Top 100 Washington County home sales for October 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Washington County in October 2020, according to

In October 2020, there were 241 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $325,000 in Washington County.

Top 100 home sales in Washington County for October 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Arbor Ridge Development Inc.Woodbury7435 Bailey Road$8,000,000
Woodlawn LLCStillwater15290 113th St.$3,300,000
Michael Keith and Allison Mae BennettLake Elmo10059 Tapestry Road$1,250,000
Thomas J. KedrowskiStillwater12191 Arcola Trail$845,000
Gregory J. and Kathy L. SherwoodBirchwood Village11 Birchwood Lane$790,000
Todd AmleeForest Lake21900 Ideal Ave.$776,000
Nabell and Faten KhouryForest Lake9487 North Shore Trail$757,000
Chauncy William and Carly Elizabeth CharlsonWoodbury3220 Crestmoor Drive$750,000
Michael and Molly MaslowskiAfton2263 Trading Post Trail$740,000
Dennis J. and Sandra K. GoreStillwater13232 20th St. Court$701,000
Christopher J. and Heidi M. PartonHugo12210 Heather Ave.$675,000
Connie S. Thompson and Brian L. LoomisHugo8785 126th St.$660,000
Holli Rae and Jason Joseph VanoverbekeWoodbury3281 Arden Drive$659,000
Natalie and Ryan ThiesenGrant6255 Keats Ave.$632,000
Benjamin and Gina GilsrudStillwater10545 Norwood Ave.$625,000
Ted William and Giavanna Rose PappasStillwater3333 Osgood Way$625,000
Jonathan and Kristin Anne SommerGrant7895 Leeward Ave.$618,350
Jeffrey VorlickyLake Elmo4168 Kirkwood Lane$589,900
Luke and Sara MarsolekStillwater1955 Osprey Ave.$588,000
Joshua and Tanya MozingoWoodbury6195 Military Cove$585,712
Bryan and Nietra JaquetteHugo12010 Heather Ave.$575,000
Kevin T Bach and Heather L Foerster-BachWoodbury10459 Raleigh Road$575,000
Hlee Thao and Choso LyWoodbury5120 Allen Drive$575,000
Traverson Austin and Christina ProutWoodbury1770 Bluewater Lane$565,000
Rebecca Marie and Bert WindhorstAfton13695 Tomahawk Drive$560,000
Nikolai and Rebecca MiligouloCottage Grove10970 Kingsborough Court$533,000
Richard SchulteWoodbury3563 Rae Lane$525,000
Joshua J. and Jamie M. LynchLake Elmo835 Midwest Trail Court$517,500
Justin M. and Hilary K. BoespflugLake Elmo2820 Lisbon Ave.$517,000
Erin and Lee BloomquistLake Elmo3597 Iris Ave.$515,000
Xin WangWoodbury2290 Fieldstone Curve$515,000
Corey J Leinum and Christie JC LeinumWoodbury3785 Smithfield Curve$512,900
Jason and Dana M. ReilWoodbury2338 Fieldstone Curve$510,000
Brian and Carissa BehrendtMahtomedi887 Deer Oak Run$505,725
Matthew C. and Sarah E. CookLake Elmo9655 53rd St.$503,000
Brook and Barbara DuerrLake Elmo9233 Jane Road$500,000
Sean M. Wickhem and Elissa F. ThompsonAfton2421 Stagecoach Trail$500,000
Eric J. FinleyCottage Grove6133 Homestead Ave.$500,000
Elizabeth A. Carlson and Darrell J. SmithWoodbury11361 Traverse Road$495,000
Nicole and Jason ZagrzebskiCottage Grove6374 Highland Hills Blvd.$491,000
Jose Moises Ramirez and Anna Mary De La RosaForest Lake9255 202nd St.$489,900
Steven J. and Susan L. RungeWoodbury7140 Waterstone Circle$485,000
Rahjul and Deepali RaghavWoodbury4744 Bluestem Way$483,000
Hojung Joseph and Ellie Jeonghee YoonWoodbury2485 Sandstone Drive$475,000
Dean and Allison EllingsonCottage Grove6128 Homestead Ave.$470,000
Christopher and Anna ClaytonMahtomedi1164 East Shore Ave.$470,000
Correy Michael and Michelle Marie LorenzScandia16315 209th St.$465,000
Karthikeyan KittappanWoodbury2702 White Eagle Circle$463,500
