Home sales in Sunrise, March 14-20, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $224,000.

2881 N Pine Island Road
Sunrise Central$72,500
Buyer: Romina Lopez Mendoza
Seller: Sandra Nieves

9884 Nob Hill Lane
Sunrise Central$169,000
Buyer: Reynaldo A. Fernandez
Seller: Jose Arturo Marquez Lorenzo and Diana Mercedes Saturno De Marquez

6877 N.W. 28th St.
Sunrise East$223,000
Buyer: Corey Legrand
Seller: Sph Property Two LLC

5954 N.W. 18th Court
Sunrise East$429,000
Buyer: Alvin George Bowen and Roxanna Tineo
Seller: Integrity Enterprises LLC

3020 N.W. 125th Ave.
Sunrise West$243,000
Buyer: Rebecca McLaughlin
Seller: Angel Junior Sumoza Simosa and Angel Sumoza (revocable trust)

2908 N.W. 80th Ave.
Sunrise East$260,000
Buyer: Justin D. Toruno and Magdalena Naskovska
Seller: Paola A. Mazo

10100 N.W. 30th Court
Sunrise Central$50,000
Buyer: Nelsy Arellano and Enedina Artiles De Meneses
Seller: Nydia and Keith Chin and Maria De Los Angels Villalta

9321 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$75,000
Buyer: Hector Mesones
Seller: Rosalie Desautels and Annette Graziano

3828 N.W. 121st Ave.
Sunrise Central$245,000
Buyer: Omer Gulec Nieves and Silvana Atuesta Benitez
Seller: Cesar A. Eguia

8450 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise East$93,000
Buyer: Guillermo Quintero and Martha Raquel Rueda
Seller: Nayibe and Jose L. Lopez

9330 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$122,000
Buyer: Jeanne Marie Lazard
Seller: Andre Paquette and Suzanne Tinker

9633 N.W. 49th St.
Sunrise Central$363,000
Buyer: Irma and Franklyn Liriano
Seller: Albert Zayas

10100 N.W. 30th Court
Sunrise Central$95,000
Buyer: Jessica and Carmen Rodriguez
Seller: Kissondai Shivananada and Manu Patrick Shivananada

5337 N.W. 90th Ave.
Sunrise Central$280,000
Buyer: Jian Qiang Tan, Jianqiang Tan and Yuan Qiu and Yuanqiu Zhen
Seller: Juan David and Katherine Baez and Katherine Mazo

10828 N.W. 30th Place
Sunrise Central$215,000
Buyer: Jessica Sanchez
Seller: Randie L Thompson

2751 N Pine Island Road
Sunrise Central$75,000
Buyer: Radivoj and Delija Kracun
Seller: Henry Salazar

3020 N.W. 125th Ave.
Sunrise West$240,000
Buyer: Angelica Prieto Campo (life estate), Eduardo Llanos Mancisidor and Alejandro Llanos Prieto
Seller: Nam Ho Kim

5441 N.W. 92nd Ave.
Sunrise Central$375,000
Buyer: Jacob and Gladis McIntosh
Seller: Faran Khederoo and Farzaana Azeerulla

3570 N.W. 113th Ave.
Sunrise Central$345,000
Buyer: Yufeng LI
Seller: Jaime Banzer and Veronica Virreira

8881 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$69,000
Buyer: Mickaelle Benoit and Yanick Larose
Seller: Mindy Sue Patti

8661 N.W. 24th Place
Sunrise East$375,000
Buyer: Sara Casteneda
Seller: Maria Patricia Ospina and Amed Zuleta Martinez

735 S.W. 148th Ave.
Sunrise West$222,000
Buyer: Felix Eduardo Miranda
Seller: Maria Larco

10304 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$86,500
Buyer: John Acurio and Aurora Bonilla
Seller: Donald E. and Diane E. Selyan

2401 N.W. 110th Ave.
Sunrise Central$360,000
Buyer: Cristian A. and Jacqueline Morales
Seller: Michael L. Rocha (revocable living trust)

2140 N.W. 110th Ave.
Sunrise Central$355,000
Seller: Thomas C. Operle

3110 N Pine Island Road
Sunrise East$109,000
Buyer: Ah & Sons Realty Group LLC
Seller: Concord of South Florida Inc.

6220 N.W. 20th St.
Sunrise East$275,000
Buyer: Yannick Ellis and Liuba Oropesa
Seller: Jaime A. Doerr and Amy L. Wetzel

2911 N Pine Island Road
Sunrise Central$75,000
Buyer: Denzil and Arona Davidson
Seller: Jose Teodolo Russo Benavidez, Alcira Viteri and Adriana Russo

