Johnson County had a median home sale price of $232,500 of 155 homes in September 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Johnson County in September 2020, according to

In September 2020, there were 155 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $232,500 in Johnson County.

Top 100 home sales in Johnson County for September 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Lakewood Hills HoldingsCoralville209 Holiday Road$4,540,000
Matthew D. and Katie L. Melloy and Oxford Iowa City ofNorth Liberty2700 Teresita Court$1,200,000
Timothy N. Ternes (trustee), Katherine K. Ternes (trustee) and Ternes (living trust)Iowa City127 Leamer Court$790,000
Jeffrey Brown and Melissa LudgateCoralville1080 Maplewood Drive$716,000
Allen P. and Patricia L. MorelockCoralville20 Meade Drive$675,000
Deborah S. and Robert B. KacmarynskiIowa City4385 Arrow Wood Court$628,000
Omar and Lubna AhmadIowa City15 Wildberry Lane$600,000
Anne and Doug ZepeskiIowa City979 Camp Cardinal Road$590,136
Lisa J OlingerCoralville2340 Poplar St.$580,000
Daniel L. Bissell and Jennifer Jo SchubertIowa City826 Tranquil Bluff Trail$575,000
Tyler Joseph and Joanne Maureen BarnesNorth Liberty115 Juniper St.$565,000
Brotherton InvestmentsIowa City863 Kennedy Parkway$540,000
Rachel and Israel A. TrevizoNorth Liberty105 Juniper St.$535,000
Crockett the (living trust)Iowa City4222 Cumberland Lane$504,000
Martha P. Moreland and James J. MoliniIowa City242 Colchester Drive$500,000
Barkalow Investments Inc.North Liberty3682 Coral Cove Lane$495,000
Jane and Craig F. ReischauerNorth Liberty2518 Cottonwood Court$488,000
Mary Katherine and David John KusnerIowa City1120 Goldenrod Drive$470,000
Joshua O. and Lacy M. SestakNorth Liberty1545 Cypress Circle$456,000
US BankCoralville1500 Brown Deer Road$450,983
Capgrow Holdings Jv Sub VIICoralville1985 Holiday Road$440,138
Kimberly J FoxCoralville2958 High Bluff Drive$439,900
William E. Jefferson and Edna C. CabaseTiffin285 Goldfinch Drive$400,000
Neal and Clare MacDonaldIowa City10 Larkspur Court$395,000
Rural Route 1Coralville2047 Dempster Drive$374,000
Eve and Logan SloanCoralville2270 Flintshire View$355,000
Bernard Charles and Charlene Jean KruseIowa City1489 Lake Shore Drive$355,000
Richard D. and Carol L. WyssIowa City16 Jeremy Court$355,000
Bijan Hakimi (trustee), Rayka Mohebbi (trustee) and Hakimi Mohebbi (revocable trust)Coralville2012 Lynncrest Drive$347,000
David and Kristy L. DiianniIowa City158 Eversull Lane$345,000
Bonita R. and Gerald R. FordCoralville2145 Glen Oaks Drive$344,000
Manuel and Victoria RuelasCoralville760 Mesquite Drive$339,900
Donald D. and Doreen F. ReidNorth Liberty1610 Stone Creek Circle$339,000
Claire Black and Robert D. HansonIowa City380 Arlington Drive$330,000
Theogene and Adela HavugimanaIowa City2809 Court St.$320,000
Robert J. and Abigail J. CastleIowa City828 Tipperary Road$320,000
Derrick Cv and Soan Nj ShostromCoralville1908 Liberty Lane$315,500
Roger Struble Jr. and Emily HastUniversity Heights1409 Grand Ave.$315,000
Kathryn M. WilsonNorth Liberty785 Molly Drive$310,000
Rex Lee Clemmensen and Judith Diane HodgesIowa City15 Heron Circle$310,000
James Wetzel and Shelly HsiaoIowa City78 Phyllis Place$310,000
Dan N. and Jacie A. SnowNorth Liberty1045 Cory Court$310,000
William G. and Megan L. DeboardNorth Liberty1365 Hancock St.$309,000
Eric A. Miller and Alissa B ZickefooseCoralville935 Forest Edge Drive$305,000
