Top 100 Anoka County home sales for March 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Anoka County in March 2020, according to

In March 2020, there were 285 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $260,000 in Anoka County.

Top 100 home sales in Anoka County for March 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Mohammed Waleed WazwazBlaine2738 104th Court$630,000
Alyssa and Luke RoskopRamsey15650 Yakima St.$505,000
Aaron and Katie K. LawrenceBlaine2762 Alamo Circle$495,000
Amy J. and Craig J. ReaganAndover15338 Wren St.$485,000
Scott J. and Sarah DornRamsey9420 Ermine Blvd.$475,000
Autumn L. and Jonathon S. GohmanLino Lakes882 Old Birch St.$475,000
Scott J. and Angelique A. HolmanEast Bethel23807 Monroe St.$475,000
Jason and Christy HoltAndover15948 Olive St.$469,900
John J. Costello III and Laurie M. CostelloCircle Pines52 Golden Lake Road$467,500
VA Neng Yang and Bao VangAndover353 139th Lane$460,000
Jason and Jennifer LindbergNowthen7300 Pinnaker Road$450,000
Jesse and Bethany LammiBlaine10971 Edison St.$448,500
Elizabeth A. and Othello N. CollinsBlaine12433 National St.$445,000
Joseph M Atem and Christina T OrockBlaine12828 Flanders St.$445,000
Kenneth James Gitter Jr. and Alesia Marie GitterAndover2088 Veterans Memorial Blvd.$440,000
Bradlee and Patricia MerkerBlaine2218 129th Court$439,000
Patrick Lazzara and Allison MartinBlaine12194 Coral Sea St.$434,000
Raymond Michael GrabauHam Lake3901 161st Lane$431,900
Jennifer Emily and Douglas J. ThorsonBlaine2073 128th Lane$425,000
Brady Berg and Cally KapalaBlaine12132 Opal St.$422,500
Timothy R. and Kristin E. BoldenAndover1109 162nd Lane$420,000
Edward Scott and Linda DentzLino Lakes6340 Ware Road$419,600
Taylor and Kyle LambrechtLino Lakes95 Woodridge Lane$400,000
Benjamin and Julianne HaenelAndover179 142nd Ave.$400,000
Nicole Anne and Michael John BrutonLino Lakes386 Linda Ave.$400,000
Karl E OlsonOak Grove2175 197th Ave.$399,000
Mike StimartNowthen8960 184th Ave.$393,000
Bradley BengtsonLino Lakes1501 Oakview Court$390,000
Jennifer R. and Joshua L. LundholmBlaine11377 Goodhue St.$387,500
Michael John and Jennifer Lee FletcherCenterville1707 Dupre Road$382,000
Alan and Roxanne WellsAndover13998 Eagle St.$375,000
Jameson and Natalie DufnerAndover16405 Wintergreen St.$370,000
Kimberly and Neal JacobsonAndover2269 145th Ave.$369,900
Craig David and Tiffany Dawn BarsnessCoon Rapids11672 Butternut St.$367,000
Pamela Kigman and Raoul FatoAndover15613 Avocet St.$365,000
Aloysius K. and Susan M. JohnsonAndover16055 Makah St.$365,000
Sardar Naseeb KhanBlaine12145 Seventh St.$365,000
Michael O'KeefeBlaine12619 Fergus St.$364,900
Bishesh Pathak and Shristi KcRamsey5676 162nd Crossing$364,500
Lindsey and Jeffrey PowellLino Lakes2231 Tart Lake Road$361,000
Ladell and Leah WindomRamsey5782 169th Ave.$355,000
Phillip and Sarah RickertAndover1466 154th Ave.$355,000
Andrew A. and Kimberly J. NelsonBlaine9157 Alamo St.$350,501
Alex W. and Michelle L. SchmitzBlaine2078 129th Court$350,000
April MahmarianAndover1357 156th Lane$350,000
Richard J. and Janet L. PetersonCoon Rapids1555 129th Ave.$347,900
Matthew MillisOak Grove21840 Linnet St.$344,900
