Home sales during March 28-April 3, 2021 in Pembroke Pines

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $311,500.

621 S.W. 178th Way
Pembroke Pines West$535,000
Buyer: Thomas Theouplus and Kara Madison Ikner
Seller: Angela S Colley

1130 N.W. 184th Place
Pembroke Pines West$550,000
Buyer: Juan Ivan Blanco
Seller: Jose Marquez

371 S. Hollybrook Drive
Pembroke Pines East$130,000
Buyer: Shyna Devi Sookhoo (life estate) and Pramedat and David Sookhoo
Seller: Marc and Susan Blondin

7986 N.W. 19th Court
Pembroke Pines East$300,000
Buyer: Fabio A. and Olga Y. Naranjo and Olga L. Salvatierra
Seller: Christine and David Beliard

1051 N.W. 190th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$460,000
Buyer: Gonzalo Garcia Olmedo (trust)
Seller: Joseph E Koller

8900 Washington Blvd.
Pembroke Pines East$64,200
Buyer: Andrea Patricia Cardenas Hernandez and Iliana Ines Serra
Seller: Gaetan M Comeau and Nicole Montminy

714 S.W. 107th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$244,900
Buyer: Javier Perdomo
Seller: Eric and Megan Rodriguez

2400 N.W. 103rd Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$445,000
Buyer: Alexa Yero and Ronald Joseph Roeser
Seller: Sandy Siu-Kwen Cheng and Jennifer Juliet Martinez

10000 S.W. 14th St.
Pembroke Pines East$128,200
Buyer: Maurice and Maria Teresa Escobar and Angelica Maria Acevedo
Seller: Maurice and Maria Teresa Escobar

9000 Johnson St.
Pembroke Pines East$390,000
Buyer: Jose Antonio and Maria Herminia Rojas
Seller: Juan M. and Nubia E. Veliz

12173 S.W. Fourth St.
Pembroke Pines Central$333,000
Buyer: Linney Pedraza Perez and Jamles Baez Lorenzo
Seller: Emilio and Maria Linda Garcia and Emilio Garcia-Nagy

2111 Bayberry Drive
Pembroke Pines East$305,000
Buyer: Daniela Orozco Martinez
Seller: Tomas and Solcire Belen Hernandez

1200 S.W. 130th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$150,000
Buyer: Dayanna J. and Javier E. Polo and Hilda J. Galindo
Seller: Toby Shebiro

8900 Washington Blvd.
Pembroke Pines East$74,700
Buyer: Gabriela Rodriguez Carpio and Marta Rosa Fernandez
Seller: Gaetano Ignorato

300 S.W. 130th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$162,500
Buyer: Pablo M Huerta and Amarilis Del Carmen Mena Acevedo
Seller: Ana De La Caridad Amparo C. and Ana C. Climent Amparo C.

12601 S.W. 13th St.
Pembroke Pines Central$164,000
Buyer: Norman J. P. and Reynol L. and Rizalina P. Olegario
Seller: Lois Pfeffer, Harriet Gold Fisher and Stanley M. Gold (living trust)

821 Cypress Pointe Drive
Pembroke Pines West$650,000
Buyer: Wade Thompson
Seller: Baldonick Fernandez Sr.

11051 N. Lakeview Drive
Pembroke Pines Central$284,700
Buyer: Sph Property Three LLC
Seller: Pedro Fernando and Elysse Vallejo

12206 S.W. Eighth Court
Pembroke Pines Central$261,500
Buyer: Adeline Thony
Seller: Claudia and Samuel Rosero and Claudia Patricia Vargas Caballero

2321 Peach Court
Pembroke Pines Central$270,000
Buyer: Camilo Alberto Higuera and Carmen M Herrera
Seller: Rigoberto Dejesus and Claudia Garcia

8842 S.W. Third St.
Pembroke Pines East$175,000
Buyer: Golffloridare Inc.
Seller: Josh Management Group Inc.

17617 S.W. 11th St.
Pembroke Pines West$480,000
Buyer: Jessica N. Pacheco
Seller: Albert and Jacqueline Pacheco

2060 N.W. 81st Ave.
Pembroke Pines East$145,000
Buyer: Rodolfo Luis Enrique Penaloza Leon and Rosa Leon Oviatt
Seller: Susan and Samuel Hernandez and Hector Ricardo Alvarez

922 S.W. 143rd Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$313,000
Buyer: Maria I. Gutierrez
Seller: Centro De Ensenanzas Palabra De FE Inc.

9719 N.W. 23rd Court
Pembroke Pines East$294,000
Buyer: Claudia Rosa Munoz Placeres
Seller: Viviana Castano

19230 S.W. Second St.
Pembroke Pines West$115,000
Buyer: Vivian C. Diaz and Vivan Rodriguez-Diaz
Seller: Luis E Diaz

300 S. Hollybrook Drive
Pembroke Pines East$83,000
Buyer: Jorge Enelido and Isabel C. Sotolongo
Seller: Freddy and Jessica Mendoza and Inocencia A. Gutierrez

7455 N.W. 19th Drive
Pembroke Pines East$390,000
Buyer: Julio Fumero and Jean Romero
Seller: Claudio Orlando and Ligia Ines Gomez

13822 N.W. 11th Court
Pembroke Pines Central$800,000
Buyer: Sumaira Hanif Karim
Seller: Nafisa H. Mohammed H. and Nafeesa Karim Mohammed H.

