Pompano Beach home sales, March 28-April 3, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $230,000.

3090 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$174,000
Buyer: Robert and Krista Barton
Seller: Pilar Pena and Llubomir Stanojlovic

937 N.E. 26th Ave.
Pompano Beach East$515,000
Buyer: Monique Thomson and Michael Casanova
Seller: Gregory S. and Linda M. Osborne

3000 S Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$154,100
Buyer: Salvatore Cammisano and Rosaria Salvaggio
Seller: Luis Romanach and John P. Dinger

950 S.E. 10th Way
Pompano Beach Central$610,000
Buyer: Jason J Castro-Rodriguez and Tania Molina-Pagan
Seller: Nubia Stary

2208 S. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$205,000
Buyer: Daniel and Claire Dalpe Rouillier
Seller: Frank Damian and Elise Hill

101 E. McNab Road
Pompano Beach Central$90,000
Buyer: Mary Robinson
Seller: Nicole Nolin

2840 N.E. 14th St.
Pompano Beach East$136,500
Buyer: Nerelys Acosta
Seller: Jose D. and Carmen H. Laverde

111 N. Pompano Beach Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$680,000
Buyer: Cheryl Miller Scott (revocable living trust)
Seller: Vadim Mezrin

524 S.W. Second Court
Buyer: 524 SW2CT LLC
Seller: David Frazier Jr. and 524 SW2CT Land Trust

708 S.E. Seventh Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$160,000
Buyer: Barbara A. Angelo
Seller: Claire B. Samson (living trust)

3010 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$200,000
Buyer: Steven Silverstein
Seller: Gayle Traill

1004 N.E. 26th Ave.
Pompano Beach East$769,000
Buyer: Ruslan Bondar and Maria Dubov
Seller: William J. Cummings

2921 N.E. 10th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$335,000
Buyer: James Tyler Page-Richardson and Sunny Nicole Richardson
Seller: Nathaniel M. Shoshan and Geneva Maloney

101 N.E. 26th Court
Pompano Beach Central$315,000
Buyer: Arnaldo Enrique Calderin Rodriguez
Seller: James A. and Jacqueline and Jackie Jahosky

600 Pine Drive
Pompano Beach Central$150,000
Buyer: Andrea N. and Alex Agnos
Seller: Tobias and Sarah Aberg

1351 N.E. 23rd Court
Pompano Beach Central$350,000
Buyer: Jorge L Penton and Norma L. Valdivia
Seller: Carmen Gladys Rivera and Rafael Rivera Silva

5182 N.E. 16th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$270,000
Buyer: Diego Narciso and Amber Lynn Kelley
Seller: Floridian Coastal Properties LLC

804 Cypress Blvd.
Pompano Beach West$188,000
Buyer: Seung Hee Kim
Seller: Rafaella and Maria R. Weiner

1201 S. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$215,000
Buyer: Christopher and Brenda McMahon
Seller: Claude Courchesne

1401 S. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$325,000
Buyer: Pietro and Yolanda Matteo
Seller: Umesh Kumar and Rashme Sawhney

1370 S. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$600,000
Buyer: Richard F. and Deborah A. Schmidt
Seller: Bernadette Amisano (revocable trust)

2639 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$302,000
Buyer: Santa Altaro
Seller: Richard Thomas and Mary C. Nowak

551 N.W. 17th St.
Pompano Beach Central$199,000
Buyer: Tommie T. and Sheena Lee Charles

5019 N.E. 19th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$223,000
Buyer: South Florida Homebuyers LLC
Seller: Ofer-Magic LLC

924 S.E. 10th Court
Pompano Beach Central$600,000
Buyer: Brian Therrell and Lindsey Derby
Seller: Carl Clyde McCubbins

2290 S.E. 14th St.
Pompano Beach East$940,000
Buyer: Hans-Joachim Herbermann
Seller: James and Suzanne Dunn

804 Cypress Blvd.
Pompano Beach West$220,000
Buyer: Semih Pala and Patricia Gonzalez
Seller: Carlos Manuel Gallegos

1401 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$256,000
Buyer: Daniel E. Smith and Xiaoli Jia
Seller: Paul and Dominic and Dominick Mele

660 N.E. Eighth Court
Pompano Beach Central$332,000
Buyer: Luke J. Cerrone and Ana Maria Vega
Seller: Douglass Creighton

1721 N.W. First Way
Pompano Beach Central$295,000
Buyer: Ramiro Cardenas-Gomez and Lilia Cardenas
Seller: Bartolome and Bernarda Maldonado and Roman Cardenas

3225 N.E. 16th St.
Pompano Beach East$190,000
Buyer: Lea C Townsend
Seller: JM Shield Enterprises LLC

4030 W. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$205,000
Buyer: Gerald F. Judd and Robert W. Gordon
Seller: Mike Vicente De Paula

