Home sales in Dania Beach, April 18-24, 2021

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There were 25 reported residential sales in Dania Beach for the week of April 18-24, 2021. The median sale price was $180,000.

5504 S.W. 44th Ave.
Dania Beach West$329,900
Buyer: Jose Julian Luna Nunez
Seller: Maheen Ahmad and John Carroll

501 E. Dania Beach Blvd.
Dania Beach East$190,000
Buyer: Hilda Nin
Seller: Jean-Pierre Boudreault

529 E. Sheridan St.
Dania Beach East$240,000
Buyer: Jelis Inc.
Seller: Kwik Rental Properties Ltd. Partnership

206 S.E. 10th St.
Dania Beach East$143,500
Buyer: Bernard and Rejeanne Lavallee
Seller: Huu Van Nguyen

27 N.W. Fifth Ave.
Dania Beach Central$349,000
Buyer: Kirk D Harris
Seller: Raymond Fitzgerald Smith and Debbie Campbell

223 S. Federal Highway
Dania Beach East$80,000
Buyer: Emilie Constant and Aurey-Lee Beaulieu Constant and Sylvie Parent
Seller: Diane and Victor Vincent

5230 S.W. 30th Ave.
Buyer: Clement Proulx
Seller: Robert Pirmann

5331 S.W. 25th Terrace
Buyer: Yvon St.-Laurent (life estate), Sylvie Lefebvre (life estate) and Yanick St. Melanie St. and Stephanie St.-Laurent Melanie St.
Seller: Marcel Pelchat and Claude Tremblay

2101 S.W. 52nd St.
Buyer: Fernando Silvino
Seller: Caroline Chenail

115 S.E. Second Ave.
Buyer: Madison Owens and Kristopher O'Connor
Seller: Juliann Testani Chernega and Richard Testani

2957 Lakeshore Drive
Buyer: Claude Lefebvre (life estate), Helene Normand (life estate) and Alain Eric and Renee Lefebvre Eric
Seller: Andre Arsenault and Chantal Doucet

5421 S.W. Hiacinth Court
Buyer: Jason Wayne Bachschmidt
Seller: Robert Gavula and Donna Jerome

833 N.W. Ninth Ave.
Dania Beach Central$485,000
Buyer: Vanessa Gonzalez
Seller: Nicole Moreno and Gelvis Jimenez

2143 Anchor Court
Dania Beach Central$306,000
Buyer: Maria Fernanda Mejia
Seller: Be Sucessful LLC

141 S.E. Third Ave.
Dania Beach East$180,000
Buyer: Jian Xu and Chenye Bao
Seller: Giuseppe and Carmela Battaglia

22 S.E. Third Terrace
Dania Beach East$135,000
Buyer: Tko 1 LLC
Seller: Robert H., Helen E., Kimberly J. and John M. Clancy and Kelly E. and Kelly I. Bryant

2773 Treasure Cove Circle
Dania Beach Central$406,900
Buyer: Gregory and Marialis A. Garcia
Seller: Sph Property Three LLC

223 Jamaica St.
Dania Beach Central$69,000
Buyer: Steven Pert and Michele Allaire
Seller: James Andrews and Marcia A. Bean

177 Ocean Waterway Blvd.
Dania Beach Central$80,000
Buyer: Severino and Patricia A. Popolizio
Seller: Charles T. Lockyer

133 Eleuthera Drive
Dania Beach Central$69,000
Buyer: Sandra Conpropst
Seller: Normand Houle

4732 S.W. 33rd Ave.
Dania Beach Central$139,000
Buyer: Ducky's Corp.
Seller: Shoham Hen 32 LLC

250 S.W. Eighth St.
Buyer: Michael Jorge Valverde and Angela Paulina Soto
Seller: Dania Pride 250 LLC

119 N.W. 13th Ave.
Dania Beach Central$210,000
Buyer: Florinda Leb Inc.
Seller: Marcie Gershoni

2231 S.W. 52nd St.
Buyer: Eliyahu Nurieli
Seller: Anthony J. Fillichio (revocable trust) and Catherine A. Fillichio (revocable trust)

208 S.E. First Terrace
Dania Beach East$385,000
Buyer: Scott Watelski and Nicole Lopez
Seller: Allison Pellegrin

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