1823 N.W. 141st Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$640,000
Buyer: Griselda Henry
Seller: Mohammed and Mobina B. Jamil and Jamil Family (revocable living trust)

551 Enclave Circle
Pembroke Pines West$930,000
Buyer: Jonathan S. and Yibo Challinger
Seller: Max and Lilian Schmidt and Lilian Ruth Folgueira

19030 S.W. 65th St.
Pembroke Pines West$640,000
Buyer: Maritza Carballo
Seller: Paul G. and Teresa A. Weathersby

500 S.W. 130th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$150,000
Buyer: Hortense Romer and Sharon T Barrett
Seller: Alan S. and Donna L. Miller

9730 N.W. Fourth St.
Pembroke Pines East$465,000
Buyer: Pedro and Elysse Vallejo
Seller: Scott R. II and Veronica P. Demby

875 S.W. 147th Terrace
Pembroke Pines West$409,000
Buyer: Renata Santoro
Seller: Leroy and Danielle Foster

7910 Taft St.
Pembroke Pines East$142,000
Buyer: Rosa Evelia Ganoa De Rincon
Seller: Maria Magdalena Illas Lassalle and Jose Cordero

1141 S.W. 158th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$375,000
Buyer: Ivan Berrios and Nichol Rujana
Seller: Anthony and Louise Lazzari

8671 N.W. 15th Court
Pembroke Pines East$327,500
Buyer: Rajiv Medina
Seller: Sph Property Three LLC

15642 N.W. 14th St.
Pembroke Pines West$395,000
Buyer: Yeran Nam and Vladimir J Saint-VIL
Seller: Emmanuelle Chassagne Gaston

650 S.W. 138th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$130,000
Buyer: Maria Cristina Aguiar and Josefa Parada Perez
Seller: Margaret Lancina

1243 N.W. 123rd Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$269,000
Buyer: Luis Armando and Dielisse Dricely Gonzalez
Seller: John Robert and Teresa Logan

1271 S.W. 178th Way
Pembroke Pines West$550,000
Buyer: Peter Micah Groulx
Seller: Marsha Lynn Wainer

170 N.W. 161st Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$570,000
Buyer: Lisseth Lopez Martinez and Briam Riveron Vergara
Seller: William Alberto and Sandra Forero and Sandra Martinez

11600 N.W. 21st St.
Pembroke Pines Central$345,000
Buyer: Luminous Builders LLC
Seller: Pamela Steinik and Marjorie H. Methelis (revocable trust)

12058 N.W. 11th St.
Pembroke Pines Central$208,500
Buyer: Richard Cruz Rivera and Magdaline Torres Montalvo
Seller: Rosa Decastro

783 N.W. 104th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$175,000
Buyer: Rmtum Investments LLC
Seller: Arthur C Bain

7010 S.W. Ninth St.
Pembroke Pines East$380,000
Buyer: Adis Mesa Hernandez and Renier Alvarez Pereira
Seller: Jody and Remone Rantin

318 S.W. 194th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$485,000
Buyer: Tatiana Rodriguez and Rafael Palacio
Seller: Ronald and Leslie Hill

17841 S.W. Fourth Court
Pembroke Pines West$595,000
Buyer: Ramiro Ramirez Rodriguez and Mariela Nieves Castillo
Seller: Adolfo A. Galvez

7681 N.W. 11th Court
Pembroke Pines East$310,000
Buyer: Jordan Nicole Foster and Samuel David Childers
Seller: Clinton Thomas Watson

7910 Taft St.
Pembroke Pines East$114,000
Buyer: Double Six Building LLC
Seller: Idia Nadal (revocable living trust)

153 S.W. 164th Ave.
Pembroke Pines West$460,000
Buyer: Andrew and Ana P. Vazquez
Seller: Patricia Slater Jennings (trust)

7818 N.W. 17th Place
Pembroke Pines East$345,000
Buyer: Linda Cilin
Seller: Francis and Nina Cromartie and Nina Tima

1000 Colony Point Circle
Pembroke Pines Central$199,000
Buyer: Vera Levin
Seller: Lilian Oliveira and Robert William Cochrum and Aldina Ramon Vikberg

8713 S.W. Fifth St.
Pembroke Pines East$145,000
Buyer: Among US Inc.
Seller: Etna Investments LLC

961 S.W. 109th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$322,000
Buyer: Aderonke Sholakunmi Adekunle
Seller: Maria A. Sanchez

17321 N.W. Sixth St.
Pembroke Pines West$35,054.49
Buyer: Jennifer Melissa Morffiz
Seller: Jose Ramon and Elizabeth and Jennifer Melissa Morffiz

1531 S.W. 194th Terrace
Pembroke Pines West$480,000
Buyer: Nicholas Desme
Seller: Roberto and Kimberly Masson

741 N.W. 105th Terrace
Pembroke Pines Central$279,000
Buyer: Nathalie Elizabeth Rodriguez and Herly Rodriguez-Baez
Seller: Carlos Alberto and Dyana Judith Fonseca and Josefa A. Valdes De La Fuente

18800 N.W. Fourth St.
Pembroke Pines West$610,000
Buyer: Cortney B Mills and Allison B. Kraus
Seller: Lois Catherine Schofield and Stephen Alfred Schofield Jr. (trust)

7665 N.W. 19th Court
Pembroke Pines East$485,000
Buyer: Xiuping Lin and FA Wang Shi
Seller: Elisa M Simon

1740 Acorn Lane
Pembroke Pines Central$300,000
Buyer: Carola G Morales
Seller: Dorotea Scire

1010 S.W. 109th Ave.
Pembroke Pines Central$359,000
Buyer: Douglas A. Gonzalez Almarza and Erika Cerpa
Seller: Ryan Young and Suzie Velasco Young Sang

300 S. Hollybrook Drive
Pembroke Pines East$115,000
Buyer: Salim A. and Saleema Merchant
Seller: Victor Rojas and Sorangel Diaz

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