March 28-April 3, 2021: Plantation home sales

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of March 28-April 3, 2021. The median sale price was $305,000.

8550 N.W. 17th Place
Plantation Central$150,000
Buyer: Xiao Liu
Seller: Martin and Barbara Miller

127 N.W. 108th Terrace
Plantation Central$640,000
Buyer: Kayla Beth and Steven and Robyn Jodi Miller
Seller: Ingatius Benjamin Leong and Eileen Chin-Bow

9323 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation Central$305,000
Buyer: Kin Keung Ng and Leana Truong
Seller: Luis G. and Erika Casanas

1430 S.W. 63rd Terrace
Plantation East$541,000
Buyer: Alec Justin Zavell and Francesca Olivier
Seller: Jodi and Richard Willis

4341 N.W. Fifth Place
Plantation East$397,000
Buyer: David and Octavia Danielle Mendez
Seller: RAG1 Buildings LLC

6755 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation East$120,000
Buyer: Fabian Barrionuevo and Daniel Majui
Seller: Mark A. Wilford and Mordechai N Lichtenstein

540 S.W. 75th Terrace
Plantation East$586,000
Buyer: Richard S. II and Virginia Christine Pope
Seller: Marie Siobhan Edwards

4861 N.W. Seventh Drive
Plantation East$180,000
Buyer: Ameer F. and Shamin Mohamed
Seller: Ameer F. and Shamin Mohamed

12101 N.W. Seventh St.
Plantation West$1,550,000
Buyer: Anthony H Romano Jr.
Seller: Jalil Pakray and Zhaleh Emami (trust)

406 N.W. 68th Ave.
Plantation East$80,000
Buyer: Richard V. Lasala
Seller: Deborah M Hunter

730 E. Coco Plum Circle
Plantation Central$268,000
Buyer: Jordan Perez
Seller: Tina Gili

691 Carrot Wood Terrace
Plantation Central$1,250,000
Buyer: Taly and Nissim Dery
Seller: Ar Carrot Wood LLC

643 N.W. 49th Ave.
Plantation East$255,000
Buyer: Terrence J. and Maureen Claire Hourihan
Seller: Jerome W. Frank

804 N.W. 79th Terrace
Plantation East$284,000
Buyer: Arthur J. & Dale Manno (revocable trust)
Seller: Candace Clark

9590 N.W. 17th St.
Plantation Central$550,000
Buyer: Francisco Portes Velasquez and Doris Eden Portes
Seller: Stephen and Sandra M. Apicella

11261 N.W. 22nd St.
Plantation West$550,000
Buyer: Liraz and Amit Elazar
Seller: Ferenc Both

436 N.W. 97th Ave.
Plantation Central$395,000
Buyer: Gage L Powell and Karyl K Boynton
Seller: Stephen Mark and Tanya F. and Colin Charles Lord

471 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central$145,000
Buyer: Shane C Williams
Seller: Jon P Hickman

101 Peregrine Ave.
Plantation Central$1,850,000
Buyer: Vladislav and Yelena Friedman
Seller: Gokhan and Ayperi Gulec

721 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central$174,000
Buyer: Alvaro Arana
Seller: Enith Cadamo Tejada and Enith C. Tejada (revocable living trust)

140 S.W. 96th Terrace
Plantation Central$190,000
Buyer: Susan D. Diez (revocable living trust)
Seller: Anelita De Angelo

5901 S.W. 17th St.
Plantation East$715,000
Buyer: Justin Raymond Silva
Seller: Jason and Kenia Walker

1868 N.W. 111th Ave.
Plantation Central$585,000
Buyer: Tailored Talent LLC
Seller: Lee L Moreau

707 N.W. 91st Terrace
Plantation Central$166,000
Buyer: Mars Florida Properties LLC
Seller: Amon Bolasny Seagull

6700 Cypress Road
Plantation East$110,000
Buyer: Gayshell R Canadate
Seller: Patrick and Samantha Utter

10281 Blue Palm St.
Plantation Central$1,100,000
Buyer: Anthony Samuel and Lauren Rosenfield
Seller: Jpm Hedge Equity Fund Inc.

