1,358 homes sold in Hays County with a median home valuation of $239,685 in 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Hays County in 2020, calculated for the 12 months ending Dec. 31, according to BlockShopper.com.

In 2020, there were 1,358 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $239,685 in Hays County.

Top 100 home valuations in Hays County for 2020
Charles HickmanSan Marcos915 Sycamore St.$100,078
James D. Valentine IISan Marcos1002 Hackberry St.$100,749
Cliff PortisSan Marcos1225 LBJ Drive$102,700
Jeffrey M DoringSan Marcos301 Hollow Road$102,810
Raul Garcia Lopez and Cindy ArguienSan Marcos1008 Mead St.$103,090
Lisa A. and Ashley L. PreussDripping Springs2801 McGregor Lane$103,550
Jonas RosenthalSan Marcos421 San Antonio St.$103,580
Brian and Gogi Sue HaleDripping Springs1285 Drifting Wind Run$1,047,662
Robert Lee and William Louis HiggsSan Marcos516 Burleson$105,570
Millie J HenryWimberley49 El Camino Real$106,340
Wells Fargo Bank, NASan Marcos1421 Hopkins St.$107,131
Randall P BerginSan Marcos310 Pat Garrison St.$107,560
Mark and Melinda HaleySan Marcos310 Pat Garrison St.$107,560
Jeffrey Ryan NicholsWimberley112 Blanco Bend Drive$1,084,480
Michelle Renee ColbertWimberley112 Blanco Bend Drive$1,084,480
Canon Investments LLCSan Marcos509 Harmons Way$109,410
Clayton Dunn and Jill Katherine NanceAustin451 Pemberton Way$1,095,740
Emma Ranch Holdings LLCSan Marcos1104 LBJ Drive$110,330
Madeline Jean Malone and Darayle J. and Jami Culver KnauseSan Marcos1013 Chestnut St.$111,630
Jonathan BryantSan Marcos1013 Chestnut St.$111,630
Melissa Gonzales CadenaSan Marcos705 Alabama St.$111,770
Jerry J. Gonzales (trustee), Gail Lynn Gonzales (trustee) and Jerry and Gail Gonzales (revocable trust)San Marcos407 Broadway Drive$112,080
Epimenio Ernest Independent Lucio Jr. (executor) and Epimenio G. Lucio (estate)San Marcos1148 Sycamore St.$112,607
Epimenio Ernest Independent Lucio Jr. (executor) and Epimenio G. Lucio (estate)San Marcos1148 Sycamore St.$112,607
Texas Horizon Development LLCSan Marcos1148 Sycamore St.$112,607
Silvia Enriqueta MinceKyle808 Third St.$112,976
Karin Erika MinceKyle808 Third St.$112,976
Candice Marie Price and Devin Lee TernusSan Marcos303 Smith Lane$113,970
Gregory C Gibson Sr.Wimberley32 Marina Circle$115,220
Zwangtu Series 101 LLCSan Marcos619 Barbara Drive$116,520
Maria GonzalesSan Marcos205 Patricia Drive$116,710
Krystal Rene GarciaSan Marcos3111 Sh 21$117,610
Brian Albert AshSan Marcos3110 Hilliard Road$117,790
Todd James RinglingSan Marcos402 Fredericksburg St., No. 6$119,550
Selina Gail Williams and Stanley Lee DychesSan Marcos1202 Thorpe Lane$119,790
Loretta Lee GrumblesSan Marcos408 Faris St.$126,470
Blanco Gardens LLCSan Marcos105 Meiners St.$128,030
Emma Ranch Holdings LLCSan Marcos301 Cardinal Court$129,720
Terre Sel Ltd.Dripping Springs201 Oak Ridge$130,450
Fred W. FosterSan Marcos1515 Owens St.$131,720
William T. and Katherine W. JohnsonKyle603 Blanco St.$132,080
Linda Sue HaigoodBuda105 Turnersville Road$132,090
Michael BeardSan Marcos1202 Thorpe Lane$134,420
Paul and Marian ConesWimberley705 Saddleridge Drive$1,348,210
Manuel GonzalesSan Marcos607 Conway Drive$134,950
Kara Lynn GriffinSan Marcos209 Picasso Drive$136,720
