1,936 homes sold in PalmBeach County with a median home sale price of $270,750 in May 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for PalmBeach County in May 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In May 2020, there were 1,936 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $270,750 in PalmBeach County.

Top 100 home sales in PalmBeach County for May 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Society of the Four Arts Inc.Palm Beach434 Seaspray Ave.$9,367,000
Twin Hearts Palm Beach Realty (trust) and Andrea Salvi (trustee)Palm Beach110 Atlantic Ave.$8,000,000
Sarah Lesesne Tripodi (revocable trust), Sarah Lesesne Tripodi (trustee), V. Tripodi Joseph (revocable trust) and Joseph V. Tripodi (trustee)Palm Beach169 Everglade Ave.$7,000,000
John J. Scott (revocable trust) and John J. Scott (trustee)Highland Beach2342 Ocean Blvd.$6,750,000
Caribbean Pearl LLCPalm Beach3000 Ocean Blvd., Unit Ph, Unit PH4$6,500,000
Susan Tannenbaum (revocable trust) and Susan Tannenbaum (trustee)Boca Raton3621 52nd St.$6,200,234
346 Seapray Avenue (trust) and Guy Rabideau (trustee)Palm Beach346 Seaspray Ave.$5,690,000
107 W Bears Club Drive LLCJupiter107 Bears Club Drive$5,676,500
FJC 2020 Lt Trusts GPNorth Palm Beach (unincorporated)11395 Golf View Lane$5,550,000
Susan Shaw and William O. YoungPalm Beach426 Seaspray Ave.$4,883,000
Lynn M. and Richard F. DematteisPalm Beach120 Sunset Ave. W. 3 A$4,600,000
Diana BellPalm Beach200 Bradley Place 204$4,268,475
A. Manoogian Armen (trust) and Armen A. Manoogian (trustee)Palm Beach110 Seaspray Ave.$4,225,000
Cara Raether 2009 (trust) and Cara Raether Carey (trustee)Wellington3480 Ambassador Road$4,100,000
Elizabeth and John DonnellyPalm Beach1225 Lake Way$3,550,000
Peterson Family (living trust), Nicola Peterson (trustee) and Christopher B. Peterson (trustee)Manalapan65 Curlew Road$3,475,000
Wright Family Trust, Dickerson Wright (trustee) and Katherine Wright (trustee)North Palm Beach (unincorporated)727 Village Road$3,300,000
Miriam and Michael Dean SirotaPalm Beach100 Worth Ave. Ph 5$3,268,000
Barwick 40 Delray LLCDelray Beach (unincorporated)13038 Barwick Road$3,250,000
Timothy O ReynoldsPalm Beach Gardens (unincorporated)14039 Paradise Point Road$3,120,000
Kim Adrienne WhitePalm Beach100 Worth Ave. 315$3,100,000
Etsuko and Dan C. ChambyPalm Beach400 Ocean Blvd. 412E$3,100,000
Allyson and Gautam ShrikhandePalm Beach2269 Ibis Isle Road$3,000,000
Gloria and Sean P. BiddiscombeJupiter135 Ocean Key Way$2,825,000
Jennifer Shultz (trustee) and Abigail K. Aronson (trustee)Palm Beach100 Sunrise Ave. 412$2,750,000
M. Giannamore Claire (trust) and Claire M. Giannamore (trustee)West Palm Beach3316 Flagler Drive$2,710,026
Richard A. and Janene L. EdlinJuno Beach530 Ocean Drive Ph-N.$2,700,000
David and Gila MarxBoca Raton (unincorporated)7027 Valencia Drive$2,695,000
Gretchen JohnsonWellington3630 Jappeloup Lane$2,650,000
Ben-Menachem Molly Gabel and Ben-Menachem TamirBoca Raton540 Kay Terrace$2,625,000
230 Osceola Beach LLCPalm Beach230 Osceola Way$2,557,000
Marjorie and Adrian MinorBoca Raton2848 Banyan Blvd. Circle$2,500,000
Frank J. Landi Jr.Delray Beach222 18th St.$2,450,000
Laura Holmes and Paul JostBoca Raton354 Fifth St.$2,375,000
Mercelina C. and Curtis F. PaffordBoca Raton1 Ocean Blvd. 404$2,250,000
Lynda and Rick S. StrusinerPalm Beach Gardens3140 Burgundy Drive$2,215,500
Beth SchwartzBoca Raton (unincorporated)6960 Lake Estates Court$2,215,000
Larochelle Suzanne (living trust) and Suzanne Larochelle (trustee)Palm Beach Gardens11525 Green Bayberry Drive$2,200,000
Michelle and Michael NirenDelray Beach233 Seventh Ave.$2,181,589
Brandon A. BowskyHighland Beach4229 Tranquility Drive$2,100,000
2960 Greenbriar LLCWellington2960 Greenbriar Blvd.$2,082,000
Bb Family Trust, Michele C. Welsh (trustee) and Scott M. Welsh (trustee)Ocean Ridge95 Island Drive$2,020,000
Palm Beach Pendleton Properties LLCPalm Beach201 Pendleton Ave.$2,000,000
Enid Ellis CheathamPalm Beach Gardens11135 Monet Lane$1,945,000
Jayne and Howard TanneyBoca Raton3769 Coventry Lane$1,925,090
Sherry J. and Todd J. MelloDelray Beach1621 Swinton Ave.$1,900,000
Lisa K. and Sanford H. DavneWest Palm Beach201 Palmetto Lane$1,900,000
Deborah N. and John Richard StammPalm Beach Gardens163 Remo Place$1,900,000