Zachary and Kathryn RiddleNorth Liberty615 Tantara Court$295,000
Katelyn WalshIowa City835 Oakcrest St.$295,000
Harry and Jean BarthIowa City1557 Somerset Lane$286,000
Diane R DavisCoralville283 Dovetail Drive$285,000
Allan L. and Debra A. UlrichNorth Liberty1370 Copper Mountain Drive$284,900
Mitchell Huntington and Rachel HuttenNorth Liberty380 Penn Ridge Drive$280,000
Kyle StahleIowa City127 Raven St.$280,000
Alexa and Colin IbenIowa City1612 Derwen Drive$278,000
Brandon W. and Karrie L. YoungIowa City34 Brentwood Lane$275,000
William F. and Heidi V. BurnsIowa City533 Summit St.$273,500
Brooke and Hunter SchmittNorth Liberty25 Ash Court$268,500
Parker W StallmanNorth Liberty445 Camden St.$264,000
Genevieve P. Lemaster (trustee), Genevieve P. Lemaster (revocable trust) and Genevieve P. Lemaster (trust)Iowa City3625 Elgin Drive$262,500
Nicholas A. and Kate L. KruzichIowa City60 Andrea Court$262,500
Pro Home SolutionsIowa City14 Fairview Knoll$260,000
Joshua and Amy JohnsonIowa City1528 Terrapin Drive$260,000
Natalie M. Berto and Jacob P. EcklundIowa City101 Amhurst St.$260,000
Genevieve and Don JurgensonTiffin552 Bear Drive$258,800
Sandra M SchodowskiUniversity Heights79 Olive Court$257,000
Makenzie R. StumpfCoralville440 Third Ave., Unit 5$256,000
Bradley L. and Jennifer L. NelsonCoralville1321 Woolridge Drive$255,000
Brent and Carmen ArdoinCoralville2193 Port Talbot Place$253,000
Richard E. Hines and Mary JohnstonIowa City12 Colwyn Court$250,000
Vladimir GuerreroIowa City2040 Dubuque Road$249,000
Kirby P MossIowa City1832 Dubuque St.$248,000
Brad C. and Kristina SwansonNorth Liberty299 Radcliffe Drive$245,000
Louis A. Munoz and Sherry TorresIowa City1526 Hemingway Lane$242,000
Shelby and Thomas A. MrgichNorth Liberty1495 Deerfield Drive$239,900
Alex M. and Moriah MarinelliCoralville421 Fifth St.$237,000
Marvin L. and Darelene M. BergmanNorth Liberty242 Park Ridge Road$235,500
Moe Basri and Dhuha MustafaIowa City93 Jema Court$235,000
Brent K BlaserIowa City6 Bangor Circle$235,000
David P. and Jade L. HartleyCoralville2043 13th St.$233,000
Kendall L. and Emily S. SmithCoralville2011 Lynncrest Drive$232,500
Karen S WilcoxIowa City1637 Clifford Lane$230,000
David E. and Donna J. RehaIowa City19 Somerset Place$229,500
Daniel J. GaffeyIowa City135 Westminster St.$229,000
Keean Amiri RazavianNorth Liberty85 Park Ridge Road$225,000
Peter L. Campie and Meghan J MelleckerLone Tree224 Taylor Drive$224,000
Jean and Benjaman KnuckeyNorth Liberty25 McKenzie Lane$223,000
Michelle L WielandIowa City965 Ball St.$220,000
Kevin M. and Patricia L. HanickIowa City1007 Kyle Drive$220,000
Adam C. CrossettTiffin260 Woodfield Drive$218,000
Joshua A. KleinmeyerNorth Liberty1382 Whipple Court$217,500
Richard T. GreenIowa City1126 St. Clement St.$217,000
Anna E. CigrandNorth Liberty1577 Sadler Drive$217,000
Jared N. and Ashley S. SmithNorth Liberty205 Park Ridge Road$216,900
Tim R. and Patricia A. KuhnsCoralville1303 Fifth St., No. 602$215,000
Nathalee C GrueNorth Liberty1090 Patton Lane$215,000
James R. and Audrey E. PuseyIowa City200 Windsor Drive$215,000
Luc Mukumbilwa Kiray and Sifa EbindaIowa City202 Cayman St.$214,000
Lois J. BakerIowa City2150 Plaen View Drive$210,000
Connor M. MebusNorth Liberty1820 Sara Court$210,000
Rachael M Ayers ArnoneIowa City705 Keokuk Court$208,000
Nathaniel R. and Alexandra BenoitNorth Liberty240 George St.$207,000
Michael A. JonesCoralville1397 Ozark Ridge$205,000

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