608 homes sold in Stark County with a median home sale price of $134,950 in October 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Stark County in October 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In October 2020, there were 608 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $134,950 in Stark County.

Top 100 home sales in Stark County for October 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
1455 Shadow Ridge Avenue LLCAlliance1225 Shadowridge Ave.$2,000,000
Mark A. and Stacie D. StahlUniontown1675 Midway St.$819,500
Norman and Janel LordNorth Canton7876 Chanticleer Circle$699,000
Douglas R. and Julie C. KeyserMassillon5865 Great Court Circle$685,000
Chad and Molly SperlingNorth Canton7532 Bethany Circle$610,000
Dennis and Thoy PfabeNorth Canton2524 Clydesdale St.$580,000
Melanie Diane Hindmarsh and Allen JamesNorth Canton5879 Westridge Circle$529,900
Seven Hills Country Club LLCHartville11696 William Penn Ave.$500,000
Seven Hills Country Club LLCHartville11954 William Penn Ave.$500,000
Nicholas and Michelle PotenziniNorth Canton8588 Sweeney Ave.$487,600
Chad M PetersonHartville11094 Wolf Ave.$475,000
Andrew and Kristen DigennaroHartville5352 Pinedale St.$473,500
Kyle D Grove and Renee TracyAlliance2965 Ashwood Drive$460,000
Michael Kristi N. and David W. KindelbergerUniontown2833 Castle View St.$450,000
Nancy L. and Brian K. BlairNorth Canton2899 MacDuff Drive$450,000
Page M. and Linda R. BullockCanton4121 Logan Ave.$450,000
Todd M. and Alicia V. PuckyMassillon6284 Ashmede Court Circle$449,095
Craig and Melissa HoffmanCanal Fulton7966 Erie Ave.$425,000
Name Withheld By Request.Alliance2980 Ashwood Drive$425,000
David M. and Melisa J. PursleyUniontown12197 Rimini Ave.$415,000
Derek M. and Jessica M. AngeloniCanal Fulton10745 Johnson St.$413,000
Joseph S Lamonica IIINorth Canton7992 Pine Ridge St.$410,000
Glenn R. and Sarah J. BlackCanton1693 Woodthrush St.$406,000
Todd A. and Valerie K. StreetMassillon4864 Red Fox Drive$405,000
William J. and Kimberly S. FassosAlliance11275 McCallum Ave.$390,000
Brian M Johnson and Jennifer R FrancesconAlliance2480 Orchard Spring St.$386,000
Patrick and Stephanie McBreartyNorth Canton1674 Meadowlane Drive$385,000
Adam Michael and Kimberly WeaverHartville1010 Patunia Circle$385,000
Aaron E. SmithGreentown2764 Chalford Circle$379,900
Justen W AllenMassillon8612 Ashmede Court Circle$378,000
Stephen A. Lewis and Marlya O KrisenkoCanton3431 Blackburn Road$371,500
Michael Dolfi and Julie Jenay ArmstrongMassillon8732 Eastlynn Ave.$370,000
Michael C. and Rachel ManeyUrban Hill14160 Sousa St.$364,000
Shayne L Jenkins and Melanie A. SecklerCanton6193 Armistice Ave.$360,000
Robert S. and Bonnie L. McClellanCanton3201 Midvale Road$353,450
Louis and Makenzie ThomasCanton2838 Dunbarton Ave.$350,000
E. Duane and Kimberly S. WykoffNorth Canton1816 Rockbridge Court$339,000
James L. and Phyllis I. BarkettCanton5762 East Blvd.$337,500
Jessica E. Neely and Joseph KitzmillerUniontown10924 Mogadore Ave.$334,000
Yelena and David KrutilekNorth Canton2146 McGinty Road$332,000
Dominic V. and Jacqueline M. CursioHartville1001 Oneida Trail$320,000
Joseph and Maria PhillipsMassillon8277 Audubon St.$316,500
David W. Cornell and A. Trustees PamelaLouisville11811 Louisville St.$310,000
Kyle R. and Marie PohlNorth Canton6256 Walnut Ridge Circle$300,000
Scott J. and Rachel M. TassileCanton5833 Ballyshannon Circle$300,000
Joshua P. and Penny C. EshelmanAlliance3640 Baldwin Ave.$300,000
