to BlockShopper.com.

In January 2021, there were 19 homes sold, with a median sale price of $147,400 - a 1.7% decrease over the $149,950 median sale price for the same period of the previous year. There were 18 homes sold in Forest Park in January 2020.

The following table compares Forest Park to other Hamilton County cities with similar median sale prices in January 2021:

CityJan. 2021 Home SalesJan. 2020 Home Sales% change (Total Home Sales)Jan. 2021 Median Sales PriceJan. 2020 Median Sales Price% change (Median Sales Price)
White Oak East51400%$154,900$142,5008.7%
Delhi Township4117141.2%$150,000$130,00015.4%
Pleasant Run770%$150,000$150,0000%
Forest Park19185.6%$147,400$149,950-1.7%
Monfort Heights East8714.3%$142,500$153,000-6.9%
White Oak281947.4%$141,750$161,000-12%
Monfort Heights South9812.5%$140,000$199,000-29.6%

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