Top 100 Stark County home sales for April 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Stark County in April 2020, according to

In April 2020, there were 403 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $130,000 in Stark County.

Top 100 home sales in Stark County for April 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Thomas J. Marchese and A. Trustees HollyNorth Canton7280 St. Georges St.$710,000
Rufener Rentals LLCMassillon7583 Bermuda St.$690,000
Mark YonkerNorth Canton7857 Pine Ridge St.$665,000
Michael Ealy and Diana TecNorth Canton7814 Chanticleer Circle$630,000
Darcy FrielNorth Canton3681 Oak Glen Circle$600,000
Joshua T. Edwards and Maria C. KlutinotyNorth Canton7514 Farmview St.$577,500
Abraham Vinu SimonMassillon5712 Old Bridge Ave.$522,500
Cox Gordon E & Harriett S Co. TrusteesNorth Canton1050 Pickforde Drive$454,300
Raus and Candace GoodmanMassillon2887 Carie Hill Circle$416,000
Christopher C. and Elizabeth A. KabothCanton4728 Neil Circle$394,046
Kevin M. and Jennifer L. RainesNorth Canton1661 Halifax Way$390,000
Roger M. Dishong and Sarah M. LawyerUniontown11193 Hoover Ave.$385,000
Daniel P. and Grete A. HeatherlyCanton7616 Woodway St.$359,900
Daniel J. Lynch and Lynch Jayne McCarthyMassillon4989 Highsaddle Ave.$337,500
Andrea UpdegraffMassillon6344 Great Court Circle$336,250
Tyler Jae Perry and Aaron TylerHartville1705 Cornerstone St.$325,000
Zachary FettmanNorth Canton7 LaSalle Court$320,000
Kevin Allen Seidel and Jo CaseyUniontown11139 Bancroft Ave.$318,000
Caysie J. and Eric M. PayneGreentown9450 Pheasant Valley Ave.$310,000
Daniel LukensCanton4816 Ellinda Circle$307,500
Eric D. and Amy J. MeyerMassillon8585 Canter St.$305,000
Ian and Malinda GiebelerMassillon8190 Brooke Hollow St.$305,000
Derek and Melissa ArbogastLouisville3199 Miday Ave.$304,500
Tifanie BotzerUniontown12607 Estate Ave.$300,000
Scott and Jones Co-Trustees ShariCanal Fulton306 Alexis Lane$294,500
Samantha Marie Callan and Dylan JeremyCanal Fulton9945 Strausser St.$291,000
Tyler Michael MastersMassillon9408 Paulding St.$290,000
John J. and Kristen N. ParrGreentown9310 Pheasant Valley Ave.$289,000
Danielle C. and Ryan D. HickeyUniontown3860 Arlind St.$286,000
Michelle M. Ricciardi (trustee)North Canton1412 Butler Circle$285,000
Michael F. Koening and Jacqueline P SteitzUniontown12678 Amber Circle$284,000
Corey J. and Paige A. MarisavljevichLouisville8390 Ravenna Ave.$282,000
Dean A. Christ and Jo PamelaNorth Canton5551 Birmingham Road$276,000
Elizabeth A. WiltNorth Canton5715 Kings Gate Circle$275,000
James A. III and Tanya R. BlankenshipNorth Canton7701 Stonewood Drive$275,000
Brock M. and Kelsey E. ClineUniontown10532 Planters Cove Circle$275,000
Richard M. Rhodes IIMassillon2545 Linda Lane$272,500
Matthew G. MatyasovskyNorth Canton1023 Eastgreen St.$270,000
Shawn M. and Vanessa J. KleinhenzMassillon6639 List St.$265,000
Kim and Francesco HamiltonLouisville4334 Broadway Ave.$259,900
Jill Susan DevineGreentown2615 Country Squire St.$259,900
Derek S BeckNorth Canton2378 Beechmoor Drive$258,500
Christopher and Linda LeisingHartville312 Adelaide Ave.$258,500
Kirill M. and Amanda R. ZelinCanton3440 Briton Circle$258,000
Nicole N. and Joshua L. CoffieldUniontown1890 Chowning Circle$258,000
Austin M. Cropper and Camille M DietschCanal Fulton9685 Strausser St.$256,000
William S. and Jessica M. LansingerUniontown1961 Gulf St.$252,000
