Home sales in Deerfield Beach during April 11-17, 2021

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There were 63 reported residential sales in Deerfield Beach for the week of April 11-17, 2021. The median sale price was $180,000.

149 S.E. Seventh St.
Deerfield Beach East$245,000
Buyer: Kimberly J Davitt
Seller: Michael J. and Margaret McTigue and Michael J. McTigue & Margaret McTigue (revocable trust)

101 S.E. 20th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$450,000
Seller: Robert P. Trimaldi Jr.

3091 Newport S.
Deerfield Beach Central$55,000
Buyer: Ian Mandelzys and Edith Reiss
Seller: Randee Geller

308 Deer Creek Wildwood Lane
Deerfield Beach Central$385,000
Buyer: Edward and Maylin Coscia
Seller: Helve Massakas

420 S.E. Second Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$139,000
Buyer: Alvaro Salgar
Seller: Kevin and Maribel Mulcahy

330 S.E. 20th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$415,000
Buyer: David and Kathleen Fawcett
Seller: Steven and Lizzie M. Handras

400 S.E. 10th St.
Deerfield Beach East$100,000
Buyer: Audett Johnson
Seller: Wells Fargo Bank and Carrington Mortgage Loan (trust)

56 Farnham
Deerfield Beach Central$51,100
Buyer: Mpsg LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Erma G. Wilcox

1000 E Lakes Drive
Deerfield Beach Central$255,000
Buyer: Rosimeyre Faiotto
Seller: Alexander and Marjorie Werneck and Alexander V Trindade

941 N.E. 50th St.
Deerfield Beach East$300,000
Buyer: HOA Nguyen and Anh Kiet Nguyen
Seller: Labella Group 941 LLC

130 N.W. 53rd Court
Buyer: Sylvain Pitre (life estate) and Mathieu Cartier Pitre
Seller: Dorothy M. and Claudia M. Smith

4505 N.W. Sixth Ave.
Deerfield Beach South$195,000
Buyer: Expert Holding LLC
Seller: Walker Apartments LLC

1218 S.E. 15th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$1,625,000
Buyer: Kenneth John Peter and Sarah Jane Zubay
Seller: Raphael and Patricia Maldonado

3930 Crystal Lake Drive
Deerfield Beach South$131,000
Buyer: Maria Lourdes Santos
Seller: Andreia Abreu

137 Lyndhurst
Deerfield Beach Central$84,500
Buyer: Edward and Maryellen York
Seller: Martin Hauptman and Joan Rosenberg

3837 N.W. First Drive
Deerfield Beach West$395,900
Buyer: Selcuk Baranlioglu and Kathryn Margarete and Kenneth M. Krauss
Seller: Glenn and Terri Rasmussen

1537 E. Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$270,000
Buyer: Kurt Dahlin and Joyce Hart
Seller: Denis Girard and France Dufort

149 S.E. 18th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$4,515,000
Buyer: Eric F. and Patricia Bakker
Seller: Patrick J. Herbert

303 Deer Creek Lakeside Way
Deerfield Beach Central$360,000
Buyer: Edwin F. and Nancy L. Collins
Seller: Edward S. Dean Jr.

228 Farnham
Deerfield Beach Central$109,000
Buyer: Harry Richard Husey
Seller: Patricia Murphy

2814 S.W. Natura Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$60,000
Buyer: Luz Maria Yepez Pinillos
Seller: Ruben and Carmen Molina

344 Tilford
Deerfield Beach Central$52,500
Buyer: Dorina Paval and Daniela Chetan
Seller: Vicente Miceli

3005 Upminster
Deerfield Beach Central$85,000
Buyer: Aleksei A. and Gila Kass
Seller: Harold and Shoshana Stiefel and Hindy Bogner-Orenstein

671 S.W. 15th St.
Deerfield Beach East$286,000
Buyer: Mary Luz Tineo Rosado and Abraham De Jesus Garcia Prieto
Seller: Lourdes Anabel Gallardo

1425 S. Deerfield Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$412,785
Buyer: Sam and Juana Lounnarath
Seller: William and Maria De Jesus Smith

2875 Deer Creek Viaduct Venezia
Deerfield Beach Central$575,500
Buyer: Angelique Lanor Bonomo
Seller: General Energy Properties LLC

205 Newport
Deerfield Beach Central$66,500
Buyer: Lisa Buragina
Seller: Brian J Chizeck

4016 Swansea
Deerfield Beach Central$155,000
Buyer: Leslie and Polina and Elliot Bohm
Seller: Minnie and Gerald Goldberg

2018 Westbury F
Deerfield Beach Central$120,000
Buyer: Cilka Steinmetz
Seller: Sara E. Freifeld

410 Durham N.
Deerfield Beach Central$50,000
Buyer: James and Colleen Moir
Seller: Alba Alfaro and Christopher Martin Destefano

606 S.W. Natura Blvd.
Deerfield Beach East$82,000
Buyer: Teresa Lawson
Seller: Ruzica Rosemary and Vladimir Strajnic Rosemary

806 N.W. 41st Court
Deerfield Beach South$187,500
Buyer: Dendi LLC
Seller: Cristina Blinkinsop, Alexandre.Cristina Alicia Fernandez, Juan Catasus and Cristina Binkinsop (revocable living trust)