101 E. McNab Road
Pompano Beach Central$119,000
Buyer: Angela Acosta
Seller: Bruce Lambert

2665 N.E. 12th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$350,000
Buyer: Angelina Gordon
Seller: Joseph F. and Heather Murphy, Joseph E Murphy and Mary Ann Murphy (revocable living trust)

555 Oaks Lane
Pompano Beach West$230,000
Buyer: Raul and Karin Echevarria
Seller: Evelyn Balan

3215 S.E. 10th St.
Pompano Beach East$129,000
Buyer: Thomas J. and Carol Ann Krupa
Seller: Helen Riordan

2621 N.E. Third Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$174,600
Buyer: Realty Wholesalers Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Barry and Catherine E. Arena

421 S.E. Fourth Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$405,000
Buyer: Amanda and Pieter Conradie
Seller: Michael Haley

3225 N.E. 16th St.
Pompano Beach East$190,500
Buyer: Warren and Melissa Ladner
Seller: Tim Folke and Anja Hoeppner

2811 N.E. Ninth Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$320,000
Buyer: Christopher Joseph Irvine Sr. and Delma Cunha Costa
Seller: Eliteway Capital Investments LLC

2400 N.E. 10th St.
Pompano Beach East$149,500
Buyer: Carolyn K Weeder and Weeder (living trust)
Seller: Kenneth Miele

1521 N.E. 44th St.
Pompano Beach Central$130,000
Buyer: Golex Properties LLC
Seller: William J. Haar

2322 S. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$130,000
Buyer: Nataly Salvatierra
Seller: Roy Bottos and Nella Quintieri

3900 N.E. 17th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$239,500
Buyer: Stefan Martin
Seller: Howard Scott Cox

1259 S.W. 46th Ave.
Pompano Beach West$138,200
Buyer: Radu and Adina Iancu
Seller: Jack Gonoga Corp.

3090 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$138,500
Buyer: Wilson and Vanessa Desousa
Seller: Paolo Barrasso and Daniella S Parilli

250 N.E. 31st St.
Pompano Beach Central$310,000
Buyer: Carlos Alberto Garcia
Seller: Helbert Costa and Daiane Sacavem

3150 N. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$117,000
Buyer: Vladlena Ciubara
Seller: Dorin Cosmin Cosma and Constanta Romania

711 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$655,000
Buyer: Carolyn Guthrie
Seller: Joseph J Zachara

3281 E. Golf Blvd.
Pompano Beach Central$161,000
Buyer: Nicole F Mitchell
Seller: Midpoint Properties LLC

2800 N. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$134,000
Buyer: Kevin Martin
Seller: Pamela A. Travolina and Patricia Zavoina

800 Cypress Blvd.
Pompano Beach West$183,000
Buyer: Alan and Maria Tutia
Seller: Juan Ignacio Targa

2549 S.E. 15th St.
Pompano Beach East$710,000
Buyer: Lisa J Heyeck
Seller: Donna J Harland

1340 N.E. 27th Terrace
Pompano Beach East$775,000
Buyer: Matthew F. and Sherrilyn A. Paris
Seller: Quang Pham and Natalie Hoover

100 S.E. Sixth Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$100,000
Buyer: Elisa and Bryce Simon
Seller: Garden Isles Apartments #4 Inc.

521 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$400,000
Buyer: Peter Caruso and Liliana Sarmiento-Caruso
Seller: John and Denise Dohoney

2215 Cypress Island Drive
Pompano Beach West$56,500
Buyer: Laura Toscano
Seller: Laura Toscano and Matt Noonan

3505 Oaks Drive
Pompano Beach West$190,000
Buyer: Yainelys Rivero Gutierrez
Seller: Edy E Montiel and Marilyn Lugo

2561 N.E. 12th Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$190,000
Buyer: Phb Investments LLC
Seller: Jan I Petrov

1780 N.E. 28th Ave.
Pompano Beach East$441,500
Buyer: Angela B Bancalari
Seller: Timothy J. and Karine Schoen

2900 N.E. 14 St. Causeway
Pompano Beach East$339,000
Buyer: Henry R. Johnson
Seller: John H. and William E. Gaukler, Nancy E. Ficnerski and Mary A. Widen

2900 N Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$169,900
Buyer: Robert Lavigueur (life estate) and Joelle Maguire and Jerome Lavigueur
Seller: Terri Ritts Taddel

2236 N. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$190,000
Buyer: Tyler B. Lovelace
Seller: Stephen J. and Cynthia J. Miglin

4101 N.E. 12th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$240,000
Buyer: 561 Painting Inc.
Seller: Cheryl J. and Cheryl Jean Nuce

1500 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$340,000
Buyer: Arthur V. and Karen K. Tenaglia
Seller: Dennis C. and Kathryn M. Fuller

