Home sales in Davie, March 14-20, 2021

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There were 47 reported residential sales in Davie for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $328,000.

5331 Hawkes Bluff Ave.
Davie West$146,500
Buyer: Albert and Kimberley B. Perez
Seller: Albert and Kimberley B. Perez

4801 S.W. 111th Terrace
Davie Central$1,046,000
Buyer: Alex Barraco and Sebrina Higgins
Seller: Arne Hennig and James Buchheim

13900 S.W. 22nd Place
Davie West$495,000
Buyer: Yosleidy Leon Rodriguez
Seller: Madison Alamosa Hecm Reo LLC

12830 S.W. 10th Court
Davie West$460,000
Buyer: Maureen Hedigan
Seller: Christine Marie Dale

7721 N.W. 33rd St.
Davie East$235,000
Buyer: Nasrudeen Lothan
Seller: Nancy Kinney and 7721 Kinney (trust)

9450 Oak Grove Circle
Davie Central$196,049.26
Buyer: Gail Schmer
Seller: John Douglas and Cathrine McLean Walker and Gail Schmer

8600 S.W. 15th St.
Buyer: Luis Eduardo Castano Mejia and Maria Victoria Santa
Seller: Frederic Sylvain and Stephanie Caya Sylvain and Irene Blanchard

2701 S.W. 156th Ave.
Davie West$610,000
Buyer: Lazaro Rodriguez and Yahima Sotomayor
Seller: Richard W. and Olga O. McDonough

8609 S.W. 17th Court
Buyer: Violeta Ortiz Sanchez
Seller: Jessica M. and Seydi Whatley

1830 Sabal Palm Drive
Davie Central$154,900
Buyer: Brenna McAteer
Seller: Esther Scheinberg (revocable trust)

9480 Tangerine Place
Davie Central$95,000
Buyer: Susan Chen
Seller: Thomas Fitzsimmons and Susan L. Veron

1502 Whitehall Drive
Davie Central$163,000
Buyer: Simone P Savdie
Seller: Victor A. Prada

2150 S.W. 90th Ave.
Davie Central$290,000
Buyer: Giannina Barrantes
Seller: Kimberly and Gregory Ronald Arsenault

11824 S.W. 43rd Court
Davie Central$525,000
Buyer: Carmine W Savoca and Laurel Oaks Davie Land Trust
Seller: Trevor Safko and Kenneth Todero 11824 Land Trust

2862 W. Abiaca Circle
Davie Central$580,000
Buyer: Ryan Anthony Hill and Nayla Silva
Seller: Harvey and Roberta B. Kaplan

1530 Whitehall Drive
Davie Central$157,000
Buyer: Jacob and Bronia Nagar
Seller: Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB3 Inc.

9450 Poinciana Place
Davie Central$143,000
Buyer: Jason Mayberry
Seller: Zoe Moghaddam

2120 S.W. 71st Way
Davie East$270,000
Buyer: Jonathan F. Moreno and Lillian D. Ortiz
Seller: Kevin and Angelic Chartier

4751 Grapevine Way
Davie West$345,000
Buyer: Marvin W. Hodges and Jasmin A. Perez
Seller: Charlotte Ann Cormany and Charlotte Cormany (revocable trust)

2822 W. Abiaca Circle
Davie Central$610,000
Buyer: Chaya Mushka Bart and Yechezkel Shmaya Altein
Seller: Carlos A. and Denise A. Bell

1915 S.W. 101st Ave.
Davie Central$779,000
Buyer: Francis and Maryann Barber
Seller: Cory and Marisa Gillespie

700 S.W. 134th Terrace
Buyer: Thomas Ghaltchi
Seller: Susan Jean Beever and Susan Jean Caruso

891 S.W. 120th Way
Davie Central$293,000
Buyer: Elaine Davila Benstein
Seller: Rosa Guadarrama

1070 S.W. 124th Way
Davie West$345,000
Buyer: Kelsey Greenwald and Alex Shelton
Seller: Andrew Gianisis

2901 S.W. 87th Ave.
Davie Central$206,000
Buyer: Jeannete C. and Jennifer A. Lewis
Seller: Bozo and Frances Picinic

1000 S.W. 128th Drive
Davie West$485,000
Buyer: Sara Beth and Christopher Franklin Schafer
Seller: Vincent and Irene Colavolpe

