2,192 homes sold in King County with a median home valuation of $386,500 in October 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for King County in October 2020, according to BlockShopper.com.

In October 2020, there were 2,192 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $386,500 in King County.

Top 100 home valuations in King County for October 2020
Gerard J Stanton Jr. and Darlene StantonSeattle1102 36th Ave.$1,000,000
Norman Zong and Binh DangRedmond (unincorporated)15926 135th St.$1,010,000
Eric D BrewsterKirkland6514 102nd Ave.$1,022,000
Jonathan R. Stephanie and Jonathan Medverd (revocable living trust)Seattle2217 Newton St.$1,024,000
Laura Espin and Luis A. CaballeroSeattle5439 Kirkwood Place$1,025,000
Howard V. Raff and Marcia NayWoodinville (unincorporated)18210 218th Ave.$1,027,000
Mark and Terry Robertson and ...Bellevue2120 109th Ave.$1,028,000
Nicolas and Jeanna DeforeitSeattle3111 Charles St.$1,031,000
Leslie Lorenz and Craig SusenSeattle2538 35th Ave.$1,034,000
Jason W Chien and Margaret LiuSeattle2855 Golden Drive$1,046,000
Juan J. Montiel-Cordova and Elena Sarmiento-RuizSeatac4825 168th St.$106,000
Caitlin J HoughonSeattle2317 13th Ave.$1,061,000
Dennis KiilerichSeattle2236 38th Place$1,062,000
Andrews (living trust)Seattle3215 Morley Way$1,065,000
Huaqi Jiang and Yan LiuSeattle7336 56th Ave.$1,070,000
Lucinda E. and Waterloo Trust Lucinda Blakeley IIRedmond (unincorporated)6139 204th Drive$1,075,000
Colin W. and Leanne ConnorsSeattle1715 Bigelow Ave.$1,077,000
Robert H. and Elisa Mezistrano WolfMercer Island2208 80th Ave.$1,078,000
Suveen Vuppala and Mayura VuchuruBellevue189 140th Ave.$1,082,000
Kelly D Smith and Courtenay C AllenSeattle3507 46th Ave.$1,083,000
Alexandre Fomenko and Leslie PendergrastSeattle2606 43rd Ave.$1,084,000
Kilcha SekyraEnumclaw (unincorporated)28301 424th St.$109,000
US Bank, NANewcastle8310 154th Ave.$1,091,000
Janice Elaine Brown (living trust)Sammamish20415 31st St.$1,096,000
David Chang and Xiangling CaiBeaux Arts Village10020 27th St.$1,096,000
Jun Zhang and Hua ShiBellevue3821 112th Ave.$1,097,000
Xiaocong GuoWoodinville (unincorporated)18215 190th Place$1,098,000
Mei and Ming ZhuRedmond (unincorporated)13507 157th Court$1,098,000
Kevan Lee KeshvadianSeattle7363 57th Ave.$1,107,000
James DainardBellevue2930 170th Ave.$1,108,000
James DainardBellevue2930 170th Ave.$1,108,000
Haoming Chen and Rui ZhuangKirkland710 18th Ave.$1,108,000
Kate WoodardEnumclaw (unincorporated)28302 472nd St.$111,000
Joshua E. and Irit LevinNewcastle8321 143rd Court$1,115,000
Vaggio LLCSeattle4609 89th St.$1,117,000
Madhu MalikKenmore15215 62nd Ave.$1,120,000
Jerrod C Petterson and Angela Chung PattersonSeattle6653 Windermere Road$1,120,000
Basel Salam and Salma VhoraBellevue13622 Fifth St.$1,125,000
Laura and Benjamin NewmanSammamish23710 24th St.$1,128,000
Orca Nest LLCSammamish23220 47th Way$1,129,000
Jeremy and Barbara TantrumSeattle13717 Stone Ave.$113,100
Paul Sutton and Heather McPhillipsSeattle9714 23rd Ave.$1,131,000
Linda G HansonSeattle5624 55th Ave.$1,138,000
Amy PateMaple Valley26312 222nd Ave.$114,400
Natasha LipovacWoodinville (unincorporated)15618 173rd St.$1,158,000
Hui Xiong and Jon ZhangBellevue6579 156th Ave.$1,161,000
Rajesh and Jayalakshmi Subramanian and ...Shoreline17720 15th Ave.$1,171,000
Kyle W Lawton and Corinne A. CavanaughKirkland6721 111th Ave.$1,182,000