8821 S Lake Dasha Drive
Plantation Central$545,000
Buyer: Dennis and Katie Raben
Seller: Russell J. Crisp and Lisa Lorraine Tappen

222 S.W. 52nd Ave.
Plantation East$400,000
Buyer: Angella McKenzie-Nathan
Seller: Roderick R. and Sydney McKenzie and Carmen Day-McKenzie

10749 Cleary Blvd.
Plantation Central$162,000
Buyer: Arelis Alvarez Aquino
Seller: Cleary Plantation LLC

721 N.W. 42nd Ave.
Plantation East$185,000
Buyer: Gasmine Jean-Baptiste
Seller: Willis R. Reid

5280 S.W. Eighth Court
Plantation East$100,000
Buyer: Anthony and Michelle Sanfilippo
Seller: Orlando R. and Joan M. Gonzalez and Anthony and Michelle Sanfilippo

162 S.W. 54th Ave.
Plantation East$465,000
Buyer: Brittany Ann Reid and Raul Ashbert Conde
Seller: Kevin C. and Estee Morgan

11651 N.W. 18th St.
Plantation West$675,000
Buyer: Juliet Pottruck and Jason Steinberg
Seller: Angela Buelvas (life estate), Alejandro and Jamie Arturo Buelvas and Monica Patricia Buelvas Montes

501 N.W. 108th Ave.
Plantation Central$852,500
Buyer: Rami D. and Makayla Marie Rotlewicz
Seller: Brent H. and Jeanne Holbrook

9530 N.W. 16th St.
Plantation Central$585,000
Buyer: George and Maria Salome Centrella
Seller: Curtis R. and Diane F. Cowan

5560 S.W. Sixth St.
Plantation East$507,500
Buyer: Roger C. Campbell and Maria E. Ticas
Seller: Acz Enterprises LLC

310 N.W. 69th Ave.
Plantation East$150,000
Buyer: Saracristina Betancourt and Zachary Alva Stanley
Seller: Maria C. Benitez and Luisa Betancur

8235 N.W. Eighth Court
Plantation Central$170,000
Buyer: Shaquita Reinosa
Seller: Maurizio F De Vita

9880 N.W. Second St.
Plantation Central$380,000
Buyer: Jonathon George Troublefield and Rachel N. Raben
Seller: Shaul and Eden Ezra Morgan

405 S Pine Island Road
Plantation Central$150,000
Buyer: Baby 020799 C a LLC
Seller: Delta Romeo Investments LLC

750 N.W. 132nd Terrace
Plantation West$375,000
Buyer: Luheny F Jimenez Sanjenis
Seller: Kristofer Neil and Paul Keohane

8549 N. Campanelli Blvd.
Plantation Central$176,000
Buyer: Carmen L Diaz
Seller: Fern R. Rawls

6903 Cypress Road
Plantation East$110,000
Buyer: Igor Skakovskyi and Iliamarie Lugo Roman
Seller: Jennifer J Clement

510 N.W. 84th Ave.
Plantation Central$137,467.82
Buyer: Dmcn Miami LLC
Seller: Diego Fernando Escobar Llanos and Maria Elena Flores Proano

340 N.W. 135th Way
Buyer: Gerardo Lawn Service Inc.
Seller: Fernando Cardenas

13370 N.W. Third Place
Buyer: Malian Transport Corp.
Seller: Fernando Cardenas

461 N.W. 67th Ave.
Plantation East$16,700
Buyer: Sara G. Peterman
Seller: David Ira Myerowitz

7340 N.W. 11th St.
Plantation East$410,000
Buyer: Jeremy O'Dwyer
Seller: Troj Investments LLC

7541 Plantation Road
Plantation East$570,500
Buyer: Raul A. Del Portillo Jr. and Gena Del Portillo
Seller: Paul Joseph Gierse, Paul Gierse and Brooke Anderson (revocable living trust)

6851 N.W. Sixth St.
Plantation East$1,500
Buyer: Dixie Aventura Holdings LLC and Plantation Gardens FL Land Trust
Seller: Joseph R Shirley Jr.

1140 S.W. 75th Terrace
Plantation East$520,000
Buyer: Fausto V Santana and Angela M Canarte Martinez
Seller: Acelax LLC

11850 N.W. Eighth St.
Plantation West$275,000
Buyer: Kyle Matthew Blessing
Seller: Sarah E. Claburn

10505 N.W. Fifth Court
Plantation Central$550,000
Buyer: Evan R. and Elyse L. Roelans
Seller: Eizt Saygon

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