Christin L. and Joseph C. CarronWest Palm Beach119 Alpine Road$1,850,000
Robert H. Wiebelt (trustee), M. Brigitte Wiebelt (trustee), Brigitte Wiebelt M. (trust) and Robert H. Wiebelt (trust)Highland Beach4036 Ocean Blvd.$1,794,500
Justina and Frank LobiondoDelray Beach960 Cypress Drive$1,750,000
Christopher C. BurdettWest Palm Beach7925 Flagler Court$1,735,000
Josephine D. and William B. ElliottJupiter Inlet Colony56 Colony Road$1,725,000
341 Old Jupiter Beach Road LLCLantana701 Atlantic Drive$1,710,000
Manal E. and Ezedin A. NasrWest Boca17768 Vecino Way$1,699,000
Tina Shapiro and Kenneth MoysePalm Beach3120 Ocean Blvd. 3 203$1,680,000
& Caroline McGee Baron (trust), Caroline F. McGee (trustee) and Baron M. McGee (trustee)North Palm Beach654 Riverside Road$1,675,548
Eileen and Michael GoldmanBoca Raton (unincorporated)17374 St. James Court$1,650,000
Linda and Michael SchmelzerBoca Raton1400 Ocean Blvd. 1405$1,640,000
Jean and Thomas EichnerRiviera Beach3920 Ocean Drive, Apt. 12A$1,550,000
Debra Anne Schwinn and Robert Henry Madison GerstmyerWest Palm Beach727 Sunset Road$1,530,000
Cindy Morgan Kim and Edward George RoachBoca Raton4405 24th Terrace$1,530,000
Richaele and Igor NichiporenkoBoca Raton (unincorporated)17619 Bocaire Way$1,475,000
Sobe Real Estate Ventures LLCBoca Raton800 Coventry St.$1,400,000
Bermuda Gardens LLCDelray Beach916 Bermuda Gardens Road$1,400,000
S. Smith Scott (revocable trust), Scott S. Smith (trustee) and Patricia PhilbeckJupiter Inlet Colony236 Beacon Lane$1,375,000
Harshaw (revocable trust), Ana Bacallao Harshaw (trustee) and Robert Charles Harshaw (trustee)Riviera Beach2700 1704b$1,350,000
Zina & Mark Hofkin Inc.Highland Beach3211 Ocean Blvd. 601$1,350,000
Renee and Ken MetrickPalm Beach150 Bradley Place 0615$1,349,000
Violet and Anthony LeonPalm Beach Gardens (unincorporated)14656 Boxwood Drive$1,344,000
Earl Sterrett (trustee), Weingarten Qualified Income Libby (trust) and Libby Weingarten (trustee)Highland Beach3740 Ocean Blvd., Apt. 1110$1,340,000
Matthew Todd Joffe (trustee) and Matthew Todd Joffe (revocable trust)Delray Beach1835 Ocean Blvd. I$1,340,000
Arlene J. and Michael B. McLaughlinBoca Raton7900 Palm Way$1,340,000
Cecilia FiletiPalm Beach Gardens136 Olivera Way$1,330,000
Robert Randell & Kassie Witte Family Trust, Kassie Witte (trustee) and Robert Randell (trustee)Jupiter133 Pegasus Drive$1,325,000
Andrews St. (trust), Charles Krangle (trustee) and Elaine Borchiver (trustee)Boca Raton (unincorporated)6963 Queenferry Circle$1,300,000
Saxon Abby (living trust), Saxon James (living trust), Abby Saxon (trustee) and James Saxon (trustee)Boca Raton (unincorporated)17815 Cadena Drive$1,285,000
Bernard F. BlaneyJupiter164 Harbourside Circle$1,280,000
Christopher M. and Lilit BuckleyBoca Raton (unincorporated)18425 Long Lake Drive$1,250,000
Thomas F. Zenty III (trustee)West Palm Beach400 Flagler Drive 906$1,250,000
Kimberly M. and David G. ForcioneWest Boca6413 Montesito St.$1,250,000
Francesca and Alex J. LewisGulf Stream530 Old School Road$1,250,000
1105 Country Club Drive LLCNorth Palm Beach1105 Country Club Drive$1,250,000
John Barmby and Michelle HefleyGulf Stream3109 Karen Drive$1,250,000
Robert L. EpsteinPalm Beach Gardens104 St. Edwards Place$1,171,000
Susan and Roy MacKenzieWellington12300 Equine Lane$1,170,000
Erica and Christopher ZimmerWest Palm Beach238 Seville Road$1,155,000
Lori MurrinBoca Raton2392 49th Lane$1,130,000
Jill and Gregory SawersJupiter224 Eagle Drive$1,125,000
Angela A. and Clyde A. SzuchWest Palm Beach525 Flagler Drive 27B$1,114,000
Jean M. and David J. TracyPalm Beach Gardens117 Abondance Drive$1,112,500
Daniel Neuman and Katherine RouleBoca Raton1501 Fourth Ave.$1,104,000
Mary Elizabeth J. and Stephen J. DannhauserPalm Beach3360 Ocean Blvd. 5 D I$1,100,000
Nathan ForsterWest Palm Beach320 Murray Road$1,100,000
Pamela and Martin WeiserDelray Beach (unincorporated)5671 Vintage Oaks Circle$1,100,000
Adrienne and Rajat KhuranaBoca Raton (unincorporated)17845 Key Vista Way$1,095,000
Nancy and Nicholas SanderPalm Beach44 Cocoanut Row 218 218B$1,075,000
Lendalk Properties LLCNorth Palm Beach824 Shore Drive$1,068,000
Joann Morgan and Michael Jay SlavinJupiter196 Eagle Drive$1,060,000
Karen and Robert Frederick SternPalm Beach Gardens117 Thornton Drive$1,050,000

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