Nicholas C. Wanamaker and Jessica L. MartinLino Lakes570 Arlo Lane$341,000
Martha HenryLino Lakes784 Beaver Circle$340,000
Kathryn and Bradley BakerEast Bethel19617 Stutz St.$338,000
Dzhafar and Sierra GuseynovAndover13350 Nightingale St.$337,000
Anthony Charles and Tanya Joy PanzerLinwood7940 Ryan Lake Drive$335,000
Joshua MoreColumbia Heights5120 St. Moritz Drive$335,000
Gabriele T. and Beau A. HernandezBlaine9144 Yancy St.$335,000
Geoffry and Bronte DwyerBlaine12569 Goodhue St.$330,000
Ross J Willmington and Gerri G MoellerColumbia Heights5000 Johnson St.$330,000
Nichole and Andres S. CotaOak Grove3160 216th Ave.$330,000
Heidi CuppyLinwood7890 Baylor St.$329,000
Nathan L. and Kelly L. TollefsonAndover3201 153rd Ave.$328,000
Jeffrey T. and Robin Jo CarterBlaine1841 129th Lane$325,000
Mark R. Wollschlager and Julie A. HuangBlaine1950 125th Lane$325,000
Joshua William and Elizabeth Michele KeenerRamsey16010 Ebony St.$325,000
John R. and Brittany T. ReadingCoon Rapids13136 Crocus St.$325,000
Randy and PA Tia Vang ThaoCoon Rapids2279 129th Ave.$325,000
Roger and Beth WillEast Bethel985 215th Lane$323,800
Melaura S. and Daniel C. DuncanBlaine8655 Austin St.$321,000
Roberta and Paul Samuel MichalekColumbia Heights5173 St. Moritz Drive$320,000
Stephen M. and Lynne M. PerovichBlaine3324 126th Ave., Unit B$320,000
Luke and Jennifer SlivinskiBlaine802 98th Lane$318,000
Mark KramerLino Lakes7708 Carole Drive$316,000
Julie A. NearyAnoka1207 Fourth Ave.$316,000
Loren W. and Carole N. PetersonNowthen20226 Tiger St.$315,000
Joshua HerbstAndover14947 Seventh Ave.$314,100
George Ronald and Becki Jean OllestadBlaine13137 Hastings St.$311,500
Jordan M. and Christina L. RevierCoon Rapids1630 124th Ave.$309,000
Sarah BrownHam Lake3467 Interlachen Drive$307,355
Colin HindsCoon Rapids12032 Tulip St.$301,000
Evan J. Cummings and Antonio R JuberaAnoka600 Douglas St.$300,000
Louis Guillaud IVAndover543 140th Ave.$300,000
Scott GoossenCenterville7154 Mill Road$300,000
Andrew and Marlee OlsonBlaine11517 Polk St.$300,000
Thomas and Donna LeibrichAndover14420 Hummingbird St.$299,900
Myra and David PattersonSpring Lake Park7892 Tyler St.$295,000
Oliver R. Scott Sr.Columbia Heights650 Sullivan Lane$295,000
Craig J RauschSt. Francis2586 234th Court$293,000
Otto P. and Angela A. Egger EnzmannBlaine13218 Tyler St.$290,000
Josephine BallAnoka3659 Tower Pond Drive$290,000
Ana Lucia Cuzco LlangariBlaine4774 108th Lane$290,000
Nathan S. and Sarah EnglarRamsey15231 Kangaroo St.$290,000
Michael B. MirticaAndover14526 Round Lake Blvd.$288,700
Kevin LamsonOak Grove21151 Butternut St.$288,650
Ryan Knox and Olivia OliverCoon Rapids513 84th Lane$288,000
John StrateRamsey6520 162nd Ave.$288,000
Thor Michael and Katherine Elizabeth Rolek MengelkochRamsey14851 Yakima St.$287,750
Jihad Hamoud and Leymon Sheik-YusufFridley561 Lafayette St.$287,000
Jose J. Jasso Herrera and Pang Soua YangBlaine9742 Quincy St.$286,000
Cecilia M. and Emmanuel T. JohnsonCoon Rapids321 110th Ave.$285,500
Thao Pao MouaHam Lake17100 Davenport St.$283,000
Jasmin BrownCoon Rapids11635 Eldorado St.$282,000
Blong KhangBlaine9843 Pierce St.$280,000

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