Dubuque home sales, April 4-10, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of April 4-10, 2021. The median sale price was $160,000.

1411 Missouri Ave.
Buyer: Marilee S Loney
Seller: Donald J. and Nancy J. Loney

1580 Atlantic St.
Buyer: Jhhc Properties LLC
Seller: Sandra J Buechele

825 Marisa Ridge
Buyer: Shauna Sue and Robert Edward Huberty
Seller: Tara T., Tara Therese, Jonathan B. and Jonathan Burton Boyes and Tara T. and Tara Therese Kalb

25 Algona St.
Buyer: Shaylon Charles Strub
Seller: Marilee S Loney

30 Gandolfo St.
Buyer: Matthew J. Hostert
Seller: Allison H. Clancy and Megan Rinnan (attorney-in-fact)

3009 Deerwood Circle
Buyer: Thomas L. and Catherine T. Gaul
Seller: Midwestone Bank (trustee) and Norma E. Foster (trust)

3005 Stellar Eagle Drive
Buyer: Abby Elizabeth Deneui and Abby Elizabeth De Neui
Seller: Integrity Land Investments Inc.

600 Sapphire Circle
Buyer: Timothy Johnson and Kaley Ann Becker
Seller: Rodney E. and Rochelle L. Tschiggfrie

2353 Martin Drive
Buyer: Julietta Marty
Seller: Michael J., Michael Joseph, Cassandra Grace, M. and Cassie Foley and Cassandra G Jorgensen

3359 Center Grove Drive
Buyer: Torrent Property Management
Seller: Paula J Dominy

2065 Lagen St.
Buyer: Nikolay and Tiffany Gospodinov
Seller: Kyle D. and Elisabeth Erickson

3509 Hillcrest Road
Buyer: Spencer P. and Julie Schuett
Seller: Mirsad and Remzija Osmicevic

91 Algona St.
Buyer: Reginald V. and Hannah N. Richter
Seller: David and Cynthia Oberhoffer

2050 Cobalt Court
Buyer: Troy M. and Mariah R. Kammerude
Seller: Steve Ehrlich Construction LLC

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