Sheree and Mark SmithDellwood362 Quail Road$462,000
Anthony George Wallin and Jason Joseph FihnWoodbury648 Lake Ridge Drive$460,000
Charles SchumacherHastings7955 Quadrant Ave.$460,000
Mithun Ravindranath and Vasundhara GaneshCottage Grove9448 69th St.$458,000
James Frost and Hayley CarlsonLake Elmo11225 31st St.$457,300
Madison and Deanna Joy BieniekLake Elmo11120 Fourth St.$455,000
Hpa US1 LLCWoodbury789 Winterberry Draw$450,000
Kevin L McInnis and Malissa A. CostanzoForest Lake945 Seventh Ave.$450,000
Ladis Ivonne Montes and Felix Patricio BastidasCottage Grove9320 Hillside Trail$450,000
Meeme NyombiWoodbury3185 Arden Drive$450,000
Andrew and Margaret SchwartzStillwater3449 Tall Pine Trail$449,900
Nathan Michael Bossory and Nicolle Marie DriscollStillwater1224 Pine St.$446,398
Jonathan BurnsStillwater317 Sherburne St.$444,000
Amy Hamilton and Gene Norman Ekdahl IILake Elmo8170 59th St.$440,000
Clay R. SteffensScandia20868 Odell Ave.$438,000
William James and Sandra Ann KarelWoodbury8524 Beacon Road$435,000
Diane Rath PetersonCottage Grove7180 Iverson Court$434,900
Amy Shaw and Jason Bradley ClarkMahtomedi66 Juniper St.$430,000
Neal GaarderWoodbury8819 Stonebrooke Court$429,400
Linda L. and Albert J. KleinsasserWoodbury8811 Stonebrooke Court$420,000
Not AvailableStillwater13670 Greenwood Trail$415,000
Lindy M Schlosser and Jason B JacksonScandia14241 205th St.$415,000
Patricia and Anthony ZankoStillwater1365 McKusick Road Lane$415,000
Taleisha Rooney and Brianne LittlefieldWoodbury9097 Duckwood Trail$412,000
Raul Martinez Robles and Sandra MartinezHugo15780 Foxhill Ave.$409,900
Jessica M. Pusch and Alexander S. PedersenWoodbury3936 Homestead Drive$404,000
Ronald K. and Lois M. LevinForest Lake20176 Explorer Court$400,000
The Trust Agreement of David and Kathryn Harvieux, dated April 15, 2020Woodbury8218 Lori Lane$400,000
Jonathan and Adrienne FriedmanOakdale7036 44th St.$400,000
Nicholas C. and Wendy W. GorskiStillwater419 Greeley St.$395,000
Brianne M. SinnaForest Lake20620 Juno Ave.$395,000
Peter F. HaoWoodbury9156 Brentwood Trail$390,173
John R. and Heather L. LawtonCottage Grove6911 Ideal Ave.$390,000
Toni Marie HyjekWoodbury896 Moonlight Drive$390,000
Nicolai Tzouloug and Song Xiong LyfoungWoodbury3861 Homestead Drive$389,900
Jason Kane and Spring KaneWoodbury3571 Williamsburg Bay$388,200
Martha and Dallas Ruprecht and Beth JakupciakCottage Grove6671 Homestead Ave. Court$386,000
Monica Nicola and Ryan ZamboniWoodbury2711 Kempston Drive$382,400
Hpa US1 LLCWoodbury2909 Meadow Brook Drive$380,000
Keiko MayekBirchwood Village580 Hall Ave.$377,500
Kiel S. Des and Reannin Des JarlaisCottage Grove7150 96th St.$376,000
James Luc Robert and Jessica Ann DrummondStillwater1245 Center St.$374,000
Steven and Molly StowersOakdale6341 26th St.$372,850
Tony H. and Harmala Singh DassanWoodbury2087 Woodbridge Way$369,600
Mai Neng and PA ChaWoodbury7469 Chesham Lane$368,500
Brock A. and Nicole M. GoodForest Lake18215 Henna Ave.$368,000
Nicholas Blaine and Jenna Michele MartyForest Lake22775 Janero Ave.$365,000
Ryan M. GundersonMahtomedi181 Iris St.$362,500
Allison Rene Cole and Christopher MroslaMahtomedi221 Briarwood Ave.$360,000
Brian Keith DownsWoodbury10910 Retreat Lane$360,000
Thomas P. ConnorsHugo4547 Empress Way 2$356,000
Allison Mary and Vincent BrautigamWoodbury11250 Beechwood Lane$355,000

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