Cuyahoga County had a median home sale price of $127,250 of 1,878 homes in June 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cuyahoga County in June 2020, according to

In June 2020, there were 1,878 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $127,250 in Cuyahoga County.

Top 100 home sales in Cuyahoga County for June 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Cheryl A. Levanduski (living trust) and Joseph J LevanduskiHunting Valley0 Som Center Road$2,800,000
Apartment 92 Water Streer LLCCleveland1133 Ninth St., Unit 108$2,800,000
Ellen M. and Joseph E. WoodsWestlake29997 Chairmans Rowe$1,800,000
Bradley T. Kowit (revocable trust)Hunting Valley0 Fairmount Blvd.$1,190,000
Patricia F. Babcox (revocable trust)Hunting Valley2566 Courtney Trail$1,100,000
Christine and John WarrenChagrin Falls Township624 Falls Road$1,075,000
Angela and Ryan JohnsonBeachwood24670 Twickenham Drive$981,540
Kenneth and Mary RipichWestlake1770 Arlington Row$925,000
Bradley M. and Rachel E. HarmonPepper Pike16 Hunting Hollow Drive$900,000
Benjamin and Smadar ChafetzBeachwood2440 Blossom Lane$830,000
Juheena Irshad and Mohib KhanGates Mills7175 Settlers Ridge Road$825,000
Sandeep PalakodetiGates Mills1810 County Line Road$802,500
Kristin and Michael RussoWestlake3129$760,000
Anna and Michael DubanskyChagrin Falls174 S. Main St.$750,000
Janine and Robert ScherMoreland Hills75 Juniper Lane$745,000
Jessica and Jonathan SumersMoreland Hills100 Twin Acre Court$742,000
Sanah SalemWestlake1794 Arlington Row$740,000
Mohammed Al NatoutWestlake1819 Bur Oak Drive$715,000
Mary C. GannonShaker Heights2932 Winthrop Road$712,000
Johanna Goldfarb and Kerry LevinLyndhurst5200 Three Village Drive, Unit, Unit 3G$700,000
George W. and Rebecca H. DentSolon32105 Woodsdale Lane$700,000
Benjamin R. and Sarah B. SimmonsRocky River40 Buckingham Road$685,000
Altug and Bilon OzturkChagrin Falls451 Washington St.$670,000
Kevin M Griffith and Lindsey N GroffithSolon7279 Rollingbrook Trail$670,000
Andrea M Pannunzio and Ryan W. StegengaSolon34885 McAfee Drive$669,000
Mark and Patsy SemkoffSolon6162 Chagrin Highlands Drive$655,000
Erika and Nathaniel S. MowreySolon6637 Winston Lane$640,000
Adam A. and April M. BainShaker Heights2918 Winthrop Road$630,000
Michelle S. and Ronald I. KonstantinovskyOrange645 Beacon Hill Drive$630,000
Faiqa H. and Mobin A. MalikShaker Heights16620$620,000
Bryan and Gena BaillisBroadview Heights1257 Homestead Creek Drive$615,000
Koshua M. and Kristen N. VeithPepper Pike2579 Snowberry Lane$614,000
Joy K. and Robert E. WardShaker Heights3175 Belvoir Blvd.$612,000
Andrea L MaherLakewood916 Beach Road$610,000
Kai Zhao and Sarah D. ParkPepper Pike29449 Edgedale Road$610,000
Robert F. and Victoria WareMoreland Hills4080$605,000
Lorene A. StokesCleveland Heights2235 Woodmere Drive$600,000
Katarina StopkoBay Village615 Bassett Road$590,000
Sheryl E. and Terry G. FedorChagrin Falls41 Maple St.$588,000
Mary K. McAndrews and Ray A. GallucciRocky River353$585,000
Karlee K HoffmanBroadview Heights0 Wedgewood Trail$582,500
James and Kelly BrennanBroadview Heights7245 Little Ted Drive$576,000
Katherine N. and William G. ChristieChagrin Falls180 Senlac Hills Drive$575,000
Jerome Sah and Monu GoelPepper Pike30950 Gates Mills Blvd.$550,000
Valley Point LLCMoreland Hills0 Chagrin Blvd.$550,000
Gary M Ellie and Madeleine P EllisSolon6172 Chagrin Highlands Drive$550,000
Courtney L. and John A. BevilacquaLakewood1047 Kenneth Drive$536,000