325 S.E. 10th Ave.
Buyer: Laud Flats II LLC
Seller: Ninja Partners LLC

3370 Beau Rivage Drive
Pompano Beach West$203,000
Buyer: Jessica Lopes
Seller: Dominik and Ewa Kucia

3432 Sands Harbor Trace
Pompano Beach West$545,000
Buyer: Saadeh Abouzlam
Seller: Cheryl L. Craig (trust)

777 S. Federal Highway
Pompano Beach Central$170,000
Buyer: Alberto Ortega-Canessa
Seller: Paul A. and Karen L. Fulena

1521 N.E. 44th St.
Pompano Beach Central$144,900
Buyer: Florida Foreclosure Management LLC
Seller: Golex Properties LLC

2211 N.E. First Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$70,246.71
Buyer: Bosny Rozin
Seller: Yolande and Joseph Benoit

2810 N.E. 10th Terrace
Pompano Beach Central$310,500
Buyer: Jose E. Castro and Francis Y. Garcia
Seller: Frank Murphy

2240 N. Cypress Bend Drive
Pompano Beach West$255,000
Buyer: Vanessa Robinson
Seller: Diane Groleau-Le Brun

2555 S.E. Fifth Court
Pompano Beach East$518,500
Buyer: Robert Reilly
Seller: Jts Property Investors LLC

20 S.E. Seventh St.
Pompano Beach Central$417,500
Buyer: Mohammed S Sikder
Seller: Paula Kunsman

1010 S. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$528,250
Buyer: Peter and Susan Scerbo
Seller: Unlimited Industries Inc.

303 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$347,000
Buyer: Gaspar Lamonica
Seller: Elias and Marlene Hamway

3240 N.E. 16th St.
Pompano Beach East$105,000
Buyer: Van Sam Ath and Van Ravy
Seller: Andrew and Anna Olszewski

840 S.W. Sixth Court
Buyer: Emal LLC
Seller: Steven and Beth Myers

521 N. Riverside Drive
Pompano Beach East$240,000
Buyer: Jack A. Bendit
Seller: Lawrence W. and Sheri A. Guptill

2722 S.E. Ninth St.
Pompano Beach East$1,530,000
Buyer: Wojciech Piwowarczyk and Melanie Snay
Seller: Ronald Longo and Rl (living trust)

1040 N.E. 23rd Place
Pompano Beach Central$310,000
Buyer: Sarah E. Lewis
Seller: Devin and Jessica Bruno Payberg

109 Gardens Drive
Pompano Beach West$118,000
Buyer: Juc Properties LLC
Seller: 1221 Seacoast Corp. Inc.

650 Pine Drive
Pompano Beach Central$112,000
Buyer: Bernard Ostigny and Karine Sabourin
Seller: Lakeview Lodge Inc.

555 Oaks Lane
Pompano Beach West$207,000
Buyer: Sergio F. and Claudia B. Dias
Seller: Hugo and Ximena Quevedo

401 Briny Ave.
Pompano Beach East$425,000
Buyer: Carol A. Brian W. and Brian C. Nilsson Brian W.
Seller: Steven A. and Kimberly A. Dare and Nicole A. and Nicole Dare James

740 S. Federal Highway
Pompano Beach East$145,000
Buyer: Gianna Christine Stabile
Seller: John A. and Christine Ceglia Stabile

1065 S. Flagler Ave.
Pompano Beach Central$128,000
Buyer: Ernesto Ortiz
Seller: Gip Investors LLC

1361 S. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$259,000
Buyer: Donna Sherman
Seller: Marc Bean

2221 Cypress Island Drive
Pompano Beach West$165,000
Buyer: George and Maria Vanessa Leal
Seller: Everett J. Decarlo and Everett Decarlo (revocable trust)

1620 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$335,000
Buyer: Filippo and Roseann Lampasona
Seller: Joseph Edward and Theresa Ann Gassib

3207 Marine Drive
Buyer: Davenport Property Management LLC
Seller: Antonella Debello

1774 Bay Drive
Pompano Beach East$835,000
Buyer: James Raymond (revocable trust)
Seller: Thomas J. Jackson

3050 N. Palm Aire Drive
Pompano Beach West$120,000
Buyer: Pilar Calderon
Seller: Edward B. Leatham

2423 N.E. 14 St. Causeway
Pompano Beach East$280,000
Buyer: Leona Dorazilova
Seller: Gulbin Degirmenci

1620 N. Ocean Blvd.
Pompano Beach East$150,000
Buyer: Mervet Yassin
Seller: Nemat A. Samman

700 Pine Drive
Pompano Beach Central$166,000
Buyer: Oscar A. Baez
Seller: Rosanne Delloiacono

2650 S Course Drive
Pompano Beach West$180,000
Buyer: Jose Ribamar Muniz
Seller: Jeffrey C. and Carla L. Taylor

242 S.W. Ninth St.
Pompano Beach Central$406,000
Buyer: Aung La Nsang and Katherine Oliphant
Seller: Megan Arpin

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