Lin Tang and Jun LuoSammamish3825 234th Ave.$1,186,000
Charles Nathan and Tessa Marie IllKirkland (unincorporated)14414 132nd Ave.$119,000
Vitaliy and Lyudmila AfichukClyde Hill1411 86th Ave.$1,193,000
Pu LI and Tianjiao DuBellevue2412 100th Ave.$1,195,000
Richard and Hope Stroble and ...Seattle1206 Lexington Way$1,197,000
Richard and Hope Stroble and ...Seattle1206 Lexington Way$1,197,000
Samuel Y. NgBellevue13406 32nd Place$1,200,000
Samuel Y. NgBellevue13406 32nd Place$1,200,000
Dittler Hennelore (revocable living trust)Seattle630 Hillside Drive$1,206,000
Elizabeth BrinkmanAuburn31908 120th Place$121,000
Barrett F Reidinger and Tina M ReideingerSeattle (unincorporated)12256 77th Ave.$121,000
Palaniappan Vairavan and Sivagami ArunachalamSammamish2135 204th Place$1,211,000
Bing Xu and Leyuan WangKirkland1643 Second St.$1,212,000
Mark and Melissa EamerSeattle1625 Ninth Ave.$1,216,000
Dae Hyun Lee and Soeun ChoiSeattle4559 41st St.$1,219,000
Iosif and Maria Elena LutaRenton2201 Aberdeen Ave.$122,000
Hernando Olivar and Nathalia JimenezSeattle4720 36th St.$1,226,000
Daniel DingleWhite Center (unincorporated)12209 Second Ave.$123,000
David Ung Kim and Lucia Yun ChouRenton4312 22nd Court$124,000
Carlos Larios and Sandy MirandaMaple Valley22519 Bain Road$124,000
Andrew W. Kwong and Shirley KanClyde Hill8422 27th Place$1,243,000
Gunjan and Rashmi JhaRedmond (unincorporated)20411 71st St.$1,250,000
Enumclaw School District No 216Black Diamond32529 First Ave.$126,000
Michael John VanderzandenMercer Island7939 Lakeview Lane$1,266,000
Paige and Robert BaldridgeSeattle3356 Shore Drive$1,269,000
John Kenion St. Clare and Joe Jin WhiteMercer Island3046 61st Ave.$1,277,000
Sam Jack, Lang Huynh and ...Seattle10027 51st Ave.$128,000
Jennifer Rose DavisEast Renton Highlands (unincorporated)18736 Green Valley Road$128,000
Jennifer Rose DavisEast Renton Highlands (unincorporated)18736 Green Valley Road$128,000
Juliette Green and Carolyn WolfeSeattle (unincorporated)11645 Glendale Way$129,000
Rodrick Davud and Marilyn Baker Robinson and ...Kirkland10435 52nd St.$1,302,000
Daryl N SmithAuburn11806 317th Place$131,000
Matthew Frederick CrittendenBurien2011 154th St.$131,900
Cartus Financial Corp.Maple Valley24216 250th Ave.$132,000
Jeffrey C. and Marie K. GreenMaple Valley24216 250th Ave.$132,000
Robert RennebergFederal Way30657 First Place$132,000
Ruoxi ZhangSeattle7664 Green Lake Drive$1,321,000
Gabriel N. Gese and Georgia PashalidisSeattle8002 19th Ave.$132,200
Nicholas Radant and Quinn IannicielloSeattle1135 18th Ave.$1,324,000
Xiaoli CaiYarrow Point4315 92nd Ave.$1,326,000
Rigoberto Graciano CalderonAuburn (unincorporated)27517 Military Road$135,000
Kamalijit Singh and Kulwant KaurSeatac4241 173rd St.$135,000
Jessica HebertAuburn208 G St.$136,000
Lexi LLCAuburn118 D St.$136,000
Jeremy PembertonFederal Way30603 Second Ave.$136,000
Umut Y UlgeSeattle4844 43rd St.$1,364,000
Zachary LazoWhite Center (unincorporated)11051 16th Ave.$137,000
Fedor Alexandrovich KleshchevSeattle1234 Concord St.$137,000
Dale M., Donna V. Madden (living trust) and ...Kirkland5606 105th Ave.$1,378,000
Lidiya TesfaySeattle (unincorporated)12440 Roseberg Ave.$138,000
Erika Lydia Helm-BuckmanCovington19607 259th St.$138,000
Herbert A. WilkeCovington26114 195th Place$138,000

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