Dustin L. and Rachel MusserNorth Canton7531 Angel Drive$252,000
Timothy McCulloughCanton6113 Woodcrest Ave.$249,900
Sean M. Lynch and Brianna N. ParrishNorth Canton2865 Bridlewood St.$249,500
Jarrod J. and Allison B. McClearyUniontown13216 Prince Georges Ave.$246,000
Leroy E. Vandegrift and Vandegrift RosemaryCanton2241 University Ave.$241,000
Babita and Bhushan BhanotMassillon6690 List St.$240,000
Gerard C. and Kathleen A. GrossAlliance1037 Oakwood Drive$239,900
Scott Brennan and Terryann ThompsonHills and Dales2211 Devonshire Drive$239,900
Joshua B. and Alysha J. BlanchardUniontown12325 King Church Ave.$237,500
Michael J. McCahan and Jennifer M KrisherCanton5241 Giacomo Court$237,000
Alex Dustin and Alex MelissaLouisville1208 Century Hill St.$235,000
Michael A. RefeUniontown10746 Thoresby Circle$235,000
Ronald D. and Monica J. SantucciCanton5046 Parkhaven Ave.$234,000
Dianna L. and Keith E. EmhoffHartville1177 Cosmos St.$230,000
Audra E. and Keith M. KrebsCanton4734 Meadowview Drive$229,900
Karry Michelle SmithNorth Canton2211 Hunting Valley St.$228,900
Jeffrey K FratoLake Slagle6513 Fieldstone Drive$228,000
Mark Davis and Mary EllenMeyers Lake3544 Moonlight Bay Drive$224,000
Dustin E KayLouisville9334 Beech St.$224,000
Cynthia F. Wilkof the (trust)North Canton241 Brookview Drive$221,250
Robert and Lauren JarvisGreentown2669 Country Squire St.$221,000
Mark A. and Megan J. TerryNorth Canton317 Winston Ave.$220,000
M Pfeiffer Timothy and L Pfeiffer MelissaMassillon9561 Pondera St.$220,000
Savanna ThomasCanton2252 Mount Pleasant St.$219,900
Darrick LittenCanal Fulton2035 Byrd Drive$218,900
Heredia and Jennifer RamonWaynesburg7659 Goodland St.$216,000
Randy S HullCanton635 48th St.$215,000
Luke Cynthia M.North Canton233 Brookview Drive$215,000
Thomas Ruskin Jr. and Jessica RuskinLouisville1294 Cheverton Ave.$215,000
Jacob and Amanda ConverseMiddlebranch7627 Lynx Ave.$215,000
Steven GreenmanCanton7559 Market Ave.$214,900
Adam T. CunninghamMassillon2120 Carlyle St.$213,000
Michael G. Oles and Oles Kathleen A. LeeCanton250 21st St.$212,000
Douglas and Lynn HutchingsCanton1221 Applegrove St.$210,000
Kevin M. and Ashton A. CrowlNorth Canton420 Donner Ave.$209,900
Charles M. and Teresa S. AlmasyMassillon7106 Bentley Court$209,900
James J. E. Sutton and Hayley L OhareMassillon4428 Trail Head Circle$209,500
Ian T. and Sylvie HensonAlliance8839 Pontius St.$208,000
Justin A. Venturini and Jessica L. SchrockUniontown11836 Hoover Ave.$206,000
Charles Behal and Christina GilkersonUniontown2888 Linden St.$205,000
Michael and Sara BatesHartville11702 William Penn Ave.$205,000
Bryan OsborneCanal Fulton537 Ericsson Drive$205,000
Paul A. and Lisa K. GuardadoMassillon4593 W. Pointe Circle$205,000
Sergio Serna and Ramos LorielNorth Canton6132 Redford Road$203,000
Jennifer R MilhoanUniontown11095 Jan Circle$201,000
Kyle M SkibaGreentown9133 Wellspring Ave.$199,900
Carla M SimmonsCanal Fulton705 Redwood Drive$199,900
Malynda R WelchLouisville5152 Francesca St.$199,500
Mark Travis MoldovanNorth Canton4828 Echoglenn Ave.$198,500
Darren M Hill and Rae KaraAlliance1180 Milton St.$196,000
Austen R. and Madelyne A. EvansCanton6265 Chesham Drive$195,000
Mark W. and Joni L. PavlicNorth Canton5624 Patricia Ave.$192,500
Kyle M ArnoldMassillon9431 Strausser St.$192,000

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