Adams County had a median home sale price of $120,000 of 109 homes in November 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Adams County in November 2020, according to

In November 2020, there were 109 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $120,000 in Adams County.

Top 100 home sales in Adams County for November 2020
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Joshua and Janelle Eaton-5609 Skyline Drive$560,000
Bruce R. and Angela G. Duesterhaus-1263 2250th Ave.$550,000
David LevinsohnQuincy1656 Maine St.$500,000
Whip Poor Will Timbers LLC-1111 2873rd Lane$419,000
Derek G. and Jennifer K. PetersQuincy3216 Harrison St.$410,000
Ryan and Rachel StuckmanQuincy1212 38th St.$405,000
Daryl M. and Linda S. Buechting-524 Sunset Drive$370,000
Adam J. and Erin C. LangQuincy920 43rd St.$369,500
Josephine E. ArnoldQuincy3931 Oxford Manor$366,000
Teresua Y. and Glenda D. French III-4001 Maas Road$356,250
Christopher R. and Jaime V. RussellQuincy1862 Kentucky St.$356,000
Anthony Charles Santora (trustee), Lauren Dale Santora (trustee) and Santora Family TrustQuincy1303 Peach Tree Lane$339,000
Todd A. Bastean (trust) and Todd A. Bastean (trustee)Quincy1705 47th St.$319,250
Dennis D. and Carol J. JohnsonQuincy3831 Newcastle Drive$305,000
Andrew T. and Kelsea B. HoskinsQuincy4426 Hampton Lane$299,900
Terry L. and Ardith J. Wells-704 Eagle Trace$295,000
Byron GeorgeQuincy1300 Cadbury Ridge$275,000
James A. Williams (trustee), James A. Williams (trust), Margaret G. Williams (trustee) and Margaret G. Williams (trust)-5333 Eagle Pine Drive$275,000
Leslie M. PayneQuincy2101 Jersey St.$269,900
David L. and Carla A. Siebers-837 1323rd Lane$265,000
Kathleen C. ObertQuincy1809 Maine St.$260,000
Steven C. and Hanna E. AjdinovichQuincy2911 Curved Creek Road$230,000
James R. and Silvana A. ObrienQuincy2138 Wilmar Drive$217,500
Brock A. and Jennifer Sousa-7310 Eastlake Road$212,000
Adam D. and Michelle L. MillerQuincy1414 46th St.$205,000
Levin & Schneider LLCQuincy726 19th St.$196,000
Jonathan F. Willer-1325 350th Ave.$195,000
Marc E. and Pamela S. Winters-1307 Springdale$189,000
Christine AlgerQuincy1316 Kingswood Court$186,000
Bradley D. and Karyn Nm DunnQuincy4324 King St.$182,000
Jerry L. and Joan P. DelanyQuincy2923 Lincoln Hill$180,000
Austin J. and Tara Brown-1784 1300th Ave.$180,000
Neal J Coleman-2434 36th St.$178,000
Caitlin L HoeltjeQuincy1508 College Ave.$171,000
Brook D. and Lindsey M. BrooksQuincy2009 Spring St.$169,900
Kelly R. Whiting (trustee) and Valois Patricia Whiting (trustee)-6903 Horseshoe Valley Road$165,000
Taylor WoodallQuincy2232 Hampshire St.$164,000
Sheron H McPikeQuincy5004 Lake Ridge Drive$163,930
Matthew I. Mann and Kelsey B DetersQuincy319 16th St.$160,000
Andrew W. Gosney and Lexie D AlexnaderUrsa201 Caboose St.$155,000
Andrew Miller-2749 Highway 96$155,000
Patrick and Micole HopkeQuincy712 Kenwood Ave.$149,900
Jerry S. VoepelMendon317 Collins St.$146,000
Justin Steven and Sarah Paige BrunkQuincy2221 Lind St.$145,000
