Peoria County had a median home sale price of $94,950 of 184 homes in January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Peoria County in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 184 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $94,950 in Peoria County.

Top 100 home sales in Peoria County for January 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
-18817 Route 91$1,025,000
-6402 Grange Hall Road$912,000
Peoria4402 Deermeadow Drive$525,000
Peoria800 Grand Oak Drive$499,000
Peoria5217 Prospect Road$475,000
-709 Copperpoint Drive$460,000
-21126 Princeville Cemetery Road$355,000
Peoria6223 Diversey Court$355,000
Peoria11747 Bristol Drive$346,000
Peoria7200 Wescott Court$340,000
Peoria6517 Hazel Nut Drive$330,000
Peoria141 Coventry Lane$315,000
Peoria1926 Forestglen Drive$277,900
Peoria7206 White Fir Drive$265,000
Peoria2129 Liams Way$259,000
-11807 Kevin Court$258,000
-9918 Blacksoil Lane$257,500
Peoria11204 Jonathans Way$252,500
-3925 Wheatfield Way$248,000
Peoria9210 Frye Road$240,000
-13315 Clark Road$240,000
Peoria11702 Brians Way$239,000
Peoria5606 Grande Circle$236,000
Peoria4128 Haley Drive$235,000
-4109 Wheatfield Road$227,500
-5425 Rothmere Drive$227,500
Peoria10502 Liverpool Drive$225,000
Chillicothe224 Cloverfield Drive$212,500
Peoria2503 Kaylie Court$210,000
Peoria1600 Devereux Drive$207,500
Hanna City521 Phil Gould Drive$205,000
Peoria5423 Montclair Ave.$200,000
Peoria Heights1111 Moneta Ave.$195,000
Peoria6635 Rustic Oak Court$194,500
Peoria2727 Woodhaven Drive$194,000
Lake Camelot9608 Guinivere Court$192,000
Peoria205 Kickapoo Terrace$185,000
Peoria123 Jefferson St.$185,000
Brimfield202 Illinois St.$180,000
Lake Camelot9746 Guinivere Drive$173,500
Peoria4507 Claredda Court$173,000
Chillicothe1524 Cloverdale Road$165,000
Peoria4124 Carrousel Lane$154,900
Rome16104 Second St.$154,000
-4015 Richwoods Blvd.$148,000
Brimfield217 Jackson St.$146,500
-1701 Oakhurst Lane$145,000
Bartonville4811 Ducharme Ave.$144,700
Peoria1929 Teton Drive$142,000
-13710 Sommerfield Road$141,000
Peoria3320 Overbrook Drive$140,000
-1111 Brookview Lane$139,900
Peoria6808 Kimberly Drive$138,000
Peoria4320 Richards Way$136,500
Dunlap312 Maplewood Blvd.$136,000
Peoria5101 Timbervue Court$135,000
Peoria Heights5045 Montclair Ave.$135,000
Peoria1706 Sunflower St.$134,900
-3703 Cameron Lane$133,900
Peoria6905 St. Marys Road$133,000
Peoria606 Ridgemont Road$133,000
Peoria215 Wynnwood Drive$132,500
Peoria4533 Bournedale Drive$130,000
Peoria2205 Grand View Ave.$130,000
Peoria2713 Greenbrier Lane$130,000
-2311 Skyway Road$128,000
Peoria7406 Oxford Place$128,000
Peoria1709 Sunflower St.$126,500
Peoria1023 Elmwood Ave.$124,900
Peoria211 Forrest Hill Ave.$123,500
-4932 Swords Circle$122,000
Chillicothe715 Hickory St.$120,500
Peoria2722 Bacon Drive$120,000
Lake Camelot10009 Lake Camelot Drive$120,000
Peoria11327 Daisy Drive$118,500
-12028 Riverview Road$118,000
Peoria2524 Sherman Ave.$115,000
Peoria2621 Kingston Drive$115,000
Peoria1906 Daytona Drive$114,500
Peoria4018 Tomar Ave.$112,000
Peoria3405 King James Road$109,000
Peoria6204 Frostwood Parkway$108,500
Peoria415 Florence Ave.$107,500
-6204 Fairview Road$105,000
Peoria4241 Gate Ridge Road$101,500
Peoria2302 Bainter Lane$99,900
West Peoria2615 Richmond Ave.$99,000
Bartonville216 Segler Lane$97,000
West Peoria2028 Clarke Ave.$97,000
West Peoria2028 Clarke Ave.$97,000
Brimfield233 Madison St.$95,000
Peoria1008 Northcrest Ave.$95,000
Peoria5512 Renwood Ave.$94,900
Bartonville5420 Juliette Drive$94,000
Peoria216 Florence Ave.$93,500
Peoria5316 Diane Court$92,900
Chillicothe1810 Hoyt St.$92,500
Peoria1102 Elmhurst Ave.$89,900
West Peoria2327 Callender Ave.$89,000
Peoria2912 Victoria Ave.$86,000

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