Plantation home sales during April 11-17, 2021

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There were 36 reported residential sales in Plantation for the week of April 11-17, 2021. The median sale price was $290,000.

9087 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation Central$279,000
Buyer: Janelle Collazo
Seller: Michele Rose and Michael Johnson

7922 N.W. Seventh Court
Plantation East$275,500
Buyer: Caroline A. Wertz
Seller: Doriano D'Alessandro

140 N.W. 98th Terrace
Plantation Central$280,000
Buyer: Moti LLC
Seller: Donna Marie Chase

479 N. University Drive
Plantation East$263,000
Buyer: Kate Sydney Pinsker and Jennifer Fontana
Seller: Naomi Reinfeld

9241 N.W. 17th St.
Plantation Central$620,000
Buyer: Shaul and Eden Morgan
Seller: Maria Vitan

531 N.W. 98th Ave.
Plantation Central$310,000
Buyer: Alex Munoz
Seller: Sanlly Yadira Lizalda and Jorge E. Lizalda (revocable trust)

9266 Chelsea Drive
Plantation Central$355,000
Buyer: Giuseppina Sciortino
Seller: Janet Lynn Kowalski

132 N.W. 73rd Ave.
Plantation East$415,000
Buyer: Ryan P. Scherer
Seller: Maria Del Carmen Gomez Morales

700 E. Coco Plum Circle
Plantation Central$283,000
Buyer: Scarleth G Rivas
Seller: George and Maria Salome Centrella

6041 S.W. Eighth Court
Plantation East$605,000
Buyer: William & Sarah Hughes (revocable trust)
Seller: Sergio Fernandez and Gabrielle Hacket

1772 N.W. 91st Ave.
Plantation Central$570,500
Buyer: Yasmany Aguiar and Carelys Corona
Seller: Santiago Lomillo

661 S.W. 61st Ave.
Plantation East$620,000
Buyer: Dream Home 1 LLC
Seller: Arthur Cotugno Jr.

9322 N.W. Eighth Circle
Plantation Central$455,000
Buyer: Kevin Alan and Daviah Eve Kasten
Seller: Jeri H Morrill

600 N.W. 67th Ave.
Plantation East$625,000
Buyer: Ahmed Dokrat and Lilia and Ana Dobao
Seller: Julia Anderson and Merrill K. Myers

1749 N.W. 71st Ave.
Plantation East$100,000
Buyer: AMI Amrani, Orna Amrani and Jensa Properties LLC
Seller: Michael D. Roback

40 N.W. 128th Ave.
Plantation West$772,500
Buyer: Stanley and Kay Swaysland
Seller: Jere J. and Lu Ann V. Nolan and Nolan (revocable trust)

1166 N. University Drive
Plantation East$302,000
Buyer: Jose Lopez Maldonado and Andrea Gaiani
Seller: Glenn Andrew and Beverly Joyce Neadley

7101 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation East$105,000
Buyer: David Romero and Maria M. Pagnucco
Seller: Raul R Gonzalez

4635 N.W. Ninth Drive
Plantation East$126,000
Buyer: Yva Jeannot
Seller: Anthony Kodwiw

200 S. Bel Air Drive
Plantation East$460,000
Buyer: Wanda Elaine Stewart-Ray and Earnest Dino Ray
Seller: Martha J. Desimone

4764 N.W. Fifth St.
Plantation East$110,000
Buyer: Lovinsky Jean and Nadine Jean Guelce
Seller: Lovinsky Jean and Enise Cirilien

1085 N.W. 83rd Ave.
Plantation Central$125,000
Buyer: Wanda Ramos and Monserrate Torres Camacho
Seller: Helen Nolin, Robert and Daniel and Richard Staudenmaier and Joan Black

1749 N.W. 73rd Ave.
Plantation East$140,000
Buyer: Vanesa Wolcoff and Leonardo Edmundo Mantero
Seller: Iscedyk Re LLC and Evandra US LLC

1081 N.W. 75th Terrace
Plantation East$480,000
Buyer: Kathleen H. Ladwig
Seller: Joseph T Cullen

10403 Harrier St.
Plantation Central$1,400,000
Buyer: Jared and Wendy Hotchkiss
Seller: Ingrid D Woung

940 N.W. 92nd Terrace
Plantation Central$285,000
Buyer: Brittney Sherrie King and Dillon Russell
Seller: Douglas S. and Craig A. Posner

9071 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation Central$316,000
Buyer: Randall S Weiss
Seller: Alexa Yero

857 N.W. 80th Terrace
Plantation Central$200,000
Buyer: Ramiro and Johana Vallejos and Douglas Rosa
Seller: Min LAN Gao

741 E. Coco Plum Circle
Plantation Central$275,000
Buyer: Ronald David Lewis and Erin Burns-Davies
Seller: Wilson Marin Patino and Vanessa O'Connell

7300 N.W. 11th Place
Plantation East$505,000
Buyer: Herby and Amilia Honore
Seller: Dongal Investments LLC

6855 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation East$160,000
Buyer: Benjamin Adam Nevils
Seller: Paula Dayringer, Gerald A. and Bobby and Barry Jackson and Chrysostomos S Trikes

12051 S.W. Second St.
Plantation West$870,000
Buyer: American Heritage School of Plantation Inc.
Seller: William R. Laurie and Cheryl A. Kinzel

6901 Cypress Road
Plantation East$110,000
Buyer: James and Celeste Zardeskas
Seller: Dennis and Elizabeth Mejillones

7500 N.W. First Court
Plantation East$135,000
Buyer: Miguel Rodolfo Luciani Ferreyra
Seller: Lesbia Layrisse

826 N.W. 79th Terrace
Plantation East$295,000
Buyer: Michele Sonnenfeld
Seller: Nancy E. Smith and Nancy E. and Bruce Gordon

7561 N.W. 16th St.
Plantation East$100,000
Buyer: Abdel-Rahman Mustafa Nakhleh
Seller: Edgard R Carrasquillo

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