Kevin Maas Builder LLCQuincy3214 Lantern Lane$145,000
Orville B. and Lena R. JonesQuincy2417 Cedar Creek Court$145,000
Landon and MacKenzie WhiteGolden1100 Hayes St.$140,000
Christopher A. DavisCamp Point230 Ohio St.$139,000
Brooklyn Francis MurfinQuincy1231 Locust St.$138,700
Lacey J CoulterQuincy3210 Crestview Drive$137,000
Kristin N Harrison-528 Hickory Grove$132,000
Todd J Hessling and Deborah D AltgilbersQuincy733 Hilltop Drive$129,900
Paul ClevengerQuincy2214 Maple St.$129,500
Amy J. GoehlQuincy604 18th St.$125,400
Zachary R. and Hailey Jo Roberts-1811 1400th Ave.$120,000
Spencer C. and Emily G. SmithQuincy720 22nd St.$120,000
Katelyn P Cancienne-2527 Vail Drive$120,000
Bria C GrantQuincy2031 Spring St.$120,000
Kimberly A. Kirlin KennedyQuincy1308 State St.$119,900
Anna M. BenteleQuincy3425 Lawrence Road$119,500
Joshua L. MellonPlainville324 Main St.$119,000
James W. and Lenia GilmoreQuincy809 Payson Ave.$118,000
Gretchen M BishQuincy118 20th St.$115,000
Annette R LeerhoffQuincy306 Glendale Court$112,900
Noah L. and Jaycie W. SpakeQuincy820 16th St.$112,500
Gregory D. and Loretta K. WilsonQuincy1818 Spring St.$110,000
James R. StanbridgeQuincy2036 Spring St.$107,500
William C. Muder (trustee), Kathy J. Muder (trustee) and William C. Muder and Kathy J. Muder (trust)Quincy2125 Eighth St.$105,000
Joyce C. Dailing and Tracy Lee BennettQuincy2106 Eighth St.$104,900
Kevin T. and Michelle R. SoltwedelQuincy216 12th St.$100,000
Tiffany F WingerterQuincy729 Kenwood Ave.$99,900
Jill C CarlQuincy1601 Granview Drive$98,000
Ronald Garvin St. Hill and Danielle Nicole SthillQuincy2030 Cedar St.$96,000
Michael D. BickleinQuincy1247 Monroe St.$94,000
Grace E. and Drekel A. R. OsborneQuincy411 30th St.$93,000
Dieunika D LeyendeckersQuincy1824 Granview Drive$89,000
Michael PrattQuincy2009 Sycamore St.$88,500
Stephen C. Schutte-3600 Stonegate Road$87,495
Phyllis J CheneyQuincy611 15th St.$85,000
Derrick S. and Susan L. KelleQuincy1604 Spruce St.$85,000
Blessing HospitalQuincy736 11th St.$85,000
Robert D. and Jane A. PhillipsQuincy1528 Granview Drive$85,000
Kyle B KlingeleQuincy1113 York St.$81,000
Levi Z VonburgQuincy1422 Elm St.$80,000
Stacey D WadeQuincy1310 Second St.$80,000
Kohl J SchuckmanQuincy424 29th St.$80,000
Krista A. MastQuincy1702 Washington St.$78,000
Tuley Properties LLCQuincy910 19th St.$71,500
Charles E. Hull Jr.Quincy910 19th St.$70,000
Qtown Properties LLCQuincy439 Eighth St.$70,000
Robert J. and Deeanna L. BairdQuincy1318 Spruce St.$69,500
Brandon C. and Shawn H. BuehlerQuincy1120 21st St.$68,000
Devyn Michal WintersQuincy823 Madison St.$67,000
Pollyanna Properties LLCQuincy1804 Adams St.$63,000
Adam L. OshnerQuincy1108 Cherry St.$61,500
Gwendolyn Gayle KellyQuincy1225 25th St.$50,000
Quinsippi Properties Inc.Quincy2067 Sycamore St.$50,000
Spencer C SchelpQuincy1314 10th St.$48,500
Fsk Rentals Inc.Quincy1838 Maple St.$42,000
Qtown Properties LLCQuincy833 Seventh St.$41,000

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