Jose Eliseo Camacho IIKyle127 Park South Drive$138,190
Susan Ballard and Richard Hearn Wakeland Jr.San Marcos113 Del. Zavala Drive$138,770
Texas Capitol LLCSan Marcos1248 Hilltop Drive$138,950
CA Investment Properties LLCSan Marcos1248 Hilltop Drive$138,950
Bryce Harrison ClarkSan Marcos1248 Hilltop Drive$138,950
Sarah Bahntge and Miguel MendezSan Marcos1117 Hopkins St.$139,450
Evelyn Emily PrinceSan Marcos1313 Belmont Drive$139,980
Raul Aguilar and Maria Guadalupe ArguetaKyle106 Bellair Drive$140,020
Katherine M. TomeneySan Marcos1919 Castle Gate Circle$140,530
Dartmouth Sm LLCSan Marcos609 Dartmouth Ave.$140,860
Spry Ranch LPAustin12400 Pauls Valley Road$141,220
Hailey Fitting CollinsSan Marcos1928 Nevada St.$141,650
Audrey C. Cannon and Christin Suzanne GriderWimberley1050 Timmeron Trail$142,582
Tahzii Springs Ranch Division and Glenbrook Partners De LPWimberley4551 Cottonwood Road$144,300
Dashy Properties a LLCBuda309 Railroad$145,210
Zachary GeninSan Marcos1269 Hilltop Cove$145,288
Christian WiggsSan Marcos516 Candlelight Lane$145,780
Rother Investments LLCSan Marcos516 Candlelight Lane$145,780
Dennis Anton Moraw (trustee), Patricia Ann Moraw (trustee) and Dmpm (trust)Dripping Springs1888 Creek Drive$146,270
Chad Brandon HawkinsBuda281 Jack Rabbit Lane$147,190
Sph Property Two LLCKyle133 James Lin Circle$148,080
Briana Isela AlvarezKyle133 James Lin Circle$148,080
Bernardo and Mayra Suhey GuzmanNiederwald220 Windridge Drive$149,080
Christina KloeselBuda1077 Shadow Creek Blvd.$149,340
Gaylon Montell AkersDriftwood900 Rolling Oaks Drive$150,197
K GunnarsonSan Marcos201 Linda Drive$151,680
Leslie Marie WoodSan Marcos406 Parker Drive$151,710
Wayne L. Rea IIIWimberley166 Shady Bluff Drive$152,970
Jana R SlateWimberley166 Shady Bluff Drive$152,970
Rochelle E RobinsonSan Marcos307 Quarry$153,890
Whitney Tucker ConnerSan Marcos825 Old Ranch Road 12$153,980
Reba Ann ByrdKyle5689 Fergus$154,696
Thomas A. and Cynthia EspinosaWimberley1105 Green Acres Drive$154,970
Reynaldo Perez MendezKyle480 Sheep Trail Drive$155,410
Scott Royal Smith (trustee) and 1107 09 Hazelton Street (trust)San Marcos110709 Hazelton$155,420
Leticia Marure and Victor Manuel BenitezKyle244 Donatello$155,540
Matthew C. and Dru D. SweetHays522 Tanglewood Trail$156,563
South Austin Investments LLCBuda750 Fm 2001$156,750
David L. and Melissa S. SaucedaPleasant Valley Crossing101 Stone Canyon$156,800
Maxfield and Kaycee BakerSan Marcos314 Shady Lane$157,120
Carmen SepulvedaSan Marcos1113 Barbara Drive$157,457
Sandra Sepulveda LopezSan Marcos1113 Barbara Drive$157,457
K GunnarsonSan Marcos117 Linda Drive$157,670
Q4 Interests Ltd.Wimberley1850 Red Hawk Road$157,910
Maria A. VillegasKyle172 Langely$158,600
Reba Ann ByrdKyle155 Michaelis$158,673
Secrest ChrisSan Marcos107 Blanco St.$159,600
Caprice Renee FloresKyle394 Atlantis$159,850
Dunn Entertainment LLCKyle103 REI Tang Loop$160,190
Thomas A. RankenKyle103 REI Tang Loop$160,190
Secrest ChrisSan Marcos1018 Mead St.$160,688
Bernard Frederick G.San Marcos1018 Mead St.$160,688
Peter DouglassWoodcreek102 Woodcreek Drive$161,180
Archie and Beverly E. AckartKyle141 Stephen Court$161,240

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