Adam L. ShafferCanton3348 Malory Circle$299,900
Adam S. and Ashley E. KiefferCanton3416 Briton Circle$299,000
Gary E. and Catherine A. WrightHartville305 Crestmont Ave.$298,100
Timothy C. and Teresa A. LambertHartville11010 Immel Ave.$295,000
Patricia E. Nickerson (trustee)Meyers Lake1311 Park Ave.$295,000
Dan C. and Danielle N. BittnerHartville11537 William Penn Ave.$291,000
Linda Koogle (trustee)Canton1616 Bexwell St.$290,000
Daniel S. Greer and Katy E RussellCanton6704 Bridgestone Circle$290,000
Nicholas PerrkinsAlliance2516 Orchard Spring St.$290,000
Mark T. Ostrowski and Kaitlyn E. ColeridgeNorth Canton354 Bonnett St.$290,000
Bryan and Morgan BesozziUniontown1666 Hastings Circle$290,000
John August Dettore and Kay JanetNorth Canton2410 Rohrer St.$289,900
Justin and Amanda BuntainNorth Canton2491 Mohler Drive$289,900
Jessica A. NewlonCanal Fulton10039 Portage St.$288,500
Kristin M MaximovichAvondale2826 Midvale Road$280,000
Cody T. and Anne M. HornerCanton5845 Royal Hill Circle$279,900
Sabrina M. and Jason A. TomaykoCanal Fulton150 Skyview St.$275,000
Jason and Melissa SheetsAlliance12425 McCallum Ave.$275,000
Chad M. and April A. KossbielNorth Canton2236 Beechmoor Drive$275,000
Aaron J. and Kayla M. CaleyHills and Dales2910 Tremont Circle$274,000
Adriel Rivera and Widder HollyMassillon8315 Brown Bear Circle$273,000
Dustin and Sarah HalseyCanton5228 Konen Ave.$272,000
Jacob E. and Margaret A. GeisNorth Canton845 Ninth St.$270,500
Willowdale Country Club (YEH Lloyd Inc.North Canton258 Oak Drive$270,000
Kerry Jo Miller and Jason CarolCanton4317 Larchwood Circle$269,000
Jacob Travis PepperNorth Canton2240 Rohrer St.$269,000
Paul D. BaughmanMassillon960 Mill Ridge Path$268,900
Megan J. and Justin G. FosterNorth Canton5265 Eastlake St.$268,000
Mildred J. SnyderCanton6581 Harness Circle$262,000
Courtney L ZieglerCanal Fulton7800 Diamondback Ave.$261,000
Christina M. and Philip C. RohrCanal Fulton6173 Erie Ave.$260,000
Nicholas J. Spillios and Katherine ClarkNorth Canton5767 Echodell Ave.$260,000
Beverly BlandfordLouisville5772 Shallow Creek Ave.$260,000
Steven II and Amanda SlackUniontown12414 Waterfall Ave.$255,900
Joshua David Hosking and Nikole DarylCanton6957 Eastham Circle$255,000
Joseph R ChevrauxNorth Canton2158 Rohrer St.$254,900
Ty HuffCanal Fulton7495 Diamondback Ave.$254,900
Dale and Joan LangankeMassillon7885 Hardin Ave.$254,000
Ronald J SurmayCanton4243 Sherer Ave.$250,000
Verie John Wright and Marie TeresaNorth Canton187 Winston Ave.$250,000
Jessica Reiland and Brandon P. BiselNorth Canton1902 Hunting Valley St.$249,900
Terry M. and Kimberly L. BogardCanton5551 Severn Circle$248,500
Dickey Rebecca and Justin A. HillAlliance2033 Overcrest St.$245,000
Jared M. and Jessamyn PalmerMassillon1732 Cadbury St.$245,000
Timothy OserCanal Fulton11671 Kirkland St.$245,000
Robert G. and Cara C. GanserLouisville1276 Cheverton Ave.$244,900
Dennis and Rachael TaylorUniontown12416 King Church Ave.$242,500
Daniel P. White and Michele A. KoconMassillon2547 Meadowwind Lane$240,000
Chelsi and Kevin MoirMassillon1834 Plymouth Knoll Ave.$238,000
Laurie J. Arras (trustee)Uniontown3272 Northdale St.$237,500
Calib and Katherine WillisCanal Fulton10355 Edgecliff St.$237,500
Jonathan D. DeremerMassillon2500 Malone Ave.$237,500
James D. Ttee HolderbaumCanton4653 Seventh St.$236,600
Benjamin W. and Brittaney A. MageeCanton3372 Capricio St.$236,000

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