Paul Moss LLCSolon31271 Arthur Road$530,000
Brian and Jennifer WilgusWestlake1340$525,000
Nikki L. and Sam A. StrazzantiNorth Royalton17424 Creekside Circle$525,000
Michael J. and Sara S. NewsteadBentleyville35391 Quartermane Circle$522,000
Bradley Lang and Sarah BuschWestlake25745 Laura Lane$509,000
Jonathan A. JenningsCleveland2222 Detroit Ave., Unit 1101$500,000
John D. and Nicole C. CoultPepper Pike29650 Shaker Blvd.$499,000
Rebecca and Zane BurgstahlerBroadview Heights1471 Summerwood Drive$498,000
Deidre and Eric EllisShaker Heights2924 Manchester Road$495,000
Lauren F. and Robert D. GriffithsBroadview Heights8478 Camden Court$489,500
Stephen P. ManceBay Village24139 Lake Road$481,000
Andrew M. and Rebecca CoulterWestlake28562 Laughlin Lane$480,000
Ana C. M. R. and Luis CartherySolon5825 Dodsworth Lane$480,000
Kevin L ShresthaBrecksville7762 Sunstone Drive$470,000
Joshua Close and Justina MartinBrecksville12239 Timothy Lane$470,000
James J. Milli and Shannen M MurphyWestlake4236 Bradley Road$466,000
Michael J. and Rebecca L. DworakowskiLakewood2204 Arthur Ave.$463,000
Megan E. GannonLakewood13475 Lake Ave.$455,000
Hannah J. M. and Ryan FrancisShaker Heights2961 Carlton Road$453,500
Edward L. BoldLyndhurst5205 River Creek Road$450,000
Christine L. and Mark A. DoddsBroadview Heights0 St. Andrews Lane$445,000
Elizabeth N. Richmond and Matthew G. JohnstonCleveland Heights2762 Fairmount Blvd.$445,000
Cynthia and Michael DuberOrange3879 Beechmont Oval$443,587
Elizabeth C. Arnett and Steven J PailleShaker Heights2711 Rochester Road$440,000
Bobbi J PalumboWestlake1500 Prince Charles Ave.$434,000
James C. and Jean A. MontagnaStrongsville0 Carlyle Drive$432,000
Frank Camardo and Janette C AinsleyCleveland1787 32nd Ave.$430,000
Eddie TaylorSolon32745 Shadowbrook Drive$430,000
Robert W. BasketteChagrin Falls32$429,000
Miri and Ris GiladBeachwood2562 Biscayne Blvd.$425,000
Eric VittardiNorth Royalton5150 Waterbridge Drive$421,500
Everest and Keri Garcia CurleyBroadview Heights3187 Oakwood Trail$420,000
Danny Lewis and Paige LeslieWestlake28706 Laughlin Lane$415,000
Muralidhar MovvaHighland Heights164 Burwick$415,000
Craig and Teri KoslenHunting Valley0 Cedar$415,000
Mathew J Johnson and Sandra A. MazzoniShaker Heights2711 Green Road$412,500
Mary E. Spence and Ryan M. ClarkRocky River19343 Frazier Drive$411,425
John JoycePepper Pike33400 Fairmount Blvd.$410,000
Alex J. and Katherine J. CancelliereNorth Royalton5480 Riverview Drive$409,000
Andrew Bandsuh and Kimberly PriceBroadview Heights8757 Breckenridge Oval$407,000
Christina L. and Jonathan J. KruseSolon32874 Burlwood Drive$405,000
Christopher A. and Roberta A. BoykoBroadview Heights272 Wilmington Drive$405,000
Gary W. and Lauren M. BudzarIndependence4851 Great Oaks Parkway$405,000
Cole A. Heeg and Ryan C. PeliniBroadview Heights8150 Thackeray Court$405,000
Quest Property Holdings LLCGarfield Heights4629 Rockwood Road$400,550
Nicholas Brown and Yanjun HouShaker Heights2669 Cranlyn Road$395,000
Henry Pettiegrew and Robin A. BeaversBrecksville9972 Fitzwater Road$395,000
Jacob A. MillerCleveland2326 Fifth St.$390,000
Chris and Robin NauShaker Heights2674 Cranlyn Road$390,000
Jason and Mary BreiningerMoreland Hills65 Hemlock Lane$390,000
Corey J KimbleGates Mills640 Battles Road$389,000
Sachin G. and Shweta DeshpandeSolon33842 Hannover Woods Trail$389,000
Zi Ouyang and Zijian WangSolon7200 Winchester Drive$386,000

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