Oakland Park home sales during April 18-24, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of April 18-24, 2021. The median sale price was $284,888.

1022 N.E. 34th Court
Oakland Park Central$415,000
Buyer: William Harrison and Heather Towne
Seller: France Engels

3040 N.E. 16th Ave.
Oakland Park East$145,000
Buyer: Jorge M. and Susi Rojas
Seller: Anthony Greg Fajardo

5472 N. Andrews Ave.
Oakland Park Central$185,000
Buyer: Phs 3006 Holdings LLC and 5472 N. Andrews Ave Land Trust
Seller: Chu-Weh Real Estate LLC

1531 N.E. 38th St.
Oakland Park East$430,000
Buyer: Adam and Elizabeth Schaibley
Seller: Joanne Bowen

271 N.E. 43rd Court
Oakland Park Central$235,000
Buyer: Phs 3006 Holdings LLC and 271 Ne 43RD Ct Land Trust
Seller: Callie's Real Estate Treasures LLC

207 Lake Pointe Drive
Oakland Park West$120,000
Buyer: Dedco LLC
Seller: Ohana Lakes Properties Corp.

1279 N.E. 40th Place
Oakland Park East$484,000
Buyer: Matt R. Coben (living trust)
Seller: Neo 99 LLC

2911 N.E. Eighth Terrace
Oakland Park Central$115,000
Buyer: Abemax LLC
Seller: David Simpson & Joanne Chin (revocable trust)

5234 N.E. Sixth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$140,000
Buyer: Mariangel Delgado Leon
Seller: Kathleen J. Travis and Richard L. Travis (revocable living trust)

4770 N.E. Fourth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$374,900
Buyer: Bryan De Armas and Ivette Carmona Diaz
Seller: Valerie Bras

5356 N.E. Fifth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$305,000
Buyer: Genese Lapaix
Seller: Thomas and Rodrigo Dittler

1563 N.E. 39th St.
Oakland Park East$490,000
Buyer: Daniel Ferraro and Kevin Scott
Seller: Tadeusz Jankowski (revocable trust)

3409 N.W. 44th St.
Oakland Park West$165,000
Buyer: Ssbph LLC
Seller: Tania Maria Goosby

317 N.W. 45th Court
Oakland Park Central$297,500
Buyer: Adam Reed Dalke
Seller: Sean Conway

5509 N.E. Sixth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$310,000
Buyer: Rance and Rancey Regalado
Seller: Florida Sun Investments Properties LLC

1540 N.E. 49th St.
Oakland Park East$515,000
Buyer: Erynn D Dalton-Torrenga
Seller: George and Maria Nikolopoulos

105 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$190,000
Buyer: Oskar L Torres
Seller: Royce B Badger Jr.

281 N.E. 40th St.
Oakland Park Central$103,000
Buyer: Grupo L & L LLC
Seller: Draniki Corp.

281 N.E. 40th St.
Oakland Park Central$107,500
Buyer: Grupo L & L LLC
Seller: Draniki Corp.

5208 N.E. First Ave.
Oakland Park Central$284,888
Buyer: Mariel De Pena and Luis Anthony Laguerre Jr.
Seller: Jay E Seeley

1840 N.W. 40th Court
Oakland Park West$500,000
Buyer: Jason A. Burkhart and Samara Ann Stirneman
Seller: John Oakvik

212 Lake Pointe Drive
Oakland Park West$115,000
Buyer: Rogelio LLC
Seller: Mansford Properties LLC

3064 S. Oakland Forest Drive
Oakland Park West$198,000
Buyer: Noel Barrett
Seller: Patricio Atkinson

1022 N.E. 35th St.
Oakland Park Central$335,000
Buyer: Juan M. Montano and Emery D Marjenhoff
Seller: Craig Noble

5642 N.E. Fifth Ave.
Oakland Park Central$370,000
Buyer: My Ngan Tong
Seller: David Orbegozo Cordero

2890 N. Oakland Forest Drive
Oakland Park West$145,000
Buyer: On Time Investments LLC
Seller: Robert Kevin Black

3042 N.W. 29th Terrace
Buyer: Baraleti Corp.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Rose Maxan

590 N.W. 42nd St.
Oakland Park Central$410,000
Buyer: Laura Umana
Seller: Amex M & R LLC

118 Royal Park Drive
Oakland Park West$19,850.52
Buyer: Lamberto Domingo and Joseph Dintino
Seller: Lamberto Domingo and Scott Fresa

5660 N.E. Seventh Terrace
Oakland Park Central$365,000
Buyer: Greco Antonio Pinto Anguita and Annarelis Torres Montano
Seller: Home Venture Investments LLC

4460 N.W. 16th Ave.
Oakland Park West$412,000
Buyer: Douglas Edward Morse and John Jacob Schwartz
Seller: Carol M Eickhorn

4650 N.E. Second Ave.
Oakland Park Central$450,000
Buyer: Michael O'Brien and Donna O'Brien
Seller: Marcia Hyde

113 Lake Emerald Drive
Oakland Park West$155,000
Buyer: Edy Del Carmen Richard
Seller: Gavin J. Feliciano

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