3150 W. Rolling Hills Circle
Davie Central$220,000
Buyer: Kevin K Kim
Seller: Angel V Pedroza

12721 S.W. 15th Manor
Davie West$330,000
Buyer: Manuel Anthony Bustillo and Daymeinis Perez
Seller: Michelle Sereno

4289 S Pine Island Road
Davie Central$269,000
Buyer: Xiuling and Chunlun Hu
Seller: Shirley E Moore

850 Greenbriar Ave.
Davie West$495,000
Buyer: Charles Edward III and Natasha Lee Tate Kennedy
Seller: Taipin Ouyang and Lai Sze Chow

1561 S.W. 119th Terrace
Davie Central$850,000
Buyer: Justin Dowlatshahi and Maria Carla Dominguez
Seller: Jeanne K. and Robert J. Dernbach

2430 S.W. 81st Ave.
Davie Central$71,400
Buyer: Avid Development Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Marcia Kuntzwiler

13860 S.W. 33rd Court
Davie West$883,000
Buyer: Thomas Paul and Stephanie Denise Rice
Seller: Mark and Malita Jackson

4634 S.W. 75th Way
Davie East$328,000
Buyer: Florins Martinez
Seller: James A. Dixon and Adriana Pinto

13510 S.W. 29th St.
Davie West$780,000
Buyer: Nicholas Leonardo Depompa and Jeffrey Hayes Hayes
Seller: Alexander and Patricia Woviotis

3777 N.W. 78th Ave.
Davie East$140,000
Buyer: 3777 Nw 78TH Avenue LLC
Seller: Anabel Lewis

3777 N.W. 78th Ave.
Davie East$140,000
Buyer: Cesar Roman Rodriguez Breff and Caridad Vega Ortega
Seller: 3777 Nw 78TH Avenue LLC

12455 S.W. Seventh Place
Davie West$515,000
Buyer: John C. Degregorio Sr.
Seller: Albert Garcia and Arlene Marie Nelson

7363 S.W. 26th Court
Davie East$222,000
Buyer: Tamar Elsdunne and Elram (trust)
Seller: U.S. Bank National Association and Rmac Trust Series 2016-Ctt

2736 S. University Drive
Davie East$157,000
Buyer: Iara Aramboles
Seller: Robert Hauser and Ellen Weber

15643 Ravenswicke Manor
Davie West$471,000
Buyer: Gustavo Aldofo Omana and Maureen Lucia Uribe Vergara
Seller: Hoai T. and Aaron Si Tran

14530 S.W. 20th St.
Davie West$700,000
Buyer: Daniel S. and Davia J. Hersh
Seller: Cheri Kaplan

10891 Northstar St.
Davie Central$1,000,000
Buyer: Alexander Matthew Septoff and Catherine Elise Inman
Seller: Sergio D'Ambra, Monica Sklaver D'Ambra and D'Ambra (living trust)

4312 S.W. 78th Drive
Davie East$445,000
Buyer: Todd A. and Linda R. Flack and Flack (revocable trust)
Seller: Lee K Danielson

2781 S.W. 154th Lane
Davie West$699,000
Buyer: Luis F Galvan Sarabia and Natalie Galvan
Seller: Fuenmayor Equestrian Group LLC

11824 S.W. 43rd Court
Davie Central$685,000
Buyer: Rus's Property LLC
Seller: Carmine W Savoca and Laurel Oaks Davie Land Trust

11887 S.W. 13th Court
Davie Central$317,000
Buyer: Anthony Henriquez
Seller: Yep Young Entreprenuer & Platform LLC

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