March 28-April 3, 2021: North Lauderdale home sales

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There were 20 reported residential sales in North Lauderdale for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $252,500.

2048 Winners Circle
South of McNab Road$214,000
Buyer: Yaniris A. Peralta and Jaysiah Fernandez
Seller: Jean Junior Innocent

2305 Belmont Lane
South of McNab Road$169,000
Buyer: Our Joy LLC
Seller: Kariv LLC

7491 S.W. 10th Court
North of McNab Road$117,000
Buyer: Eugenio Crespo and North Lauderdale Ride Project (revocable trust)
Seller: Sayandro Versteylen

7717 Kimberly Blvd.
North of McNab Road$200,000
Buyer: Jonathan Bitton
Seller: Anne Flaherty

811 E. Palm Run Drive
North of McNab Road$305,000
Buyer: Samora and Sama Youte
Seller: Intelligence Tax Services LLC

401 S.W. 76th Terrace
North of McNab Road$335,000
Buyer: George Shajan and Bini Rachel Thomas
Seller: Selvin Reaynando Reid and Blecser Xiomara Pinock Price

1200 S.W. 52nd Ave.
North of McNab Road$1,600
Buyer: Silver Palms Nl Condo Association Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court, Jean P. and Bysine Gervilus and Jean Pierre Fernandez

6960 S.W. 10th Court
North of McNab Road$345,000
Buyer: Shirley Francois Paul
Seller: Brenton Dwane Thomas and Stephanie Melisa Thomas (revocable living trust)

8201 S.W. Third St.
North of McNab Road$295,000
Buyer: Clive E. and Barbara Marie Edwards
Seller: Julio and Tamires Garcia

6701 Pinehurst
North of McNab Road$334,900
Buyer: Kadian A. Barrett and Kevin Mark Coote
Seller: Ludmia Noel and Herdy Bottex

8215 S.W. 24th St.
South of McNab Road$143,000
Buyer: Jordan M. and Teri F. Siddiq
Seller: Barry Shochat (revocable trust)

501 S.W. 83rd Ave.
North of McNab Road$245,000
Buyer: Ruben Daymont Lopez Jr. and Miguelina Consuelo Martinez Almanzar
Seller: Manhattan Associates Leasing Co. Ltd.

6813 Rio Pinar St.
North of McNab Road$279,900
Buyer: Madge E O'Connor and Earl D. Harris
Seller: Mintie and Rabindra Chand

2326 S.W. 82nd Terrace
South of McNab Road$215,000
Buyer: Jasmine N. Jordan
Seller: Delmar Invest LLC

7212 S.W. Fourth Court
North of McNab Road$320,000
Buyer: Marco A. Forero Ortega and Mayerlin Bello Pinzon
Seller: Adrian Torres Fabelo and Ermisleydis Gonzalez

1365 Hampton Blvd.
North of McNab Road$225,000
Buyer: Amelia Soledad Pinillos and Emilio A. Vidal Bautista
Seller: Chimene Jean-Pierre and Jules Jean Pierre

306 S.W. 79th Ave.
North of McNab Road$260,000
Buyer: Jocelyn Clermond and Kerlange Sanon
Seller: Robert G. and Beverly E. Laing

6020 N.W. 42nd Ave.
South of McNab Road$260,000
Buyer: Santiago Pizarro Urbina and Bibiana Henao
Seller: P J a Properties Inc.

6371 S.W. Ninth Place
North of McNab Road$342,000
Buyer: Margaret E. Hall
Seller: Alan W Zettek Jr.

6597 Blvd. of Champions
North of McNab Road$223,000
Buyer: Kenisha J Green
Seller: Ken Seudat and Dion Assoon

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