105 N.W. 53rd Place
Buyer: Dominic Gendron and Raymonde Venne
Seller: Rejean and Jacqueline Levesque

118 Centennial Court
Deerfield Beach West$227,000
Buyer: Joseph and Solmaria Pacello
Seller: Brian and Brad J. Morgan

148 Prescott
Deerfield Beach Central$75,500
Buyer: Allan Barry Roskin
Seller: Lauren and Richard Festa and Elizabeth Norris

1750 N.W. 49th St.
Deerfield Beach South$245,000
Buyer: Maria Escalante Estrada
Seller: Linda S Basile and Linda S. Connelly (revocable trust)

1355 S.W. 44th Terrace
Deerfield Beach West$393,000
Buyer: Francisco Xavier Menendez and Helen Marie Guzzi
Seller: Eric and Marie-Claude Dubillot and Dubillot Family (revocable trust)

250 Prescott
Deerfield Beach Central$58,900
Buyer: Lisa Jacobs
Seller: William E. and Ann Marie Montgomery

2003 Upminster
Deerfield Beach Central$90,000
Buyer: Ephraim and Chaye Ruvel
Seller: Varda L Hager and Ilanith S Reuven

810 S.E. Seventh St.
Deerfield Beach East$115,000
Buyer: Marija Lidia Drevensek
Seller: Barbara J. Nugent

4214 N.W. First Place
Deerfield Beach West$350,000
Buyer: Richard Hue and Elizabeth Crowe
Seller: Richard R. Jiminian and Yuri L Gutierrez

10 Capitol Court
Deerfield Beach West$379,000
Buyer: Priscilla Vaccarezza
Seller: Robert and Maria Pollack

340 S.E. Third Place
Deerfield Beach East$285,000
Buyer: Illeana Brody
Seller: Marlene Chang and Bianca Chang-Gentile

48 Oakridge E.
Deerfield Beach Central$66,000
Buyer: Louise M. Ward
Seller: Rita Lamountain

2440 Country Club Blvd.
Deerfield Beach Central$165,000
Buyer: Louis Suarez
Seller: Patricia Campo

2926 S.W. 12th St.
Deerfield Beach Central$255,000
Buyer: John R. Cook
Seller: David Almeida and Caroline S. Gagliardi

2129 Deer Creek Woodlands Way
Deerfield Beach Central$303,000
Buyer: Enzzo and Cecilia Olazabal
Seller: Cynthia Cerreta

2450 Country Club Blvd.
Deerfield Beach Central$180,000
Buyer: Anthony B. and Theresa M. Petta
Seller: Louis and Judith Bernasconi

737 S.E. First Way
Deerfield Beach East$145,000
Buyer: Rosa Maria and Miguel Angel Sanchez
Seller: Guy Bouchard, Sandrine and Isabelle Savard and Stephane Armanda

1040 S.E. Fourth Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$215,000
Buyer: Lisa Ciccone
Seller: Pamela Ramkalawan

751 Cypress Lane
Deerfield Beach South$116,000
Buyer: David Almog
Seller: Steve Robin

230 S.W. Second St.
Deerfield Beach East$275,000
Buyer: Kenan Demren
Seller: Virginia Clancy and Justin Tracey

806 S.E. Seventh St.
Deerfield Beach East$165,000
Buyer: Carlo Cortina (life estate), Rita Cortina (life estate), Tara Randles and Justin Bone
Seller: Carlo and Rita Cortina

3148 Cambridge
Deerfield Beach Central$60,000
Buyer: Ana Cecilia Valles De Hernandez
Seller: Patsy Duquette, Leslie D. and Peter A. Rose and Andree and Art Canter

1044 Lyndhurst
Deerfield Beach Central$119,900
Buyer: Michael and Alyssa Shragie
Seller: Jerome Adair

3466 Deer Creek Palladian Circle
Deerfield Beach Central$310,000
Buyer: Rosa Tamara Wesenberg
Seller: Aaron and Elizabeth Linwood

4100 Crystal Lake Drive
Deerfield Beach South$107,000
Buyer: Roger E. Lotz and Eva Del Campo
Seller: Jeffrey Webb and Cecilia Ann Slavich, Jeffrey and Cecilia Slavich (trust)

333 N.E. 21st Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$292,500
Buyer: Mark C. and Sandy K. Schreiber
Seller: Susan E. Kubiuk

225 Deer Creek Blvd.
Deerfield Beach Central$215,000
Buyer: Teresa Madden
Seller: Mark E. Chelis and Sally A. Roper

101 S.E. 20th Ave.
Deerfield Beach East$639,900
Buyer: Ronald and Rick Aghassi
Seller: Robert P. Trimaldi Jr.

1961 S.W. 15th St.
Deerfield Beach Central$180,000
Buyer: Nicholas Ramsomugh
Seller: Bruno Bureau and Carole Vaillancourt

941 Crystal Lake Drive
Deerfield Beach South$128,500
Buyer: Julio Valera
Seller: Nassimbeni LLC

178 Prescott
Deerfield Beach Central$75,000
Buyer: Timothy and Winston Rowlands and Maria Jose Beltran Pittaluga
Seller: Albert Muller

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