3001 N.W. 109th Ave.
Sunrise Central$225,000
Buyer: Blendy M Abreu and Rowal Abreu Mercedes
Seller: Judith Sandoval

9531 N.W. 31st Place
Sunrise Central$385,000
Buyer: Brian D. and Yuanjai Elam Gay
Seller: Steven P Baumann

2638 N.W. 104th Ave.
Sunrise Central$129,500
Buyer: Joseph Ronald Fisher and Ysabel Gomez
Seller: Antonio and Asia Duverge

1251 N.W. 60th Ave.
Sunrise East$220,000
Buyer: Re Property Holdings LLC
Seller: Prime Mortgage Holdings LLC

1251 N.W. 60th Ave.
Sunrise East$239,990
Buyer: Tiara Properties LLC
Seller: Re Property Holdings LLC

8821 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$80,000
Buyer: Jenita Clarke
Seller: Samuel Horacio MacHado and Samuel H. MacHado Hernandez and Stella Pantoja De MacHado

2641 N. Flamingo Road
Sunrise Central$225,000
Buyer: Anthony and Jackie Y. Espinal
Seller: Ruben D. and Rosemary Duque

6590 N.W. 24th Court
Sunrise East$360,000
Buyer: Miriam Garibaldi
Seller: Tabita Matis

11551 N.W. 32nd Manor
Sunrise Central$410,000
Buyer: Richard H. and Marilyn J. Schornstheimer
Seller: Jennifer Michelle Vanderbles

3679 N.W. 91st Lane
Sunrise Central$281,000
Buyer: Jeanniel Sterling
Seller: Richard, Arthur Edwin, David Joseph and Daniel Brett Kline and Sandra Dee Kersey

10825 N.W. 29th Manor
Sunrise Central$150,000
Buyer: Ph Property Management & Investment Inc. and Arelys Catena
Seller: Nationstar Mortgage LLC and Cooper

3180 N Pine Island Road
Sunrise East$240,000
Buyer: Jeannette Rosario
Seller: Maria Das Gracas Ayres and Antonio Viana Bezerra

8515 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise East$30,100
Buyer: M & C Goods LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court, Lawrence Michael, Erwin, Theodore Michael and Sandy Altholz, Lori Altholz Liao and Mark and Tobie and Andrew Bernstein

7649 N.W. 42nd Place
Sunrise East$85,000
Buyer: FM Properties LLC
Seller: Alberto Holcman

7617 N.W. 42nd Place
Sunrise East$80,000
Buyer: FM Properties LLC
Seller: Calabur Investment LLC

9311 N.W. 34th Court
Sunrise Central$345,000
Buyer: Madre Y Padre LLC
Seller: Michael and Melissa Leslie

3091 Sunrise Lakes Drive
Sunrise East$59,900
Buyer: Gertrude Francis
Seller: Richard G. Cooper and Vincent A. Saporito

9441 N.W. 48th St.
Sunrise Central$258,000
Buyer: Clarissa Alexandra Hughes
Seller: Meris and Saskia Palts

2950 Sunrise Lakes Drive
Sunrise East$71,000
Buyer: Gloria Manjarres
Seller: Brett Mufson

9907 Nob Hill Place
Sunrise Central$153,000
Buyer: Mars Florida Properties LLC
Seller: Jamflia Corp.

3647 N.W. 94th Ave.
Sunrise Central$115,000
Buyer: Titama LLC
Seller: Intendo Investments LP

1489 N.W. 129th Way
Sunrise West$495,300
Buyer: Elimelech Moster
Seller: A D LC LLC

2841 N.W. 107th Terrace
Sunrise Central$380,000
Buyer: Jade Baugh
Seller: Clearvens Jean and Stesha K. Jean-Baptiste

11511 N.W. 31st Place
Sunrise Central$315,000
Buyer: Alison C Eskanzi
Seller: Jsrl Co. Development LLC

9541 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$125,000
Buyer: Viviane M Oliver James
Seller: Luis Carlos Lopez Tobon and Maria Elena Del Socorro Restrepo Alzate

10601 N.W. 28th Manor
Sunrise Central$300,000
Buyer: Sun Star Holding LLC
Seller: Hpp Property LLC

2831 Sunrise Lakes Drive
Sunrise East$49,999
Buyer: Mireille Marie D Cheron
Seller: Maxine Margo Rubin

9351 N.W. 46th Court
Sunrise Central$370,000
Buyer: Nyrva Coq
Seller: Steinsburg Carl and Reina Andre

8428 N.W. 40th Court
Sunrise East$280,000
Buyer: Freddy G Rosales Mujica
Seller: Tirexpress LLC

9641 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise Central$39,900
Buyer: Mark McKinley
Seller: Gwen Parrish

13225 N.W. 12th Court
Sunrise West$455,000
Buyer: Roosevelt Delinois Jr.
Seller: Ronald Anthony Pettinato Jr.

8325 Sunrise Lakes Blvd.
Sunrise East$94,000
Buyer: Maritza Martinez
Seller: Ibrahim Al Oraifi and Mona Turki Al Turki

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