Lauderhill home sales, March 14-20, 2021

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There were 35 reported residential sales in Lauderhill for the week of March 14-20, 2021. The median sale price was $120,000.

7311 N.W. 45th St.
Lauderhill North$401,000
Buyer: Plutarch and Myia Thelus
Seller: Angela L Howell

7100 Radice Court
Lauderhill North$173,500
Buyer: Liliana Bever
Seller: Jean-Claude and Jocelyne Ouellette

5323 N.W. 24th St.
Lauderhill Central$110,000
Buyer: Barracas Properties LLC
Seller: Tamaracol LLC

1833 N.W. 58th Ave.
Lauderhill Central$169,000
Buyer: Gentry Chambers
Seller: Patsy Slater Creech

5720 N.W. 11th St.
Lauderhill Central$235,000
Buyer: Decourdria R Pinder Jr. and Joerelle Cunningham
Seller: Hermitage Investments LLC

7363 N.W. 49th Court
Lauderhill North$399,000
Buyer: Lucas Santiago LLC
Seller: Luis F. and Sandra P. Restrepo

8511 N.W. 44th Court
Lauderhill North$341,000
Buyer: Sacha Brice and Earlson Ryan Moise
Seller: Maureen and Ryan N. Brice

3360 Spanish Moss Terrace
Lauderhill North$82,500
Buyer: Totona Group LLC
Seller: Alva N. and Samantha Benjamin

4164 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North$105,000
Buyer: Neville and Victoria Crooks
Seller: Deon Washington (revocable trust)

3800 N.W. Eighth Place
Lauderhill South$274,000
Buyer: Gibbs Properties LLC
Seller: Embark Properties 1721 SW 40TH Terrace LLC

4158 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North$110,000
Buyer: Everlyn A. Augustine
Seller: Haus De Beato Ltd.

8080 N.W. 53rd Court
Lauderhill North$505,000
Buyer: Timothy and Kristen Friedlander
Seller: Jose De Jesus and Sonia Ceballos

7051 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North$92,000
Buyer: Brian Y Kan
Seller: Chrystle Morris

7920 N.W. 44th Court
Lauderhill North$387,000
Buyer: Krystle Marie Rivera and Derick James Myers
Seller: Jonathan Cintra

3671 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North$85,000
Buyer: Kettly Dorlette and Renee E Baylor
Seller: Roger and Angele Pichette Couture and Therese Pichette Ostiguy

7420 N.W. 37th St.
Lauderhill North$390,000
Buyer: Derrick and Jessica Darjean
Seller: Emmerson and April I. Alerte

8401 N.W. 48th St.
Lauderhill North$385,000
Buyer: Vivian Torres and Angel Galarza
Seller: Golden Global Equity LLC

6921 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North$77,500
Buyer: Garth and Grace Baker
Seller: Richard Allen and Paul G. Brose

4164 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North$80,000
Buyer: Rosanna F Pontiles and Kilbert S Villegas
Seller: Net Lake LLC

7760 N.W. 50th St.
Lauderhill North$148,000
Buyer: Alfred and Angelo Sciabarassi
Seller: Heather Zingmond

3371 N.W. Seventh St.
Lauderhill South$1,200
Buyer: Dixie Avenutra Holdings LLC
Seller: Mark A. Young

5645 N.W. 16th St.
Lauderhill Central$55,257.86
Buyer: Patricia Mebane and Ellen T. Dunn
Seller: Patricia Mebane

1330 N.W. 43rd Ave.
Lauderhill Central$61,500
Buyer: International Law Group PA and Jaj Alliance (revocable trust)
Seller: Carol J Young

3671 Environ Blvd.
Lauderhill North$95,000
Buyer: Normand Gignac (life estate), Josee Parent (life estate) and Nicholas Gignac
Seller: Micheline Duclos

4727 N.W. 67th Ave.
Lauderhill North$500,000
Buyer: Avraham Vahnounou
Seller: Alice Cutler (life estate) and Alice Cutler (revocable trust)

4166 Inverrary Drive
Lauderhill North$89,000
Buyer: Emeline Pettithomme
Seller: Jjuan Rafael De La Rosa

4241 N.W. 19th St.
Lauderhill Central$81,000
Buyer: Seker LLC
Seller: Jeanette G. James

5309 N.W. 67th Ave.
Lauderhill North$700,000
Buyer: Ymo Investments LLC
Seller: Nadia Conley

4045 N.W. 16th St.
Lauderhill Central$37,000
Buyer: Sonya Perrin
Seller: Peter P. Parisi

5719 Blueberry Court
Lauderhill Central$155,000
Buyer: Datu Enterprise LLC
Seller: One Broward Realty LLC

5900 N.W. 44th St.
Lauderhill North$120,000
Buyer: Denise Zollicoffer
Seller: Yvon Charron and Therese Andree Dupuis

3930 Inverrary Blvd.
Lauderhill North$131,000
Buyer: Sophie Coulombe and Yvon Dumoulin
Seller: Renald Tremblay

580 N.W. 33rd Terrace
Lauderhill South$162,500
Buyer: New Generation Properties LLC
Seller: Equinox Realty Holdings LLC and Rpt FL Land Trust

1752 N.W. 55th Ave.
Lauderhill Central$60,000
Buyer: Eduardo Deferrari and Ada Komorniczak
Seller: Tree Garden Condominium Association Inc.

5410 N.W. 25th St.
Lauderhill Central$75,000
Buyer: G N H Real Estate USA LLC
Seller: Nby Investment LLC

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